Indiana community rallies behind victims in double murder mystery

ABC News' Emily Shapiro reports from police headquarters in Delphi, Indiana, as the search for the two teenagers' killer continues.
8:06 | 03/08/17

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Transcript for Indiana community rallies behind victims in double murder mystery
Can't you why this is actually Shapira DE. I'm hearing pastor at about age and Carroll County share op we're hearing out I Indiana at police headquarters. Now pastor when did headquarters in content. Home and Asians double murder each. Well three weeks ago our headquarters was the city annually just about three blocks from here. And we realize quickly that absolutely would be inadequate so. We. Were able to secure in this building which is. Being rested and we didn't hear about two weeks ago. And so. All day agencies. Can find places shadow they can find a place to do their work and it's it's wonderful it's. So it's been three weeks now in this investigation began. It was maddening February 13 when Abby and Liddy to tee and hearing died in an eyewitness. They're not expert out of your I think next day February 14. Well that first daylight free pastor. Well first today it was certainly a day in the morning you know especially when you were searching for the girls and so we began the day. By our search and starting at the old city. Don't think that we had our original headquarters and and that day it was a day when hundreds and hundreds of people came out and help search for. The girls missing girls and so it was a busy day and we began the day. With prayer. I've got a call from the chief of police are also. A child homelessness city department can't he called and asked me to come and be with them and so as senators are right we had a word prayer and teams went out by a hundred. What am freaking out and continue with the morning prayers yes every day since they had not properly however briefly. With all law enforcement agents who have a review years and in this facility. They've asked. Chaplin's pastors come and correct and so we began briefing we're prayer every day. Let's take a little look around you we had ordered. So out of me and how parents. And set up everywhere there's that tip line nine. Indonesia and it I have to call the tip line why me or more. I'm. Any day. All the hair. Who meet aren't looking for. He was Ian on the trail girls were on. Around happy time. So pastor blend in at reliant start to come together here and decorating. Our again our chief of police from adult high. Had a brain child had a idea you do these here's an idea don't sort call local high school. And the super didn't care what the entire group the lady who's in charge of graphic arts and so her students last. In 24 hours created all the posters all he's arms and sticky notes and everything to post so that we can have a community connection. With the people. And easily Pawlenty. The brainchild of the idealist. We could. Post season people see how we can all work where people could come and post thank you know. Or in gratitude and reserved. On posters. They could connect with law enforcement. It's very clear I'll unit I had time. Eat so all. Right encouragement to line where's. Notes it's eight Keogh. From everyone throughout the small town of doll. To me the most powerful. Partner. Or aren't they yeah. All well. And I'll eat you are. Eating people. Another one. You are right here kinky U for protecting us and hate you for working hard. Pastor what did he is notes. Mean she officers and hammer out. They are so grateful that community supports and my conversation moves is that this is. Particularly unusual situation that he and other cases. Other investigations they've had. They had never seen such an outpouring of support and preserved from community members. Not only are there notes posts on here so many people providing cookies. Where it reminded me roles. They've brought water is pollutant. All types of things to show their support her love for law enforcement so that law courtroom can do their job and be refreshed. And these and and so that they can do what they've been called who. So many people approach me and asked me walk and I needed to show my love war. What they're doing and so are curse that has been if you could bring a nonperishable items at Gregory and so that. It's not only at local LI police officers sheriff's optics here there's also Indiana CEO. Yes I what does that mean you'd have a supporter ST are all nationals. Well our tolls so many people. Rest easy in this community there. The best of the best in the world com and back at this place to solve this crime and so we've really. Are we really do the best the best. In our community. Helping us so we want your. Where one. Front at east grand. Want to hand out her grandparents wrote this letter to the police. Where are cleese and I these weren't. Actress Edie reckless trying to Muni bonds used I don't opera. Where the police when you need. They're here Intel I would we pray for your protection through your forever grateful for your sister. Pastor what was it like getting that. Note from the victims Grammy. I've never seen anything like it I never received. Circular outpouring of of love from from families certainly. So what snacks for the investigation. There has been obviously had kept Langston. You mentioned that earlier and so. What's next is what we are continuing to do what a law forces continued. Probably follow tips. Follow the investigation wherever these. To apprehend this. Perpetrators. Again take one Carla that tend my. 88. 844. Or I don't and I am I didn't see. And me via email account Adams eat and sleep each. Act the day yeah. Act HR act dot op. Pretty easy if I am really Shapira out here and tell eye Indian.

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{"duration":"8:06","description":"ABC News' Emily Shapiro reports from police headquarters in Delphi, Indiana, as the search for the two teenagers' killer continues.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"45998507","title":"Indiana community rallies behind victims in double murder mystery","url":"/US/video/indiana-community-rallies-victims-double-murder-mystery-45998507"}