Arias on Ex-Boyfriend's Death: 'I Don't Remember'

Defendant tells the jury she has a "huge gap" with memories of stabbing Travis Alexander.
3:47 | 02/20/13

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Transcript for Arias on Ex-Boyfriend's Death: 'I Don't Remember'
-- -- again. Grab it and I ran out of the closet he was chasing me I turned around her in the middle of -- Point eight that in both of my hand. I thought I haven't stopped them. Some -- when you don't need to stop -- he just kept running he got. Like a linebacker and he got kind of low and -- -- -- -- before he does that -- lunch and the gun went on I didn't mean to shoot him or anything. I didn't think I was holding. The triggers this is planning and and I didn't even notice -- it. It just went -- and he was human identity and we felt so this -- I didn't even notice if he had been shot. I didn't see anything different he was just -- are struggling in wrestling and he's a wrestler. He wrestled in high -- and -- was getting on top of me. And it didn't want to get on top meetings when you've done in the past I can't get out of coastal city games. So he's grabbing him close and I got and he used to screen eatery. And after I broke away he's. You remember saying anything to him as he lunged -- you. I don't think so I'm just this crying and running. Point. Assuming that you get any -- To stop. He just he wouldn't stop. -- -- he wouldn't stop. -- after the -- gun went on I thought crack. Just announced really any case I didn't know that I saw him into China Poland one dollars and that he didn't think he's really -- -- -- students. -- -- -- -- I think I. After he says that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's a lot of that team that I don't remember. Him out of -- I don't remember it. The poses of the pictures and limited known and seen the pictures that I didn't remember them and -- And we're taking pictures and still. Remember that picture themselves even though it looked at them and now see them remove it. We'll let let them should just keep getting us back today. Moment not opposes anything else. Told us. He says -- -- yes. And you were underneath him trying to get away. He says that I have to -- from OK right after you broke away from him. Once you broke away from him. What do you remember. Almost nothing for a long time. There are some things that come back for years. Nothing and I don't know those -- things that I'm thinking it. And before her or if it's that day. It's confusing. Is like -- huge gap. Like I don't -- blacked out or -- there's a huge gap. And day the most clear memory that I had after that -- is driving in the desert.

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{"id":18550133,"title":"Arias on Ex-Boyfriend's Death: 'I Don't Remember'","duration":"3:47","description":"Defendant tells the jury she has a \"huge gap\" with memories of stabbing Travis Alexander.","url":"/US/video/jodi-arias-says-she-does-not-remember-travis-alexanders-death-18550133","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}