Jamie Foxx: Next Generation Needs to Continue Fight for Equality

Actor Jamie Foxx's words of inspiration during March on Washington anniversary ceremony.
3:20 | 08/28/13

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Transcript for Jamie Foxx: Next Generation Needs to Continue Fight for Equality
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's what we gotta do I was affected by over the fact about the trade -- Martin's situation I was affected by Biden new town of the affected by sandy hook. I'm affect about those things -- was top us now to pick up. Parent fell apart they saw me at the image awards and he asked me what -- willing to do. He took it a step further and we went to dent -- my daughter who's nineteen years all -- -- listen if you wanna get inspired. Come listen to this man speak. When asked that would mr. Belafonte -- -- daughter. -- -- And my daughter said nineteen massive mr. Belafonte what would you -- -- in nineteen he said it I was. I'm -- World War II. When I got back to America. I wasn't allowed to vote. So I -- my country I love America but I realize that I had more work to do so myself. Out. Jesse. And Martin. We marched -- a way to minuteman. You sound like you name and avoid being group what do you mean what he's got some things. He looked -- -- -- he said. Martin Luther King. Have you heard and we sat there we cried. What we need to do now. Is the young folks pick it up now so that when we're at 87 years old talk until the other young folks we could say it was me and Will Smith Jay-Z. -- Alicia Keys -- Washington the list goes on and on. Don't make -- -- regional period. -- but not least I have to recognize mr. Berry Gordy and not only got not only did Harry Belafonte tape. Bill Martin Luther King out of jail so -- he could march. He also pay all of Coretta Scott King's bills as long as she was on this planet. Young folks let's have some respect not eldest of the first thing last thing -- this and I'm not noted telling -- to get out of here. We have to Sulu. Mr. Berry Gordy because mr. Berry -- put doctor King's Speech on album and put it out -- Motown records and -- he did that. He turned Iran and -- those. Those reels in those those tapes back to the King Family thank you so much do not begin. Fifty years I'm come out. Jamie Foxx the money. The crowd there of a tradition going back in 1963 of course many celebrities showed up on that day. As well in 1963 Harry Belafonte. Was -- seven point it was there Charlton Heston. We see some of them right there that -- Olson reporting. -- -- and soundness and devoted to come out Sammy Davis. Junior and you know that made a difference Cokie in 1963 TC Paul Newman. As well and you see Jamie -- trying to tap into debt could make a difference in. And in fact the Kennedy administration once they realized margins can happen even -- -- tried to discourage. Encourage celebrities to come because they thought that that would make America recognized in March as. For all Americans not just African Americans and so there was a real movement of bringing the celebrities -- and then. I'm separating them so they were all standing is o'clock this thing on Florida to bring happiness.

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{"id":20097126,"title":"Jamie Foxx: Next Generation Needs to Continue Fight for Equality","duration":"3:20","description":"Actor Jamie Foxx's words of inspiration during March on Washington anniversary ceremony.","url":"/US/video/jamie-foxx-generation-continue-fight-equality-20097126","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}