Inside look at how astronauts prepare for life in space

NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough gives a tour of a space shuttle used to train mission candidates at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston.
27:18 | 11/02/17

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Transcript for Inside look at how astronauts prepare for life in space
Hey guys on an about here live in New York he got to guide you guys that letting me talk about space again and I'm very excited. We have some are joining us down. At the Johnson Space Center in Houston is gonna give it a very cool tourists something you probably never seen it before I am peeking out inside. Let's go live there are now NASA asked her not. Shane Kimbrough joins us live from the Johnson Space Center shape you do it thanks for making this time. I'm downgrade thanks so I look forward to showing everybody around the International Space Station mockup that we have here. In this space vehicle mockup facility at the Johnson space. We are very excited to see that so tell me about what they say because Odyssey we've seen. The International Space Station up in space we've got live feeds about all the time to this is like a replica. Down there for training purposes. Exactly says it's his exact same size. My as the models in space time it's not as. High fidelity here on the ground in some models. I'm and you'll see that that is not completely high fidelity of course we're not quoting here unfortunately we have to actually walk in there's gravity here but it's a really great training. System for us to get ready to fly in space on the International Space Station. OK so take us to take it away in ash day and they used that this has led this is basically like a training facility where all the bits and pieces are exactly as they would be. Up in space so walk us through it now what what is life like up there. Our answer right now or in the Japanese experimental module so it's just we cut the Japanese laboratory for shorter of the jam. Really beautiful model that the Japanese have provided for us lot of experiments go on in this module what's the biggest marked on the space station. Here you can kind of see some red representations. Potential experiment to see on the law. This is a place where restore thank this is an actual. Storage facility that we have up and up in space. They have made many airlock so right here is an airlock that actually goes from here to space right behind this wall would be space. And they have a robotic arm of the outside actually brings. Experiments I would call payloads and bring him into this into the space station. To take them offer put new ones on instant amounted to space for them that to do their experiments are pretty cool facility here. If anyone hasn't really happened when you for hate it when you I think model when you say module that's basically like a rule that's like one section of the eyes facet that right. Yet that's a good way I think him its every module is like a big rumor or an office he can't think of like that is well. So we're in a Japanese module now one of the Japanese modules is also another one. Directly about maybe that's kind of like just a storage facility not to think of it like your attic in your house that's where we kind of first up up there and just go get things we need it. Yes just like my attic it's exactly like my attic only an hour SP IRA yeah I'm wearing diamond. Yet it's it's an hour gonna get through what we call narrowed to we have a few things called nodes on the space station. And no hazardous where other things can connect to you so obviously Japanese mother we were just hang connects to this note if he goes straight through. I'm to my right here that's the European laboratory there called Columbus. Counseling flow right through there briefly and show you that. Again lot of science and research goes on in the European laboratory here. And again it's not high fidelity but there's pictures here to represent some of the experiments and facilities that are on board. Now the thing we had that cool thing we haven't spaces there's no up or down so. Where I'm standing now is also another place where we can put storage or experiments. Same thing with the ceiling and we can use all this volume here now with all the while also all these are interchangeable if you think of it like that. And would you put experiments are payloads or around storage. In any of these things just say facility for us. Can had a lot of our. You know I don't that Wyatt Aaron nationality attacks he did these models are those the teens that that build those and and outfitted them. Yeah exactly so the European Space Agency. You know built and funded this model right here called they called Columbus and the Japanese obviously built and funded there there modules over there. It's those are the two. Countries that are on the US side by the US food actually built modules. The US is kind of down the middle we're gonna walk to the US side and a minute. And then on the back into the space station is where the Russian models are so those are that the four major countries that have models on board. The Canadians provide a robotic arm forest so that's another country that has a great contribution to the spaces. All right you're gonna walk us down the American Idol now. Yes so now we're going and and two again which is one of the US modules that too is where we sleep says sleep stations are kind of cool. And everybody likes his kind of see how we do that. Here's what a sleep station looks like. It's kind of like gave the size of maybe a telephone bids for those either remember what telephone Booth. And seemed float in the here. This would represent a sleeping bag this blue thing if you can see it. And you