Missing Mom Case Yields New Surveillance Video

Michigan investigators hope video showing a silver minivan will lead them to Jessica Heeringa.
1:33 | 05/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Missing Mom Case Yields New Surveillance Video
A right turn northbound on to Grand Haven road. Police now had two pieces of evidence that is silver minivan sped off in this direction late Friday evening possibly hearing Jessica hearing. Am proud -- spread around. The exact wrote I headed -- with Jessica's mom and her fiance Sunday when she started handing out flyers. And her first stop. Turn over video. A little further down the road -- -- calling. -- about one minute after the previous. Importantly. Police chief Daniel shot says they -- outside camera was the next to capture a silver town and country minivan. I -- the pretty clear image you can see the traffic coming from both ways and you can make -- the car's pretty low. The lawyer client had to turn over their radio to police but employees showed their current traffic -- to get an idea of arc welders customer our -- Say it is big it is -- here that you were not camera showing you pick -- vehicle and -- prevent or GM vehicles the silver one night to those. Abducted -- girl that -- just don't look like a lighter gray color. The shot says this video paints a clear picture of -- suspect vehicle than the first tape. It is a little bit better quality -- -- is resolution. But it does have the vehicle downstream aluminum walkers would -- have a pretty good shot of the -- Now it's a matter of finding out which direction the band -- next. And whether or not Jessica was inside.

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{"id":19092994,"title":"Missing Mom Case Yields New Surveillance Video ","duration":"1:33","description":"Michigan investigators hope video showing a silver minivan will lead them to Jessica Heeringa.","url":"/US/video/jessica-heeringa-case-yields-surveillance-video-19092994","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}