Jane Doe identified 20 years after death

A Jane Doe who suffered "barbaric brutality" and was found dead in a Wisconsin cornfield 20 years ago has now been identified, and authorities say her suspected killer is in custody.
3:35 | 11/08/19

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Transcript for Jane Doe identified 20 years after death
Let me paint a picture for you of this heinous crimes committed over twenty years ago. On July 21 1999 an individual walking along 92 street between six and 70 in the tunnel Raymond. Discovered don't want young woman's body lying discarded. In a cornfield several feet from the roadway. She suffered from significant injuries and had been brutalized by many means. For a long period of time. All of us here what are investigated the deaths of individuals over the course of our careers. Have seen many troubling things. However the water are here Kelly inflicted on this young woman. It's something that none of us will ever forget. Our investigative team has spent thousands of hours over the past twenty years. And it centers on a fire victim and bring her killer to justice. We've examined well over 1000 missing person cases around this country. And have traveled to circle states following up on investigative leads. For DNA was entered into a nation's work unidentified victims database. As new technologies were developed her unit was submitted for theological testing and her body was X zoom. For chemical isotope testing which was conducted by the Smithsonian. Year after year after year we want to win this case never giving up. Number weeks ago. And more than twenty years since her body was found our investigative team developed information that license or identification. She is Peggy Linton Johnson. He was born on March 4 19901976. Just 23 years old was 13. Who's born and raised in McHenry Illinois. Her mother her father and her brother for all deceased. He has a sister. Whom she has never met. After her mother died Peggy. Was approximately two years old. Cognitively impaired on her own when searching for help and medical clinic and McHenry Illinois. There she met registered nurse named no lived the road. Recognize techies disability. And Coker entered her home. Peggy live with the roach in the country for the last five years for life. There she suffered long term and horrific abuse that the hand Linda Malone. As I said earlier. Over the last twenty years we have dedicated thousands of investigative powers to bring this heartbreaking murder to its resolution. That date as of right. On Tuesday. This past week November 5. Cape Coral, Florida Linda roach was taken into custody by members of the receipt of insurance office investigate him. As per the custody for the brutal murder of Peggy Linton Johnson. She has waived extradition. And you'll soon be back and receive Wisconsin to be held accountable for what he has done. I would also like to that until recent weeks. Neither Linda reproach or Peggy Johnson's names have ever come up in our investigation. Also taking these days Peggy was never listen as a missing person it is important to understand. Peggy is currently buried as Jane doe as we know that the holy family cemetery held on Wisconsin. In the coming weeks we're going to make arrangements for Peggy Lynn Johnson to be buried alongside her mother and Belvedere Illinois. She can be laid to rest but for true identity. And at some little piece.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"A Jane Doe who suffered \"barbaric brutality\" and was found dead in a Wisconsin cornfield 20 years ago has now been identified, and authorities say her suspected killer is in custody.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66855325","title":"Jane Doe identified 20 years after death","url":"/US/video/jane-doe-identified-20-years-death-66855325"}