attach a sleeping bag to one of the walls it doesn't matter if you're up or down again because it doesn't matter in space. But make sure your taxes to the wall of the largest now flutter around all night bump things about it. Do we understand this guy is you can kind of decorated how do you think and how tall are you went wrong way however. Yeah out get in there I'm 55 tenors but you know you can definitely get it here. Yeah riding high grade but I haven't you know you can you got a few more it is about me. But this is your personal space. I'll be in here it'll be two laptop computers in here one firm. TV shows that sort of thing. And another one for the Internet at Sally kind of break these two computers down and everybody is sleep station but when it closes doors. It's completely soundproof and it's just a personal private space that we all have on the space station's a very nice all my that I need when of those down here on earth can we do that. Just totally out of jail and should foot. That's right and so again to reiterate to actually have a sleep station here on the ceiling as well. When on the other side and and one on will be on the deck so four of us would sleep in this area here when I was in space we had to US crew members here. The European astronaut there and a Russian astronaut here so we were deathly an international group you're living on the US side of the space station's. That is still also tell us where we're headed now we're gonna comes. It's an hour coming into the US laboratory. So this is where we do a lot of our experiments on the US side. Now we had some freezers here minus eighty degree freezers butcher knife or we can store went to work samples we have our friend called rove and not over here. And he's hangs out up in space as well. They and we do some experience experiments with rover not. Now he's kind of cool and then raises other days this here's where we do a lot of our president gloves boxer who actually pull out to maybe of our I am now. And so we can do a lot of I'm great experiments inside. Kind of an an environment that's that's not contaminated dog and a pressurized facility as well. At some cases so it's a great thing for us to do a lot of great detail science and research inside that glove box. So we you Blu-ray and I are not there are mattress and I think. Rather not is always the same road but not. So rather not now we were it was designed deal lot of really cool stuff are struggling with rubber not right now he's a bit sick let's just put it that day. He's not feeling well at least I was up there so we're trying to make sure he gets back to to get healthier. But it's not take probably a few more months to make sure that happens but and general we're kind of testing it to nature can view kind of mundane things like you know hey if we need to push a button a hundred times we don't wanna have an astrologer notes however overnight. Or robot that says companies that he's up there in Iraq on things he or she how every one of but it yeah. There to help so now we just got to get back. Get him back to health he feels a little batters he too little better OK I write prayers for not cents or one of our exercise it pieces of equipment is right here. But it's not here right now but in general this is where stationary bike is exercise is very important force in space. One way we get a row bic activity is on a stationary bike it's really strange not actually works. Because it's isolated from this from the space station actually sued Thomas. Isolation system. Incite waited to kind of like riding a unicycle on a trampoline so if you think of that. And balancing the time to ratify that's exactly what it feels like to be on this machine. Pretty crazy but you get a great America. There are many people now problem there Netherlands I would I would like it to riding unit back off on a trip William of the China now. Okay what next. Well it's not going to be easy I'm share. So this is a robotic workstation so this is one place or we can fly these space station's robotic arm. I'm I mentioned earlier made from Canada and so. This is used to this used to be the only place to do that now we have a I think a better place to flatter about a car from which Australia here a minute public hoopla. Which is the module full all windows and it looks directly that are all the time it's really beautiful place to hang out. But this is not considered our back up workstation but so he resisted kind of move things around a space station wanna move big things pleaser about a Condit do that. We also use or about a crime to capture cargo vehicles that show up. Sometimes almost monthly to the space station that bring us clothes and supplies and and food and even person's presence maybe or care packages from our families of those things are always welcome aboard. And we're actually use the robotic arm to grab them as their flying right up next to us about 171500. Miles an hour so pretty cool. That is very office now we're gonna get and it's another line. And this is not want this is where we hang out well for our meals this is where are all of our feet is him actually have a kitchen table so to speak. This represented by this right here. So what kind of all hang out around a table Lori eating result mainly for the US astronauts but. Now we're up there every Saturday night we would have the entire tree down here for dinner so we have dinner here and we showed movie upon them on the screen it would have behind us. As we have dinner and a movie every Saturday night down here on the US side those kind of fun. I get time to share with with other you know folks including the cosmonauts would come down we have to share life with them. So really neat which got to keep our affiliate in things like this. So these are