Jill Kelley's Sister Comes to Her Defense

Natalie Khawam says she'll love and support her twin sister.
2:59 | 11/20/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jill Kelley's Sister Comes to Her Defense
Natalie feels that it is important. That the public understand why General Petraeus and his wife holly. -- filed affidavits in support of her in her custody case. Both -- -- Natalie and her son personally. For many years. And they have had numerous opportunities. To observe them together. They have loved Natalie child. And emotionally supported her and her son through the toughest times in Natalie and her son's life. They both spoke -- through their court declarations. In support of Natalie. And what a loving protective mom. That she -- They did so when they learned that she was being unfairly portrayed. And what the victim. Of injustice. Natalie feels that they stood up -- the truth as they knew it in her custody case. And she is deeply appreciative. That the Petraeus family has continued to -- and to support her and her son. During the hardest times. Natalie feels that both General Petraeus and his wife Polly. Have made so many sacrifices. And contributed so much to our country. She will be forever grateful to both of them for not abandoning her. When she needed them the most. My sister Jill and I aren't just twins were best friends. Literally inseparable. You're my darkest times. -- help the late for me. She my brother -- doctor Kelly took in. But my son -- we needed refuge and protection. Until the kindest. Most generous person I know. We played varsity tennis together. She played net -- We also played softball together. She that the catcher and I pitched. We love to put together I usually -- and she -- -- Recent study together. I loved math she loves science -- -- -- chemistry. We love to play piano and play chess and our children also love to play piano chest and put together. John has loved and supported me through the years and I planned to love and -- her unconditionally. I contacted Gloria all red. In order to assist me and to help guide me through what is it very difficult time for me and my family. I appreciate her support and advice it is very challenging time. I look forward to that day when I'm able to answer everyone's questions and explain what really happened in this matter. Thank you.

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{"id":17769934,"title":"Jill Kelley's Sister Comes to Her Defense","duration":"2:59","description":"Natalie Khawam says she'll love and support her twin sister.","url":"/US/video/jill-kelleys-sister-defense-17769934","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}