Israel Resumes Airstrikes After Cease-Fire

End of humanitarian cease-fire marked by rocket fire.
15:46 | 07/17/14

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Transcript for Israel Resumes Airstrikes After Cease-Fire
-- Being air strikes back under way Israel bombing Gaza. And Hamas firing rockets into Israel as soon as the five hours cease fire ended. Right now the international hot -- Israel and Gaza. -- or ski in Jerusalem. There was a five hour humanitarian. Cease fire that has come and gone and the fighting has resumed on the tenth day of the conflict between Israel. And Hamas militants want to bring in ABC's Amos McDonald in Tel -- heinous as soon as the -- five hour humanitarian cease fire ended the rocket fire resumed Israel's bombardment of Gaza resumed. What have you seen in some of these so far today. What the riddle actually -- one minutes before 3 PM local time when -- -- was huge win. So sexy rockets began firing out of Gaza. The moments that that windows closed and just in the last little while we've seeing the I know I -- action over -- Tel Aviv. There was no sirens in fact it's time but we certainly heard the loud. Whose music going off -- -- and then the wife trying to smoke didn't -- each time so we are back into this. Phase violence off to the wind but clearly the priority of the money is on these ongoing talks. Two put together a lasting cease fighting its national pressure does seem to be mounting. I think particularly the deaths of those four boys yesterday -- focus the minds not just of the international community on the need for a cease fire. But also in the minds of Hamas leaders and also Israeli -- -- It has become a lasting image from this ten day old campaign the deaths of four boys all about ten years old. We're playing soccer on the beach in Gaza ABC's Alex mark what is in Gaza City. Moments ago we are back at our hotel which you can see is right back there about a hundred yards are two very large blast. We came running out here. To see what was struck. -- -- Yeah. And there's the severely. Mangled volley from a dead -- Put onto the stretcher by paramedics. -- -- A tough scene indeed in Gaza ABC's Alex Mark Clark was their forward and wanna go back to -- mr. McDonald in Tel Aviv. -- -- -- say the images of of that -- that has now been blasted all around the world are doing two things are ratcheting up the international pressure. For a cease fire but also fueling anger. What are going to be the terms that Hamas would except. To to bring this confrontation to some kind of an end. We know broadly what the terms given that. That we had a pretty clear reaction to the Los ceasefire that was put in place the proposal was a -- -- back. But this cease fire arrangements between twelve and it was the last outbreak of violence. -- -- that was no good ultimately what they want to seize the severe restrictions on movement. All of the people in -- and also goods into and out of Gaza. The lifted that means effectively opening the board is up at times as being called the book night at times as being -- to siege. That ultimately Israel determines what goes in and what goes out all of the -- is on this side of the Gaza Strip Hamas says that. That must stand what -- -- you want to. Two time that's not Israel is showing no willingness to do that so -- -- -- I think -- debate if there is to be a lasting cease fire now Hamas will need to show others. That he has got summing out of this process. Think part of -- reason why this -- fell down when a cease fire was put forward a few days ago aside from the fact that Hamas was not really included. In the formulation of the -- One of the reasons why didn't work was that Hamas can really showed to his people to his supporters they had -- -- I think. From the process. They needed to score some kind of strategic victory at least in their own minds to -- of people -- this was the purpose the violence that we just put you through. Such cost. -- violence to with now well over 200 Palestinians dead including those four boys and yet. The United Nations which arranged the humanitarian cease fire said if you can stop for five hours and there were some mortars back and forth although the circumstances when entirely clear. If you can pause for five dollars. It did raise hopes that there could be something more durable in the way of a truce. And and we noticed in -- -- today -- -- that Israelis were going about. A period of relaxation during those five hours coming out to shop go to -- -- sip coffee -- visit with friends. And I know you've heard the same it in Gaza people rushing to the stores to the banks. Trying to restock. I think one of the things decisive that Aaron is days. That any process of negotiation around a cease fire. What -- things is vitally important. -- confidence building measures. They will be asking each other it's do something that shows that there is confidence that there is. A willingness to engage so many believe it is five dollar window that we've had it was proposed by the UN. That both sides are committed to and although it is a little bit of tinkering at the edges in terms of mortars being five potentially tearing out -- Ultimately it was meant for -- five hours that sort of thing can help to build confidence between the two sides. That's hugely important when there's so little trust there is virtually no trust between Israel and Hamas right now. Particularly given the violence -- seen in the last 24 hours I think. The reality is that you know this tragic event in building the four boys that would killed on the beach it has had such a strong impact even people here and he's not saying it. It's terrible. Reality is where it happened right next the hotel where most of the foreign press with Stein. Hey it's difficult to get messages out of Gaza side ultimately we -- rely on that small bunch of journalists that are admits it. To interpret and understand what it is that -- going on is going on. Some of those journalists talked about yesterday being personal low points they'll describe the -- Seeing children -- dead bodies -- and on the ground on the ground their limbs coming off think it is that sort of description. From outside is -- -- there simply bearing witness to it but communicating that to the outside world. That has focused minds internationally. We've even had today for example the British deputy prime minister. Not one normally out there making grandiose comments on the international stage. As saying that he believes this is -- collective punishment by Israel that it seems to be fed deliberately disproportionate as -- incredibly strong. Woods to be using to describe what Israel is doing in Gaza. And I I think that now brings us to this point -- international community. -- really saying to Israel and Hamas you must find a cease fire and it must happen quickly. At any more clarity on who might be leading these negotiations there is mistrust. If the Turks are involved Israel may have some troubles. Senior citizens -- involved Hamas may have some trouble. Who ultimately brings these parties together. Well I think that's what we really guns from the past few days is that Egypt Syria has traditionally been. The America. Does not really have the same leverage that it