just foam food lockers as you see label there. But it's just helps us keep everything organized so that things aren't floating all over the place and we have to manage its that we would label like one of these as vegetables maybe one as fruit and nuts maybe when his meets. And side dishes this kind of thing so Sally organizer faded. And now we want to grab whatever was for that really this went in there grabbed it. So nauseated that are never all hydrated and that's that's gonna ask you this is all free strata ranking have a favorite meal is there like a go to comfort food a freeze dried foods Oreo. There is not all freeze writer are dehydrated like you're thinking maybe I'd say probably half of it is that half of it is. And pouches of scum like MR is that the military eats so many dishes like your check scanners are stake in that passover just been a house that we just heat up. So that's pretty nice and I think a lot of us I think mainly living in Texas now we like things like fajitas and and sitting it out of salsa because he gave some spice up their senate where a lot of this is there were kind of our go to use them to answer your other question. In a very good. Now this is how we would keep our drinks are drinks was kind of comment here in these models here and we would separate the drinks out and you know water tea or coffee or juices and those kind of things we had about whatever you want to drink down here on earth we can have open space. But this was just like in a house like a big caprice on Powell said I equated to that. With just the powder in the bottom and we have to hydrant at once would once we got ready to go. I love the idea of a caprice son in space pay back to the dinner and a movie night produced the second and you guys have a favorite movie that you watch out there. You know we got to see several space maybe is when I was on board you do around you go coming out last if you watch space should be. Well you know as I need that producers or whatever the maybe would send it up throughout the four got released so that we talk a little bit special on that way we got to watch hidden figures which is really an amazing movie yes I was really go along with some others like passengers and life and and other ones like that but of course who watched where that we have a lot of movies up there are seeing kind of watch whatever you want and that he really long one they don't have this request that. And master control make sure they get it up to you. One of the perks of the job okay irate living on the tonight. We're gonna head over to the airlock now where we starter spacewalks. I'm so this is the airlock and I'm. Sometimes I'm missions we get today's spacewalk sometime you don't there's kind of hit or miss on my mission we got to do for them so we're really lucky. The big space it's big white space suits one will be here on this wall here and the other one would be here on this wall. And then you know takes awhile to get into your states and you have somebody helping out of course up there. But having no gravity actually helps a lot in getting into the seats this time there's Townsend is as it is here on earth. Once we get suited up in here. We get kind of shot then that this this apartment here. Of the crew lock and were in there you see it's not very big and Roxy one on top of the other so the first person because then we'll have their head. Towards the other side towards a yellow handle to consider what their head kind of down. And that's the hatch of the door that we're gonna use to go out into space merit. The other person would be opposites of the fee would be that way that I would be this way to operate some equipment on the sent. So it's a big team effort would get the creators kind of stuff in there literally with all their equipment bags just like you see there could be something like that. We then closes hatch. In a make it is depressurized that small portion of the space station not have to be pressurized anything else we take that down to vacuum. Which is what spaces. And then once that happens we can open up their hats were does not easy but we get we get it up and we get a put away. And then we starter space walks out of that. Says Cheney years becoming the air is coming back again and you're standing there looking out. At that act that tax rate they are you remembering what that feeling is likely he'd done several spacewalks now. Do you remember what that feeling is like before you open that hatch. And huge head how hot there you leave the base station. To step into space you remember what that feels like. Absolutely around before the hatches up when word is so geared up and hand up as you might imagine getting ready again osu. You're just dying to get that hatch opened blue really have to wait much slower than we would want to ideally for the pressure to decrease to the right amount to what that does happen. Then we really start getting society is and my case on the first time I open up the hatch. Yet if put away and then you're just looking at are coming right underneath that hatch we're looking right directly at planet earth. Just absolutely spectacular views and and a few minutes later we get to go outside and actually begin our space box I was really. Really incredible and then what they start working. We're so focused and and you don't have a whole lot of time to really look around so you just gonna get out there do your job for 67 hours. And then come back on my side and once again everybody inside and make parents think about how cool it was and everything but. You're so focused when you get outside that's what that's what you want to your members to be. I don't know fled here outside the ring of actor no blind so we can get an obituary. Which is a another module here's. Which