Joyous celebrations in the streets of Pennsylvania

Americans showed their support and excitement at the news Joe Biden is the new president-elect.
2:58 | 11/07/20

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Transcript for Joyous celebrations in the streets of Pennsylvania
Steve this could either pilgrim in Pennsylvania where. The president elect's numbers continue to climb as well. That's right right now we know that Biden is IA more than 34000. Boats and that is actually the magic threshold that we have been waiting for and watching for. He needed to be up by about 34000 votes in order to avoid that half. Point threshold that would require a recount and he is above that margin at this point. We've been hearing celebrations all over Philadelphia this announcement was coming through people have been driving behind blasting party in the USA and handel's messiah. Hallelujah blaring from their cars and there are a bunch of people that are now gathering on independence mall in front of the independence hall. Which is just down the street from me. There's a giant sign that says good things happen in Philadelphia they are celebrating this celebration looks something like the way Philly celebrates when their sports teams. Well they're dancing in midstream. I grew and high climbing and cheering each other how I'm just enjoying this moment and I don't touch on time and had heard a lot of people reference being these allegations of voter fraud and and misconduct I spoke with a Republican Bucks County commissioner. Earlier today and I asked him I said have you seen. Anything that makes you think that there was some sort of voter fraud and he Sedona read the quote. Absolutely no bad things happening no funny business that no fraud we were meticulous as far as security. He also told me that he saw. More excitement. About this election that he is seen in his entire life time. And I think a lot of excitement is coming from suburbs like bucks county and specifically. With suburban women I spoke with a lot of moms George and they all we're really in games they were all talking on their mom. Text chats about this political cycle about this election and so many of them told me. They just didn't like Donald Trump. They had to watch says press conferences repeatedly every day about Kobe and seeing him every day. They just couldn't keep watching and they did something different you heard Steve husband Tommy thank. People want is something. Just a little bit more boring something more predictable something that they felt more comfortable when it came to politics. And they felt comfortable about Joseph Biden and in this moment I can't help but thinking I spent a lot of time on the campaign trail of Joseph Biden. And there's not one in this stop that I ever made with campaign where he didn't mention the state of Pennsylvania and the way he was raised here he talks so. Much about them values that he. He burned and learned in this state that talking about and father but no Malarkey bought bus tour was a reference to afraid that his grandfather. Uses say. You have to think this have to be pretty special for him that Pennsylvania what the state that put him over that 270 threshold George poetic justice for Joseph Biden right there thank you either pilgrim.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Americans showed their support and excitement at the news Joe Biden is the new president-elect.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74076934","title":"Joyous celebrations in the streets of Pennsylvania","url":"/US/video/joyous-celebrations-streets-pennsylvania-74076934"}