A Look Inside the Museum of Natural History's Dinosaur Hall

ABC News' Freda Kahen-Kashi takes us inside the Museum of Natural History's Dinosaur Hall.
12:33 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for A Look Inside the Museum of Natural History's Dinosaur Hall
Hi I'm credit costs even ABC news digital is here it would be coffee and donuts at the museum of natural history we are very very much. And storage area early and very excited to be straight ahead in the biologist doctor months this popular topics. Little bit of background and every. We may even despondent so you found little in the surrounding the payment right right. Are there are. So we're right now indeed staging area. National sports hall case that you can open the sum of 2019. And this is basically and other things happen. Analysts for instance no Felix and some of assistance he or accidents. Preservation. Reform. The only skills and has been on exit for very long time. And what we've been sentenced setup. Living in the actual bones as had he done in both cases in Paris. And we have made it don't pass skeleton so that we can market mood. Very much different posts like this and down you know we have scuffle. And she basically have the old dinosaur here. If un aids. Hind legs much they're owned him it's a really instance that's because the people and as a huge wooden which some kind of this news means something did it and right in this instance. And hold in the bones who's lost some kind of disease because we know other people so this time so. And that they don't have. So it's instance would be through these key insight into the night. And local campus Soros was coming from darkness. Have you learned watching recount in. They're done something. That. And let's bring students home on base and then this kind of detail what's. People consistency from. Notes and it happened at. The stunt so important force in bed and walk. Actually keep mum on its whose skin was a fly outs and lift this beautiful impression so it just feels like ostrich of Crawford so few. And persons but that was conceived. It won't miss. Ligaments that have been mineralized that terrible story didn't actually live animal shows like. Sometimes he took units to beat and and that connects with what. Sounds counts offensive that's utilized in these specialists and the ligaments and on the deck of the animal. Reinforcement. The much stronger back home. These remote part time and animals. They need to have really strong backbone to support this. Aids and how old weeping this this this guy's about noon. And yeah its opinions of much closer to us and this zoology from Canada. Programs up. I feel tired but we have. He suffered terrible. But unfortunate the whole front of the animals this so. That's what often happens is this week will be points. It's all of this Boston the revolution. Since then he knows about them important but that was but we have that competes with some assistance to us. We know The Who. And so he. Life seemed. To cope. Workers in the snow. You don't mind stone. And some in in the limestone. Frank and some exclusive conclusive proof hospitals so basic you. What you do she could be consequential. Result in an accident and get slippery course and let's shelves. May oats. And school there reports solutions and some to a basic. Remnant is it true color of the animals we don't know what that was in peace and hope she. Ford. But that's that's what confines of this week these two nice guy doesn't have its kind of it's like going. So sponges. Construction there. It was meal and killed. So about 200. This includes just importantly he. This. Spring ridge. The content of this would. You. This thing. It's time. Wilkinson. That should smokers. Science while it's. But I think we actually. Some of our friends on social media are wondering. Lines and and it's still exist today some lottery instances there. And I think she's. Expert reports I've known speed record books the vehicle. Exclusive. But at that time there were more common than some plants to be true friends what's and backed. He sponges has changed very. It forces you to be to a U. Another piece of the involves animals. Cross who sponges. Almost can discuss the Iraq. No because we can't use old self confidence and somethings who could see corrections departments influences. Who knows something snails who. Reserved yes who that you have the blues can. Who's the biggest news. It's. Probably. Support us on. Almost eight Swenson who. New Zealand. Phone books and about 210. So let's look its food water Redmond report what some. When police and kinds. It belongs to falsely. He's always been beautiful because not only I think sent two and it looks. You rooms some consternation rings you can look at things like with a spoon flawless season. I'm reception just like good morning from trucks and from. Here it is there the whole. The headstone of maybe she went and we have tree trunks. Congo some truth. I mean that they didn't come this beautiful mountains of Catan. Posted personhood law. Such as we're looking rocks sometimes it's nice and wrenched away. You couldn't mention that something. I at least the notes they get. Wouldn't happen. I'm a month. And the missiles. You know. This one's going to. You. Usually priced. Points. One home. And we have never found another one like this and move through situation hoping that this war. Roach who. Units. We all social conservatives like Rex. Oshawa. Closer. Our faith with viewers are wondering how long and how tall the dinosaur with a thin when it was fully. We won't scholar who. About food. Deadly home. Good enough. It's a consultant by no excuse me.

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{"duration":"12:33","description":"ABC News' Freda Kahen-Kashi takes us inside the Museum of Natural History's Dinosaur Hall.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"42589957","title":"A Look Inside the Museum of Natural History's Dinosaur Hall ","url":"/US/video/inside-museum-natural-historys-dinosaur-hall-42589957"}