is very important to us. I'd send three which is Graham now is a very important model it has exercised in and out of the bathroom. Very important thanks everybody on our man in space all right. Says. This is our treadmill seek Tennessee it is just a picture of snow today the way it is position in space. See you run. Parallel to the ground right the way we would think of the ground but courts and space it doesn't matter that's kind of where did to see somebody actually or don't of the ground here running. We have liked harness system. That holds us to the machine. Other likely candidates bounced back and forth and not really getting to work out it is harder to harness that we put on the clips and down here. To the machine and then that holds us on wall were running so we can do some really incredible workout here we run about forty to fifty minutes obviously every day is what I did. For my party or work out. I had such a great machine kept me in in really good shape up there a real quickly. Everybody's favorite mob part of the space. Here's what we're waiting here tourist bit today. This is the highlight of yes that wasn't Elliott up so. We have a little privacy of course. So we have a privacy it's nice thing about curtains that close. Checklists are very important in this thing here is no difference where Texas you have to follow the make sure this goes correctly. All right number 100 and the numbers here numbers soon in this little cam here since. That's about you tell them and hit. You only give you aren't as you're winning get it like a war on your back Germans did. Now I mean it's it's. That money here though it's and you know RAI mean I'm sane thinking get you later looming in advance maybe you wanna ask for lake. You know a little door to but that's that's that's he out I don't know what it's like I would have. Did on the night spacecraft and it has. Our line we got to get over all that stuff but for again and not a really cool part the exercise machine that we have is. You can't really get a true feel for right here but this big old thing right here. Is our exercise machine called a red. And this thing allows us to do any kind of exercise you can think of likes watts bench press shoulder press curls triceps. Have united they can be directing partners do on this machine homeland they'll get up about 600 pound load on this thing so. That's pretty amazing that we can continue to strengthen ourselves even in space even those spaces tried it. Kind of deteriorate your body we use this to kind of keep our body and her bone density and her arm muscle density. In good shape by business machines but hour hour and hour fifteen every day on this thing. Was what they prescribe forests and by doing that it really helps you when you come backer to help your recovery. Meaning the news you back to it than normal much quicker. Act. That's that's. So that's pretty much all for the US modules on the space station including the Japanese in the European weakened to consider all that the US side of the space station. All right and so now all wheel quickly head over to the Russian side of the space station to say that. And fishing as your walking out these are obviously the models are all broken up right this doesn't represent a real distance. That you'd actually walk to get from one to the next at that. Yes okay. Yes so it's it's a little bit artificial because this area I'm standing in now these models are off connected. But here here on earth do that weighed everything they had to separated for safety reasons to use. Yet so there's all gap here what I don't ten feet maybe in between these modules. But in general they're off and obviously there are connected in space otherwise we'd have a real problem since the here's the first Russian module. So very different looking. Men are much of this is called the FTV. And it's really dislike of big storage module for them so they put a lot of experiments and things behind these panels. They. But then again they can use the floor they can use the ceiling. And they have actually a lot of stuff stacked up in here now so. Really about from my waist down is unusable on the spot because they're just things stacked up about this level so when you're flying through here you have a pretty small fly through. To get no from the Russian side to the US. Our eyes and I'm so now we're gonna answer their main module called the service module. Now this will be a little tricky getting in serious us for the camera person yourself. Be careful. A man be careful that as she can get I have confidence. It's much easier and space barely half. Legendary fly through here men and. So this is the service module I can imagine for the Russian segment this is. The command post is count right here so this is where they commander vehicle. There's a bunch of computers here forum to command things and that's that's for kind of their control center for their side of the space station's right here. That's a beautiful when those these circles here. Represent windows. That they have really nice when I was a look at our all the time. If you take a great picture from space we use the Cayman these windows because the quality on on this a lot better than the US went tests and believe it or not. So we use these take a really great pictures of planet earth. Actually sham glad you brought that up because I want other students and you have been tweeting your great. The Tweeter and a U tweet act Astro underscore Kim brow. You've been tweeting from space and you wrap at the at this earlier this year you can taking themselves these up there kiddo having yeah. Yeah I did a few self is we were spacewalk and so that was kind of fun. Now I thought some folks on the ground might relate to sell face because whenever pretty