Jack Swaney Remembers His Daughter

Anne Swaney was killed on a horseback riding trip in Belize.
1:31 | 01/18/16

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Transcript for Jack Swaney Remembers His Daughter
Elizabeth have very short life. They're very full life. It hasn't spooky and heard what we've lost. She's a very very happy person. It is a local person loves to write a note that she came to do the right forces. And Slaney was just two days away from coming home to Chicago where she was attacked and killed. But as yet unknown assailant and believes Thursday she loved animals and here are riding horses and you have captain. So there are very big part of her life and then she had lots of friends in. He is very committed in the back and she loved to travel. At about 3 o'clock realized she wasn't alone. And that's what literature desert to England on Sunday yield up that four. Ann's body was found early Friday floating in the boat and river about a quarter of a mile away from the farm. The property is about seventy miles away from believes is capital city. An autopsy report released today confirmed to investigators there already suspected. And died as a result of being strangled and what the medical examiner believes calls blunt traumatic force to the head and neck region should. Oh has blocks. An amazing person. And those of us who knew or parsley. Know that she was the first person to attack and and see how you are doing and encourage you to continue to do better people besides we beat you pretty special true.

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{"duration":"1:31","description":"Anne Swaney was killed on a horseback riding trip in Belize.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"36357564","title":"Jack Swaney Remembers His Daughter","url":"/US/video/jack-swaney-remembers-daughter-36357564"}