Former Jeffrey Epstein companion Ghislaine Maxwell arrested

Maxwell, 58, was charged by the Southern District of New York, which did not stop investigating Epstein's associates after his death.
3:07 | 07/02/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Former Jeffrey Epstein companion Ghislaine Maxwell arrested
Good morning. My name is ordered Strauss I'm the acting United States attorney for the southern district of New York. Today we announced charges against green Maxwell. For helping Jeffrey Epstein. Sexually exploit and to use multiple minor girls from the period of 1994. From 1997. Maxwell has been taken into custody. Early this morning in New Hampshire. And will be presented this afternoon. Before a magistrate judge in the district of New Hampshire. Your call that the indictment against Jeffrey and Epstein that we find out in July 2019. Charged Epstein with sexual abuse of young girls from 2002. Through 2005. This case against Coleen Maxwell. Is there prequel. To the earlier case that we brought against Jeffrey Epstein. As alleged. Starting in 1994. Until at least 1997. Maxwell. Ed eight personal. And profession. Relationship. With Jeff Green at the. Maxwell was among Aristide's closest associates. And helped him exploit girls. Who were as young. As fourteen years old. Maxwell played a critical role in helping Eckstein to identify. A friend and grim. Might objectives for abuse. In some cases Maxwell. Participated. In the abuse herself. As alleged now excellent Epstein had an active. Typically they would befriending young girls by asking them questions. About their lives pretending to be taking an interest in them. It would take him to the movies. And treats into shopping trips. Maxwell would encourage young girls to accept offers from Epstein. To pay for their travel and they're education. Making these young victims feel indebted to Jeffrey Epstein. If you're developing a report with the victims Maxwell then trying to normalize sexual abuse with a minor victim. Through a process known as grooming. For example. Maxwell would discuss sexual topics with the victim. And undress in front of the victim. We'll be present for sex acts involving a minor victims and Epstein. Max was present as an adult woman help with the victims and he's. As Maxwell and Epstein intended. This grueling process. Left the minor victims susceptible. To sexual abuse.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"Maxwell, 58, was charged by the Southern District of New York, which did not stop investigating Epstein's associates after his death.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71579176","title":"Former Jeffrey Epstein companion Ghislaine Maxwell arrested","url":"/US/video/jeffrey-epstein-companion-ghislaine-maxwell-arrested-71579176"}