well. Yet they look slightly different to the once we take down here but. You have to. Very true announced that this is kind of where the Russians do almost everything okay okay table right here they eat just like we had a table down there. They sleep right here one other crewmembers sleeps here not on sleeps kind of in this area. There treadmill is right here that I'm standing on. A peck and their bathroom is right here. It's an okay name go to the bathroom needs exercise or eat sleep and exercise right here in a small area. That they were shuttered idealism and near the city apartment chain that's like spacious for New York City real estate style. They call that charming and real estate I. The jury ponder and think about that charming yes big money for views like that is that. Citi yeah. Do you see her right there since Lyndon Johnson's side you guys go back and forth between the models to spend time in each other models to when you're up there. Absolutely I'm Daryn a normal work day the Russians are all pretty much their activities are driven by mission control in Moscow. So they would typically be down here most of the work day. And then saying when dots are made our activities are driven by the other mission control centers which which meet our activities are mainly on the US side of the space station. Of course she go back and forth it anytime you want I'll use the come down here a few times a day to hang out with the Russian crew members since I was the commander says wanna. Get a feel for how they're doing and how I can help them and those sort of things. They would actually come to use our exercise equipment the big workout machine I showed you earlier. They don't have one of those so they come over to use ours. And we did some experiments together as well also we can be over here for allow their nose or they could be on our side. So again and it's just a fun thing all the other astronauts the Europeans the Japanese and the Canadians are considered you have such knots. Based on what I just told you so they live in general be working on the US side. And then we come over here for for various experiments and those sort of things. And Jane I know we gotta let you go very soon but before we do I have to ask about one particularly store an important story. This relates back to your Twitter be too which I with a stocking earlier today but we're seeing a live picture. The diet that's right now which is just fascinating for me every time we get to look at it but while you were up there. Earlier this year you took one picture in particular showing us soccer ball. Floating out there we've you. In the COPEL and they became one of those things a lot of people paid attention to and there's a particularly significant story. Behind that can you tell me that story. Yeah I was I went to our local high school principal at which my kids went to offer him my kids went to this high school. And so before I flew resonate to the pretzel is there anything I could fly for the high school. And she Grayson said no yet here's a few things and so she gave me a few things from high school to apply in about a week later she came back as a hate. There's one more item on one or he could fly and it's a soccer ball I'm like. Occasionally deflated you know what's the deal to sucker market we can take it up careful. You're actually gimmick and a player and I'm like what's the story with the soccer ball so. She proceeded to tell his story really incredible the soccer ball was actually on challenger in 1986. I want the astronauts mr. own zip up his daughter was on soccer team from the local high schools of the soccer team had. Given him this ball to fly him they had all their signatures on and in a bunch of good wishes on the ball written there. Com is one of the personal items for mr. musica. Obviously it was a from bad day and 1986 when challenger. Did not make it dormant like it was planned. And actually found a soccer ball and some of the wreckage you know along that the Florida coach sue. Tommy had made it way back to Clear Lake high school which is the local high school here and they've had this fall ever sense you know it came back here which is pretty incredible so. I was asked to fly this soccer ball the space and I'm kind of get to the destination it was intended. And now so honored to have to be able to do that's that we took the ball I got a picture like you mentioned and that's really great video of the ball floating through the entire space station. And then we've returned it obviously and here actually in a few days we're gonna. Returned back to be and is it good family and back to Clear Lake high school. Which is the real whole piece of the story since. It's called mission accomplished. Acrylic high schools kind of touting in his mission accomplished with the ball getting to space and returning back to the family. It's an incredible moment that you shared win with all of us and by putting it on Twitter feed like that and it just it incredible tribute thirty more. Years later so thank you for that and thank you so much for making the time today to tourists around its. What it would be like to live on diet that's for just a couple of minutes right here on earth we appreciate your time. Thanks and all I don't come on up at the space for those who love to have him. I'm taking that as an indication I'll see you up there at some point in kimbo out how to live there from the Johnson Space Center in Houston Texas pay aides were watching guys if you want. More information any of that head over to At any time and you can take out the live picture. From the International Space Station at any time at Tech that's very cool for now I'm on the Nevada and I'll be back here very thin.

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