Jane Fonda joins climate change movement

The actress talks about how Greta Thunberg and other activists inspired her to get involved and her decision to move to Washington, D.C. for the next few months.
3:08 | 10/11/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jane Fonda joins climate change movement
Climate change is also in the spotlight today it's something that has bothered. One Hollywood actor so much that she brought her her cause to congress today this is 81 year old Jane Fonda the Oscar legend. She was up on Capitol Hill today pros to protest in Ireland the president but Republicans policies on climate change you see here there she says Greta whom berg. Another young activists have inspired her to take action. Our deputy political director Mary Alice parks was there today as she got arrested. And caught up with with with Jane Fonda and has had this conversation. I want to make a commitment to climate change that the student climate strikers have really inspired me. To do more than I've been doing and so why set I'm gonna get out of my conference on I'm gonna do something that. You know it's not easy for me right now but I'm moving here and I'm going to be here through Thanksgiving and Christmas and sleet rain whatever it is. Every Friday at 11 o'clock and from the capital. We're having an action. In our gratitude and heard the Swedish students she said we have to behave like our houses on fire because this is a crisis you've written have a lot Cochran has inspired a I was reading manager treats for you said. That get out your comfort zones like you just sad stop that like business as usual behavior like for in a crisis. Are the kids really leading the adults on this month. Yeah they are. They didn't have anything to do with getting us into the Smith's. And and they're saying come on you're you're taking our future away from us we need we needed to support us and so grandma's you're not tight. I want to stand with them and raise up their you know there. Their message. That this is this a serious. This and this is a real. This is a crisis on like anything that has ever. Faced humankind the reason I'm here every Friday with fire drills Friday as goes I think every single human being has to say what can I do. To put this in the front and cardinal Bowden and I do everything that's going on in moose what we have to fight our way through that and find ways to get climate change in people's minds I have to. He knows how many you won't miss O'Donnell there's only one there's one issue that will determine the survival of our species. This is not hyperbole this is real. Went there a turning point for you on this issue in your power and how humble I'm I've been a climate scientists for decades and decades. But it was Greenwich who burned this little Swedish girl holding her signs every Friday affirmed the Swedish parliament that's after I was on Friday to. And all the students strikers all over the world. Who have really risked a lot and given up a lot. In order to say wake up old people out on the you're not standing with us you've taken our future away we have to lead the way I mean our way of who we are we our the United States of America we have to lead the way and if we do now follow suit. It will obtain spotted your passion on this issue you're gonna be here in DC for the next few months through the holiday. We'll be tracking all of your 11 o'clock every Friday morning coming got arrested at mayor.

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"The actress talks about how Greta Thunberg and other activists inspired her to get involved and her decision to move to Washington, D.C. for the next few months.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66220337","title":"Jane Fonda joins climate change movement","url":"/US/video/jane-fonda-joins-climate-change-movement-66220337"}