Iowa Farmer Controls Dairy Production With Smartphone

Robots send cell phone alerts, milk up to 60 cows a day and allow cows to control their own schedules.
2:01 | 04/04/13

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Transcript for Iowa Farmer Controls Dairy Production With Smartphone
For seventy years the -- hollow farm east of cascade has endured the business of dairy farming. -- day after our fight him out our coaches literal his life -- in -- mourning period -- years of hunting over and hooking up for hours each day follows. Okay. Get a few months ago. -- move into the future with a -- investment. -- the robot from lately astronaut -- company out of Iowa noticed the back from work. On this -- long gone are the days to hand -- of course in the more recent years of hooking up utters for the milking parlor if this doesn't work right. I did -- wrong -- When robot can -- sixty count the day. The questions that she robots for their 125. Pathfinder. On butter and act. And it flicks that it instantly have where the feet should be located what got her kidney shaped like use the laser -- Mark says are averaging about 75 pound today from each count -- never -- but here's what's different. House operate on their schedule not the farmers like -- shut down for morning -- the large. The government not. As the cows deemed -- a little bit of control both animal and former benefit they're helped fight on how could come in here. They'll get their feet and go. And -- just last longer this also makes the. Evermore for production for today and yesterday an office manager ever my office -- -- I can -- Eric on the bar he showed us a live feed on the big screen is it out walk right up -- she's she's been -- -- leading us to this the robot will call me with a a voice and you'll tell -- what the problem yes and I go to this. This and I can check to see which -- shut down -- thin. Allegheny -- department is getting away from cows is very difficult -- mark what's the names for his son's recent graduation from -- state. And still able to check on his -- -- all made sense.

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{"duration":"2:01","description":"Robots send cell phone alerts, milk up to 60 cows a day and allow cows to control their own schedules.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"18883219","title":"Iowa Farmer Controls Dairy Production With Smartphone","url":"/US/video/iowa-farmer-controls-dairy-production-smartphone-18883219"}