International Women's Day rally in New York

ABC News' Charli James reports from women's rally in New York City's Washington Square Park
26:39 | 03/09/17

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Transcript for International Women's Day rally in New York
Hey everybody I'm Kelly teens are watching ABC news digital eighth international women's day across the globe. But here in New York City we have seen then threw out that today. This is what appears that the largest event of the day in Washington Square Park. Another rally that will soon turn into a march. Down to the financial district as well. Over. To the right here we seen a stage where since about 4 o'clock this afternoon at their and performers and speakers. From a number of community grass roots organization. And then it's a conglomeration. Of New Yorkers of all stripes. Down here according. Variety of women's issues whether it's equal OK or abortion rights. And where else is seeing some anti president from signage and rhetoric as well so. The the march is supposed to start very thin says he's CB starting amend this and that's what's going on we're gonna start this stream. I'm a little bit of a women's history last. Here in the art city. You can't miss these shirts up on walls but there's actually a story behind that we are gonna get rose. To join us. Pay around. And around. We're stunned viewers that the shirts here. We're gonna have start off this stream of a little bit of a kind of New York City women's history lesson. Give us the story behind. Starts TV how can help isn't. I'm Brock is holding up one and had him on air and OK so what can I definitely evil this man. You can get shot apparently. I. I sit out these key witness says. The only recognizable feature of hope is action this remember the triangle fire coalitions motto for this year it's the Grace Paley quote. And it fits what's happening in our country right now people say OK so wat is the connection between what's happening our country now. And what happened a 106 years ago. Rather I can speak to it because her partners. Grandmother was hired a week before the chinas or at least factory fire. And she well she actually didn't get the job thank otter human animated but. A 106 years ago. People like me yeah new Charlie would have been working at a place like the triangle factory. That building just written kinda here on the net yet now called the brown building its own by NYU. Back then was called acts building. And it Alison factory where 500 workers episode what was popular garments at the time they look like the puppies are on time bill that called for certain ways. These are sort of ghost light. You know he kind of tell that there's sort of goes see they're not actually shared she couldn't Wear these but they kind of can face something this year. What they were making back Anthony died hand it was a tragic. Wake up call to New Yorkers because it. Pointed out that we don't really have a real exciting year of girls and women assume most of the people who died in the 546 people died that day span fifteen minutes. If they can go to work. And its profits over people so doesn't that sound like today where we're headed we can't we have to remember that these girls died needlessly. Adam their debts yes there were massive amounts of labor laws and safety regulations that happen. But the situation that wind rain and all those things keep getting no back and aren't getting little pact between these unions. Who's gonna fight so that the girls of today we're team in whatever jobs they are working in. Are not being late to be unsafe so that's why we're out here we're in solidarity with today's march and Hallie although nothing's been marching. Largest supposed to start sit at this segment. I'm this historic look and tight end with the international women's day march that's happening in that group is actually expected to march past a stop at the factory the former factory site that building over there. So that's how this all kind of highs and is looking at it and and how. How does that then changed. Not only safety measures. In working conditions but also let let the main house act or women going forward because there weren't there wasn't strong reaction to this fire. There was a huge reaction. A cattle lies union membership. Because the girls who were working in the triangle. Factory Charlie. Were unsuccessful. In getting their union and other factories and Harry a lot of them were success but it was a huge strike a year and a half before the triangle disaster. Called the uprising of the 20000. I didn't learn about this stuff when I was kids whose own powerful that is ridiculous and it learned that I do nothing congress you know also. It's not very far away from where all this went down. But as a result of this fire their deaths the outrage of 400000 New Yorkers who lined the funeral he who have to die in this half a 400000 New Yorkers. I mean that's just shows you how it touched people it said. Do we really have a real sitting here doing out of real society and that's what we're doing here today were saying do we have a real society when the weakest among us are still vulnerable that they can be rounded out when the weakest among us. Are losing their right to organize. When the weakest among us are still haven't worked for minimum wage jobs that sock you know any means so yes. There are deaths did wants important gains. But we can't back out because look how you can roll things back I was and it cuts to cents. I think you production. I thank you very. Your time and thanks for giving a little history lesson planning how to tighten and with today and he's if I can just say one more thing Charlie on March 24 we're gonna remember right outside the building. With hundreds of academics artists schoolchildren and leaders from the unions around here we're going to be out there. Remembering him sounding off all 146 names of the people died he greeted he can come Charlie and see in name. Laid down a flower. And the FT the fire departments here is it was a big time for them to it sort of changed the way that they handled things in the city so. Your group is working with an IU and but the city also try to get the building and permanent memorial bill and it will get bill. On we just have to continue to apply pressure but. There's the will and there is the way now so we have a design that has been approved by NYU and finally people from around the country we'll see the national memorial to the fire that she's America it's about time our generation will get it done thinking. Not much. I'm so just one of the groups the many groups here. This rally or international women's day. That are here coming together. And trying too. Sound an alarm or their various hot says so let's just take a lot we'll just give you ninety. That group setter here the people that are here check out some signs. People are still mostly paying attention to the stage every