ISIS Stronghold Believed to Be Target of US Airstrikes

US only non-Arab nation involved in airstrikes on targets in Syria, Pentagon says.
8:27 | 09/23/14

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Transcript for ISIS Stronghold Believed to Be Target of US Airstrikes
Making news tonight the Pentagon has announced just a short time ago. That they've undergone the first airstrikes on -- -- targets in Syria they are now under way. Just moments ago we're learning that those targets could include areas around rock. Known as ice -- strongholds. President Obama giving the order after of course promising to degrade and quote ultimately destroy. The brutal terror group known as crisis. We are also going along military officials -- tell us with. Partner nations on these airstrikes. These targets could include command and control centers supply rights training centers. Anywhere there's a large troop presence anyway to degrade the capability of ice is joining me now is Alex -- -- Who is reporting in the region just over the border from Syria and Turkey Alex what -- now. Good evening -- what we believed that these airstrikes would be taking place that he's -- this stronghold in the northern part of Syria this is the part of Syria. Or like this says. Most of its control where they have been chaired. Gorton and carrying out there's -- had their tax -- they had been fighting against. The regime forces. Stretching all the way from our northern Syria had -- the northeastern part here and then of course in to a rock that would include. A lot -- which is the biggest city in Syria it would include rock which as you mentioned is. We it is considered the headquarters. Crisis that -- to maintain there. Their command command and control -- -- -- and holding. Org hostages including those two American journalists. Who have been executed. Over the course that -- -- prices have been pushing norte into the Kurdish areas but that. Where we believe that these American airstrikes would be taking place now the Pentagon is saying that -- -- -- it's not just. By the United States that they're being injured out with. What are being called partner nations other nations. In the region the Pentagon says that the US is people me and on Arab country we take carry out these airstrikes against. Prices target but beyond that there are very few -- details. We know that the US that you think tomahawk missiles as well -- and bomber and attack aircraft. And that President Obama made the decision earlier today. To go after writes that this is something that they had been talking about over the course the past few weeks. -- the US trying to build a coalition. Of willing partners not just in the west. But among Arab countries in the region as well clearly they felt confident enough that this coalition had come together and meet that final decision -- -- The move the fighting in crisis from -- now in this area. And yet Alex we -- discussing that you know the UN general assembly is about to get underwear here in New York world leaders gathering here in New York. And ice is releasing a video just today of a French national that they claim they have. Kidnapped and that they are threatening to be had in retaliation for French air strikes in the region that must weigh heavy on decision makers tonight. Absolutely not just on the French from the British and the Americans as well of course. We now we we've seen over over the last few weeks two Americans and and one break -- According to -- crisis in in response Q. -- the building of -- coalition in response to American attack. Inside Iraq now of course. I would these attacks expanding into Syria -- that you know that's gonna play a major role. It would it would -- properties that crisis is still holding. They party shown that they have at least two more brits we understand that they have actually more Americans -- now this. French citizen as well so that obviously going to be. Are consider a factor or be -- the French British and American leaders worried you carry out these airstrikes. But at the same time. They made it very clear that they want to go along with the US in the destroying. And degrading. Well Alex we've talked about that idea just to recap that the airstrikes targeting crisis are now under way the Pentagon confirming for us tonight. They're using manned aircraft -- -- -- missiles all with the mission towards degrading and ultimately just trying -- regime known as crisis but this is also. Causing a huge flow of refugees into Turkey which is where you are Alex would tell us what you're seeing about this huge streaming in of refugees. Well I hasn't made a major push. Into the northern part of Syria which is right on the border with where I am. That the Kurdish part of Syria in over the past or -- -- more than 130000. Kurdish refugees that streamed across the border that is an unprecedented. Exodus. Of refugees who have been left Syria and one goat Turkey Carty hosting. One and half million people. -- happening Syrian. And so that this seeded number of people coming across the border is actually -- it changed its speaks to the level. Of the year that crisis has struck into the -- so many people I was on the border just a couple hours ago speaking with these refugees. Asking them what would happen if he's -- -- sound devices took -- -- -- that. Well we would be executed and at the same time just a few hours ago what they were telling -- angrily about how the US what they're doing any thing the US wasn't stepping in to help them and that the US didn't do something soon it would be fortunately. Alex I -- branding and Mohammed -- who is here in new York and can. Obviously join this conversation. Behind give us a sense clearly is the Americans are the only non Arab. Partner in this coalition of air strikes where do we go from him. What is a very good question because crisis is proving that it's and a very effective fighting force in Syria in Iraq. And the question now who is well. As much as we know that the airstrikes have been in the works for several days now. Ice is has -- this as well. He can't forget that you know it dissident there there well equipped fighting machine. They're well armed and they've proven that they have very successful tactics fighting in that region so you have to expect that they would have some sort of game plans well they would know that these airstrikes are coming. They would have a plan to retaliate possibly ended the most important thing as far as those of us living in the western concerned. Is that this comes just after a spokesperson price is called on their supporters and their followers. In -- handful of western countries -- in the United States naming friends. And -- and others. Calling on -- followers in those countries. To attack. An exact brutal revenge on westerners for air strike and if those people if those people -- in those countries right now. After -- that is the call that the airstrikes started and the organizations told them now it's time to retaliate. And yet Alex from your vantage point in Turkey these airstrikes will only accelerate the flood of refugees out of Syria. Yeah absolutely so when we stupid that the air strikes are taking place. Against. Against. Target that would include things like artillery -- positions. All weapons depot but -- same time. Crisis has had been very clear. It's certainly a place like Rocca. That they have woven themselves included this sort of fabric of society so. Even though. You know that the targeting will be going after crisis specifically of course that will. -- a lot of the residents of northern serious -- we -- we can expect in the coming hours the coming days. It's yet another wave. Of refugees heading for the border. I've been speaking with Turkish officials UN official -- -- and they are certainly preparing. For the possibility of even more refugees to come across these various border property. In the coming hours and days. While Alex mark but thank you so much for joining us since conversation from Turkey Mohammed he -- thank you for your insights. Once again recapping. This is breaking news the Pentagon confirming just a short time ago that the US airstrikes in Syria are now under way. Targeting crisis. Please continue watch And ABC news digital for the latest information. Of international programming thank you.

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