Instacart shoppers challenge ratings system

ABC News’ Faith Abubey speaks with Instacart shoppers who describe how costly a low score in the company’s rating system can be to their income.
5:18 | 06/19/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Instacart shoppers challenge ratings system
The popular grow Sri delivery at instant cart that's been a lifeline for many of us during the pandemic. Tonight we hear from some of the workers known as instant cart shoppers or calling out the company's rating system saying a less than perfect rating can cost them hundreds of dollars ABC state the blue bay explains. At the height of the Kobe pandemic the last thing Diaw were co wanted to do was to step inside a grocery store or so sheets to as a cart. A phone app allowing her to get all the groceries without ever leaving her home it's just kind and willing eager even now in Albany. It's just so much easier to get her things done during the week in an interview me read it and. When did things begin to change. Ali the most inconvenient line. We in the months next time I knew. I got my first sports star rating. According to mr. cart a shoppers rating is an average of the last 100 deliveries made and shoppers with higher readings gift first today and sun delivery. Axis meaning anything less than a perfect score and the badgers you can access could lead to lower pay. Some critics call it ratings prison. I was in seeing the borders that. You have like a three point nine GPA you're really gives you in Europe four point 86 number driver year. Probably a good driver I just assumed it was like that. A head says that one Forestar reading cost him hundreds of dollars in earnings each week. Verse is making my fiftieth day Allen naming me you know 7080. Or you'll see less batch is coming in. So Williams has been and is of course shopper for two years recently more and more based on parts shoppers have been speaking out. Thousands of people also signing on to online petitions calling crystal card to immediately change how the ratings are calculated. The biggest frustrations shoppers saying sometimes not even getting an explanation about what B did to deserve it the system mostly assuming the customer's always right. And sometimes getting a bad reading for circumstances beyond their control like a store not having an item the customer wants. I'm out here has planned I'm trying to provide good customer service. Hands if it's not my father is not I didn't side and again I don't have control if the tomatoes are bad. And someday out of bananas are back. It's winning twenty as the pandemic was raging is of course says it's suspended the rating system. But it's that she possibly rewarding the hardest working shoppers and weeding out those who don't always get you ranked. Clinical and forensic near a psychologist doctor Judy host has been negative impact of Reading systems can be detrimental to one's mental health and behavior. I think that that whole can be enormous especially because you feel like you have to live and die by this ratings has done and to that can cause a person to me even do some really unsafe behaviors like driving really fast and erratically design and deliver quickly here on time. Ends is I can get it also makes it much harder than to actually focus on doing their job and equality way. This accord declined our request for a new new deal but in an email to ABC news the company says that they're also hearing from shoppers about the rating system and quote we're. Always working to provide a consist only fair and reliable experience for shoppers. And we look forward to continuing to evolve our systems and process he's to deliver the best offering for shoppers but come. Any points and measures like deleting a shoppers worst reading after 100 deliveries saying that it helps ensure the customer reading is fair and accurate. There's such a small margin. Or error and of course you drive her job but work flawed human beings just like keeping him like there's going to be error along the way. It's ready and result in you losing your income. If the customer doesn't respond any need to replace them I had. And you don't you can't stand the store for an hour waiting for customers to respond and some customers are upset with that so then I'll give you a lower rating. This court assist some of those issues are resolved in favor of the shopper. And that a recent survey shows 75% of shoppers Spielberg customer rating system is fair. Some shoppers however. Have resorted to emotional police begging customers to with co tips. Instead of leaving a reading that could haunt them for weeks so at some point it financially just in start making sense brain. Act earlier he had has since left the act and. As I do you believe there should be sound waits new. Holds shoppers accountable and you need and filter out any shards and reliever or need it. Messed up the job. Customers don't know how harmful. Even imports are reading their. Only not studies. As a customer do you realize you had that much are no I'm not I wouldn't really got a I had orders. And half year. You know not just I. Taken today ABC news Washington.

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{"duration":"5:18","description":"ABC News’ Faith Abubey speaks with Instacart shoppers who describe how costly a low score in the company’s rating system can be to their income.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78368762","title":"Instacart shoppers challenge ratings system","url":"/US/video/instacart-shoppers-challenge-ratings-system-78368762"}