year on the right there a day. They're still speakers there I don't think we'll feel that hear them from all the way over here but let's see we can grab a few ladies. And then there are men on here too in solidarity. And talk to them about. Why they're out Yang. And I'm coming. Yeah. He. Thank you. At a couple of attendees here today and I think your name I thought. And got to make that just. The basic question of what regiment got here today like you want to spend your evening. Out here in Washington Square Park that the man. Well it's not explain that everyone came together for an last Wednesday. We haven't seen name and question them previously we never really seen on intentions aid people get together on this. Scale levels it's really exciting to be gave it and it did you know people fighting for all kinds of Wright's maxis. Women's rights but if anything he writes. Immigrant rights great faith in him. International women's day in many countries is. A very big. But in America and it hasn't normally an epic of a day so it we're not used to seeing these large. Demonstrations like we've seen across the country. Why did you want to be a part of that is why do you think that people are coming out way that they usually. While I didn't drop him. Among and just collecting a study fewer than evident and I'm liking yourself. I'm used to celebrating Marti in recently college my state we don't say international there was there was anything. And I got celebrating it you know buys graduating. My. Golf friends my mother and my system is my outfits. I never really thought about it as women's right and somehow things it made difference this year. And we're focusing on why does it was you know even created in the first place I think it's really important that. Recognizing the importance not that they aren't enough of it and then there's still so much work to be done. Ali and it like you said it did you last. It's never leave nobody really knows that you know in Fresno happy. Happy martz aid evidently can't but not today we can't he's excited about it. Is there is specific issue that brought each of you down apparently we look at live. Look around there's people at all different kinds of signs that I see your buckling graduate giants went on her parents work for that today. But when you look out you see people. That are here for a variety of issues but one thing is that one issue and right down here today. Well I guess. I am for everything's silent. I want to some party a woman's right to choose equal pay. As well as. Is once this issue is geared to Meehan in the Golan Heights as while. Because I and then in the thick London on. I guess I can see how even seen in a woman gave him. Paid less than amendment also my net minority woman also get paid less also again a white woman so there's. Variety of issues at hand but oh yeah everything and tonight. The spirit of just being here makes me want to. Support everything and I'm really excited. How about yourself I think my name is seeded that I bought Aston right now is children's rights. And obviously when this night that and now Gordon and one Ngo. That's based in the nightclub. And recently last November re established the US men topic in DC and I did members here in New York. And in my country surprisingly. A lot of countries actually have not criminalize domestic violence. And I you know all the activists and NGOs in the knowledge that spotlight though where so many years. And it finally you know pass the bill but the new government they did not. Consulate and death to fight while while suit has an addition. And it's just shocking that you have to fight occurred in light domestic violence. And it hasn't been penalized with a long. That quiet that's one reason we established the Ngo here it acts to raise awareness about that you know touted his domestic violence. And human trafficking that's going on in in developing countries and small countries where the wild that it intends. Women's it's human and especially when it comes to children's eyes in 1910 separated from women. Well maybe that's slightly international women's day area night as a recognition not just the United States but about women's rights. Movements and fights across across the globe thinking legislating through speaking appreciate it enjoy your night. I'm so does continued you take a walk through here. Likely. And I. Yeah yeah. Okay. Yeah. I. Like. There. It. And bring them. And it again. We cannot marquis doesn't just gonna bring it up you ladies here I couldn't help but notice there axle and it excellently done science is very artistic. Torches that you guys out here and thank you hearing. Let's not round everybody. There aren't yeah everybody here are easy answered an on base but live stream here. So it just did you explain the team. Signs and at what this group is about. And us. Is that might Italy uses international women's day and it's. Pretty popular there has been for years. And there is that they looms at this time. Civilians history in mind that burned. The power of women so it's. Is carried around during that time or extensively. About it and what looks like the statue of liberty aren't. Guess that part of the statue of liberty that we make America a group had him fabricating. And different artists painted ended. And made them. Then in my heart and aren't. Us who have met in meeting. Since the election news. Talk about what to do stage actions they created lots of wonderful visuals. For the march on Washington went to the march in Washington and also in New York terror participated. In the march new York and it's really an amazing group. Full of amazing people. Such as tourists cost laughed and Nina glitz and other people are. The name of the group and did you guys. Form like and have you guys been formed for a lighter colors a thinly. It's again it's since the election. Arising out of the sense that something had to be done and I think a lot of the people in the group. We're people they've had had experience with the other. Organizations and other. Movements but felt so so passionate about it. What was going on they wanted to meet again and you know there visual artists though they have talented visual things and Baird. Using those talents now two. Make a statement that's very important at this time. And do what the name what's the main issue are issues that this growth is concerned that right. Resist pomp and all of that is besides it is sex is. Of violence. You know a programs and behaviors. Just. We need to resist this it's going back we're being taken. Back to back this six is the last march on Washington I didn't like our whole line. Your eyes older parts of. This group. It is now that are going on that are important and that's what's. So it isn't at this time because it's women's movements but it's also you know the environment there's so many issues they're coming together. Around this passion that's been sparked off. By. You