Joelle Lookwood's Savior Describes the Rescue, Conditions He Found Her In

Ronald Higgs: "I'm 61 years old and I don't even cry at funerals, but I busted out crying like a baby."
3:42 | 09/08/14

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Transcript for Joelle Lookwood's Savior Describes the Rescue, Conditions He Found Her In
Ronald pigs -- -- Lockwood for the first time Thursday evening when he went to visit his ex wife -- truly. And her companion -- house at this trailer in Stewart's bill. She flew -- -- beside me and says. Girl back here and -- K. That you get girl back Karen K actually talking about. The girl in the cage was Joseph well Lockwood. -- says it was two and a half feet tall stuffed in a room hidden from plain view. No food no water authorities -- -- says when he first saw Joseph well she was only wearing a T shirt and a dog collar with a rope tied to it. Being treated apparently like a slave. That's just -- net net. What you -- government will feature that can I have some -- -- -- had a profound lefty definitely. -- returned to the trailer Friday night when Joseph well made her plea for freedom. It says please don't leave here without. What law what's the matter -- has not been here for over sixty days -- -- -- it was then Higgs knew too well shot at freedom was in his hands. I didn't really know lot of good news because I'm nowhere -- -- -- huge degree. But. -- not. -- in this house without her I don't care wanted to -- she comes home. -- says initially he tried to buy Joseph wells freedom but couldn't make a deal. He realized force was the only way and it was at that point he found out the alleged sinister reason for Joseph wells capture. But the whole time very -- was talking about a bank. You're not she's not -- here to chance the baby. How much -- you're not take a barrier I don't know another shuttle. She felt my -- was right partner like her have all -- church. Candor can handle more children Rikki don't have no children -- -- -- record but it. And mock up not -- -- -- to say -- to poke him in human her even hear it but. -- Clinton voters have a baby and this. We've never -- it. -- says he tried to take Joseph well out of the trailer but was stopped by Ricky and his shotgun. He -- yet shotgun. Right here. -- -- careless Ferrero the trigger he said I'm gonna kill you. Aaron he probably gets out put us that if you're gonna -- -- me -- good now -- effective. Have been -- or -- for news. And -- that death would it. -- says -- lowered his gun in a fight started. He says he was able to head but -- and send them off but Joseph well was not faring as well. -- -- -- -- and more -- and that it would have gender beat -- Just leader down to the ground her clothes -- or. -- says while Ricky retreat to another room in the trailer he saw his opportunity to escape with Joseph well. -- says he convinced -- that if she let -- well leave he would not go to the police. I actually think they believed I was -- -- it and I'm. He says he left with -- well and took her to his home in Evansville. The first -- -- asked for was a shower after getting cleaned up -- well was reunited with her famous outsider for heroes home. I'm 61 year -- Not only in private funeral. Clips of -- crowd back. And as for the accused -- -- a recommendation for a fitting on. She's not told police let's not -- -- hope you'll Dockett got real small shelves. That's where they need to spend director lies in a real smoltz --

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"Ronald Higgs: \"I'm 61 years old and I don't even cry at funerals, but I busted out crying like a baby.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"25353449","title":"Joelle Lookwood's Savior Describes the Rescue, Conditions He Found Her In","url":"/US/video/joelle-lookwoods-savior-describes-rescue-conditions-found-25353449"}