Investigation into mass shooting in California is underway

Police have identified the suspect in the Thousand Oaks shooting as Ian David Long.
3:54 | 11/08/18

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Transcript for Investigation into mass shooting in California is underway
We're gonna go to Steve Gomez he is a former FBI special agent in charge. And he's an LA bureau on the phone Steve how are you. Very good start for being here on the and these circumstances. Yes I am so speaking to you I just want to know in terms of the investigation. How are you know the officials looking to determine what the motive is. How well they're going to try to figure out if he had any contact with that or in the past. Maybe the people that ten nap or believe that the country contribute to bore. The coach students go there are you know Vick it'll look this he would get any issues with he called student he's 29 means former marine. So there may not be any connection but that bill look at about the try to figure out anybody any problem witnesses. That would bear recognize him. So they'll be doing a lot of interviews there that a goodness you know good it is residents and talked his family members his friends associates neighbors. Coworkers try to figure out you know which would be talking about. Committing violent would be talking about an issue with somebody they're gonna try to get into it had to figure out what was going on leading up to him going into that war. Yes Steve let me make of this I mean these sorts of things are happening with such regularity now you know such frequency we just had pits burg. We had the yoga studio shooting this is no doubt an epidemic what do you make of the regularity of all of these shootings. Mark my thoughts on this but I've been watching that and and examining these types of issues active shooters it's now eight crimes recently. Eight to work we're dealing with a problem in our society where people cannot cope. With their issues whether it's mental help issues with that they are are having problems you know friction with the co worker friction with the student the old student. Whatever it is every member they can't cope they not know what it would just for whatever reason I don't know why it's become worse in the last. Few years but they're not having be ability to it to adjust to their situation. Instead of talking to people are talking it out and dealing with a situation they just go into this. Past aggressive mode where they then grab a gun or or an article or whatever chemical and an angered people and and that they're way of expressing their frustration seems like. Yes and you you've done once you've dealt with situations like this before in terms of what it's like four. A top to be on a scene something this tragic he described to us what that's like four you know officers to respond to something like this. Well like I can tell you I was of formerly PD officers sort of Wear the uniform and it and it's in a dangerous area Los Angeles and every game you put that uniform on of that snapple group best. You're you're asking yourself you know Mike a package today in my get a deal with the situation. And my ship today or my life is good to be in danger and and I understand he had a white older child. That risk and that that bet. Since. You know hope that you're connected and that you know have a good day and not have something like this. You know it gets even worse have a family figured you know I did I'd a police officer of the single. Single man with no wife no children it is it's even worse. And harder for those officers that. A family because you don't know which according counter and he had the absolute hero I mean just tearing. From the sheriff you know gave the press conference talking about you know the the deputy. Kurt shots being fired. He he he weighed in that you went toward the shot went toward the fire. To try to protect the at this citizens and the people that we're in the bark. And and and the that's probably what happened I mean because his actions he stopped other people from being are under killed. And he uses theater or my heart goes out haven't established. Yes definitely Steve thanks so much for being with us we appreciate everything.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"Police have identified the suspect in the Thousand Oaks shooting as Ian David Long. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59060781","title":"Investigation into mass shooting in California is underway","url":"/US/video/investigation-mass-shooting-california-underway-59060781"}