once did. The previous instances where it is being the -- -- violent outburst between Israel and Hamas relating to Gaza. Egypt is being used as the conduit to negotiate. Now the situation has it changed dramatically in Egypt in the last twelve months of -- -- to Hosni Mubarak the Muslim Brotherhood was elected. And clearly they have these very close ties -- Hamas that I had leverage. As well. But now I'll -- see the new president the -- military general is in charge and he has. No sympathy for the Muslim Brotherhood and by extension no sympathy for Hamas he's declared. The brotherhood a terrorist organization he's -- hundreds of that leaders from the brotherhood. In to prison. -- what we've seen through this process of the original cease fire that was proposed which really seems to -- -- Hamas from the process. Was that -- it doesn't have that same leverage doesn't have this thing purchase. On the Hamas political leadership or military leadership. In the other issue and that this is where Turkey comes in in -- -- -- community comes in as well. Is that it's not clear -- within Hamas is the one ultimately makes this decision about whether a cease fire is accepted. You may have the political leadership most of whom are in exile in other countries. In the Middle East you might have them sign wearing guys -- talking pat David we accept the terms of the -- style. But you -- and also I have the leaders of the military wing because somebody guides based in the cotton Gaza Strip -- well we don't accept it and obviously if they -- and I continue to fire the rockets and it's very hot for a ceasefire to stick. Think that's the dilemma facing -- national community. Right now is that there is not all -- play out you know Syria might have for example in the possibilities potentially there out of the fine. Turkey has this diminished relationship -- Israel these days. Agent doesn't have the same leverage. Others Hamas and so I've -- did play is that where once there may no longer be -- looms as a potential clients still. These influential gulf state that has provided century to some of the Hamas political leadership. -- -- potentially. Due to brokering. But ultimately -- -- a new world that we're existing -- the sands. -- shifting across the Arab world. And so where -- once before we might have knowing how this could buy out. Think of -- -- that we're learning. What the site today the region it's. Have very complicated set of circumstances and imaginations -- so interesting and in the meantime all those talks continue. There are still some very real fears. On the Israeli side of things just today. The Israeli military said it thwarted an attempted attack. From a tunnel a sneak attack into southern Israel. Image that certainly unnerved. The Israeli establishment here because. Of this this tunnel with what was described as. Some significant weaponry trying to be brought into a -- -- in southern Israel. -- in the imagery is pretty powerful -- ABC. Some popping up from a tunnel and immediately. The Israeli military striking -- about it he was thirteen. Militants that it come through that tunnel trying -- -- into Israel prop up. I mean I think the reason this is really significant though is that you have this. I pretty deep division in Israeli politics not between the government and the opposition but we -- the government to coalition remember. Benyamin Netanyahu -- -- -- about weaving his coalition have sent. Pretty hawkish characters. In particular people like have a -- Lieberman. The foreign minister who have been effectively -- They prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu to go in hot to going to Bostick to tight control a pool of Gaza. And in tons of how that might happen what they don't talk about is a game changing moment what would be the game changing and it would it be. An effective. Hamas strike on Tel Aviv if one of these rockets that get -- in every day with the lamb -- to kill civilians but -- -- scout described disruption. Would it be if some of those how masked commandos that canyon. -- the save it tried to get on to land in wet. We're blowing up in the process if they knighted in -- -- -- -- able to carry out some damage or if these infiltrators came -- through tunnels. Would that be the -- changing moment that led Israel to go in with a ground offensive. I think it's fair to say that Netanyahu is exercising a degree of restraint. He's pushing back against those within his coalition that -- -- you must do -- you must pushing with -- ground offensive. Because you know clearly there is many within the government news relevant to have no appetite for -- ground offensive. Because that presents a whole range of new problems to Israel what if they go in what if thanks in large numbers of soldiers in what -- some of them get kidnapped. What happens if they do seize control what happens if they crash -- -- prevent hazing charge of the Gaza -- is it then left Israel to governor. Once again or -- once again. These are things that Israel doesn't want to find itself in a position. -- having to do it again. And so I think that's urging a degree of restraint but within the political dynamic yeah. There's a lot of pressure and an -- to the outside world -- lot of people saying that Netanyahu the Israeli government. Is going to Hobbits. You know there was serious questions about whether that I being disproportionate. -- whether this is collective punishment but believe it or not it is rather of those. That really believe that Binyamin Netanyahu is not strong enough is not -- a tough enough line. I've heard some of those divisions. Playing out today in the street as people -- just today sitting out and enjoying that five hour period of calm for the humanitarian resupply. People in Israel saying that they are willing to continue to support airstrikes but. No boots on the ground one woman whose son had already gone through the military said no mother where services compulsory here in Israel should have to be. The mother of of a son in a ground war in Gaza. And yet -- and another man came -- who said that enough of this say it's been ten days keep it going go harder so that we don't have to repeat the recent pattern. Of war every. Calculus for the political leadership. -- of it -- there the reality is that nine. The Israeli population all the Palestinian population. Homogenous groups that -- one single political -- Think way to here in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem last -- else to Ross. -- the Gaza Strip. Most individuals who possess their own opinions there though raising Gaza saying enough of -- enough with the -- we want this. But there are those disable the -- must continue we cannot back down we must -- a victory against Israel. The same hand you know it you'll meet people that that I would double issue many people -- -- -- -- that want is this -- very aggressively and in some of the stuff that is said -- and on the Internet here in Israel is incredibly aggressive. But the same can be said. Of these -- social media is here. Amongst the Palestinians some very aggressive. Stuff said about each other's sides I think that obviously -- through the politics of the place. --

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