Jodi Arias Retrial Starts in Arizona

New jury to decide if convicted murderer will get death penalty.
3:22 | 10/22/14

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Transcript for Jodi Arias Retrial Starts in Arizona
Nancy we see I've seen here on location there and watching another high profile case but here though the United States to Jodi areas death penalty trial. Bring us up to date what's happening. Well they and I wish you were here with me in the courtroom. And courtroom is packed they've obviously that the band back together again. Thanks to fit staying all of you know areas fired the demand. A couple of times says he's gonna represent herself. I was so happy well she rehired them pretty quickly. There all that of course they tried to get fired they wanted off the case they begged the judge to let them go. She wouldn't do it. They're stuck with various diseases doc what now. Jose Marti Roberts CNN is Dowling added in the courtroom and I gotta say I guess these fantastic and I was losing his opening statement. And I that is feeling here are already shaking their heads yes it is the opening statements and now. Yeah I had there's gonna bear for the rest of the trial but that's a good sign of the day right. How can stand in in my view this is one Nancy and I agree on the stories we disagree on this one this is a case that never should have been retried in my view. There never should have been a retrial on the death penalty case this is only this is one of only two states where we even be permitted. To retry after a hung jury in the penalty phase the amount. Efforts. Money. Time. And the fact that he deal I think could've been should've been caught we Jodi RC was convicted she's gonna get life in prison the question is would she be eligible for parole or not. This notion of having a two month trial. Am just to try to execute her some. Sir can I hear him and they can't if you ever got from bad. Leg got down the streets of New York personally. We'll cotton and retry the case over an average it would get the maximum sentence and tagged. Yet but you know what at and again and I'll assure you if I'm gunned down in the streets of New York I'm telling you it's okay to leave it. If if it might killer gets life in. In prison it's all right not to have a retrial on the penalty phase even though wouldn't be him ever I think it would do Q what happened in New York that's certain is not permitted. In New York they got them fairly well and and furthermore that the retrial aspect of this is just. Knox. And but anyway look but the trial goes on over Jody Harris and look I think they probably won't be able to find the unanimous jury. That will convict with the wolf that will sentence her to death I think it'll be somewhat divided once again but we'll see. Tropical raw going to be watching. And then if that happened this automatic life yeah automatic life that happens again. We are we're all going to be watching for the record we don't want anyone to get. Gunned down any Wear its new Yorker whomever it is ABC's Dan Abrams Dan thank you so much advocating mariner dugout I think it actually. Absolutely not that reassurances. Community and I think that's at I want on the record that I was thousands of miles away. But the thing that to submit a video alibi epic because it really isn't anything ever does happen to me she's going to be the first suspect any saw that this is this is got this is yet this is going that direction I do not want this to grow at an outfit that it had Abrams. And that the greatest guys thank you so much we really appreciate time. Right of.

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{"duration":"3:22","description":"New jury to decide if convicted murderer will get death penalty.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"26370184","title":"Jodi Arias Retrial Starts in Arizona","url":"/US/video/jodi-arias-retrial-starts-arizona-26370184"}