know what happened when. I want to get your opinion and here as well. We colors as we make America. Because most of those are anchors were artists. And we have writers and architects who work with us but we are primarily and the makers of visual things. And queen got to get the right after the election. And started working on the march and we want to make it the visual presence and we were gonna continually everything with every one of the events that are plan going forward. I line with other you know parts either groups do to protect immigrants from getting. Thrown out of new immigrants America is they need ot. Immigrants that's what America is and to have that track and taken away as it is terrific. And there are many different lives it's enjoys hand. I would be Carey have all everybody's worked towards trying to network. With a whole host of groups to get alive that use. Her kids really was it this nightmare. Mostly women that make up your group is lending since it's international women's day guys are here I see one guy with DOC I'm not and heavy all. Minority of men and a group. Lately organized efforts for the women's art. So it was primarily women but we had a corps of men have been with a solo line of the night to disbanded. It was. Just saying that I feel like at least in the united states international in Wednesday's usually not a big deal like nice people don't even know what it is a lot of times. Today we've seen marches across the country this is one of many just in New York City alone. I mean as women. As he said have been working on that skirt you know sometimes many decades what do you think about seeing him. A day like them. Pussy riot with born and it couldn't. And this is born from. It's a dark time but I think it is. These carcass of the real. Wonderful and amazing and possibly sending them might change the world you know I was. Young during the sixties but eyewitness the sixth and it was 60. And such passion for social change and we might be in another one of those times now and helps them. Lady thank you some minds aren't taking the time to speak less than showing us your signs to get a little is on March out of the sky and that's what. But I noticed and brought over here. I thank you sometimes. So if you just joining us now we are in Washington Square Park in New York City and the famous arch here. A and we are at the international women's day rally. That started about 4 o'clock today this is one of the few of events that are going on and recognition. International women's day and also it's a bit of a protest. Against Dutch drug administration also. The rally and in support of many causes solidarity and women's rights. That the group here there's this stage it looks like there's still some people up on stage he yanked and are expecting. The group to Martin's. As well down to the financial distracts. We'll continue to walk a little dead show you let them are what's going on here as the sun starts to that hearing Erickson eight. It might want walking. Roy got something. Reynolds what. A couple Barak. Ladies to speak with here at the women's luncheon Constance where park as a international women's day rally. I'm soon to be a martz can you tell me your name grace period. And link and you guys live here you're sitting back and Batman. And so what brought you over here today what was that. Motivation for you got to keep showing up and design a message of solidarity to this administration as well. That people's humanity is not up for debate. Yet Ziegler a signal is. They keep showing up at you a sense the election or since when was kind of the catalyst for you to Atlanta and Cynthia. DC and I was really powerful. I've just been showing up as many rallies like cat has been really like positive and inspiring and its timing making it easy to go down. At a rate each time he sent them enemy cities and and so tight where you and your friends. Very involved in politics and protest in the quarter at this kind of a new thing and airline I really got more involved in college and life. In the last couple years for sharing and then I got really operating with Bernie's message and then not kind of really inspired me and just got to keep that moving part. He has participated all in as the strike today our time and I bosses like an awesome women. She's like super doping Yugoslavia she has a lot of employees other women. Let us all have off and she paid us issues I just gotta get out and raise hell. And I can indeed. Wear your red don't buy anything and show up. As a and didn't get things. Oh. And what is you think there's a little bit of which so we can actually it is on a point out the Empire State Building that is lit up in patent and now I'm that it's. Court today. Or international women's day that it is lit up and that fuchsia color also someone I am not sure we can tell in the top of me. Arts here is rejecting the words women's right. On. Of the Washington. Square park arts at one point that out. Not just went up. The sun goes down and light on a couple of reminders of international women's today. And that's right here. Our topic is now a candidate not on its exit point that out to argue about that particular issue or women's rights. It wouldn't issues that right down here today. I'm a slew of them. Mainly it's keep your laws out of my vagina and general. And if I need to get in the course saying I should be able. And I don't think that's to be something that white men sitting at a table is to be discussing the I would never I want that they shouldn't eat putting laws that are Hartman and yet known at the same thing and yet it also women make is. That. The zionist. I don't think I don't London. Yet anyway don't want him as the villains led have a thanks so much it is and I can't have a good night. And I all of us want a little bit more around as the light is going down. There aren't that looks and here's some dancers up honest Adrian I'm sorry. Getting further into the crowds. Bets. Congested here but want to show you what it looks like. From the inside also. Yeah it's. Me. Okay okay. Right so that the chance and singing continues here in Austin square park at this rally we are expecting that they. Will be again. Filtering out of fear in the hearts and Kelly I and number out landmarks that we pointed out mean former us Airways factory trends certainly acting out of its stock on stopping guys the famous tunnel in. One need landmarks of the gay rights movements. In making their way down to the financial district to Zuccotti Park which. Everyone knows from the Wall Street protests and few years ago. A national women's day. Still rally is and end it fights going on here in New York City this is expected to go for another couple of hours stay with ABC news of course. He covering all of the international women's day festivities and rallies. I'm James thanks so much for joining us today.

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