Jobless benefits expired

Unemployment benefits expire as Congress is deadlocked on new potential stimulus plan.
3:19 | 07/31/20

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Transcript for Jobless benefits expired
And the program giving millions of jobless Americans an extra 600 dollars a week formally expires today. And what will replace those benefits still to be determined. Congress is deadlocked on a potential new stimulus plan senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce is in Washington with the latest Mary good morning. Diane good morning while overnight another round of talks failed to make any progress emerging from that meeting the White House chief of staff. That he's not optimistic that anyone relying on these benefits we'll see relief any time soon now late yesterday senate Republicans and Mitch McConnell made a last minute attempt trying to extend these payments. But it just 200 dollars Democrats want them to continue at the full 600 dollars and they called the Republican move. A stunt they meet with the politically callous attempt by Republicans after failing for weeks to come around a more comprehensive plan. The bottom line here at these benefits for thirty million Americans are expiring the last tax partying gone out and there is no deal in sight. Replacement Diane. Diet and grim outlook and Mary thanks and let's bring in ABC news business correspondent Deirdre Bolton for more on this. Dear interact it's expired we have no deal so what now. Well it's not just this question of thirty million Americans who were benefiting from that 600 dollar per week at federal benefit Bruce that we were just talking about. It's also the kind of workers Diana as you well know people who normally would not qualify for unemployment benefits. Did this time around as part of the care Zacks I'm talking about gig economy workers. Freelancers. Is self employed so now not only is this number of thirty million people a huge number. This were also talking about a very wide swathe of the American population. And of course as we see states you know stopping and starting at of course having to change some of their plans because of the pandemic. There are numerous people who really needed this as a lifeline people were using this money to buy food to buy Madison. To pay for child care still this is really going housing evening. So this is really going to affect a lot of people since it has stops and at dinner one of the points of contention seems to be this argument. That benefits are so high that people are choosing not to go back to work what do we know that that. So the University of Chicago their team of economists did put out a study that said that 68 percents. Of the people who were receiving benefits were action be making more. Then they wouldn't ban in their normal salaries but even those economists who put together that study they say listen there's a few caveats. We even have discrepancies in turn only meaning that the people who were hurt first the people who were caught first were often a low wage workers so for example. Janitors in non essential services nonessential businesses. Food service workers so the fact that the low wage earners were caught first. That has skewed the data higher. But as our might resist telling us of course this is a huge debate on Capitol Hill as we know Republicans of course want to reduce the payments of 200 dollars a month. And of course Democrats are saying listen at a time when the recovery is very shaky. Do not fix what's working I believe that 600 dollar per week plan in place at least until the new year and all right Deirdre Bolton forced thanks Deirdre.

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"Unemployment benefits expire as Congress is deadlocked on new potential stimulus plan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72103602","title":"Jobless benefits expired","url":"/US/video/jobless-benefits-expired-72103602"}