Judge denies bond for man accused of killing pregnant wife, daughters

Chris Watts, accused of strangling his family to death, appears in court.
3:56 | 08/22/18

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Transcript for Judge denies bond for man accused of killing pregnant wife, daughters
New developments in that Colorado murder case the father. Who has been charged with killing his pregnant wife and his two daughters. Also appeared in court this is friends are starting to reveal a little bit more about their apparently complicated relationship cadence and bell. Is in Greeley Colorado with the latest on that and claim its claims. It was his wife who actually killed the two kids do prosecutors seemed to be giving credit to that story. In a word. No. No they do not prosecutors did not believe that should and watch killed her own children Celeste and bella ages three and four. They say the responsibility for that crime rests solely on. The shoulders of Shannon's husband Chris watts he has now been charged with first degree murder and it's a little confusing because even though there are only three victims. They have charged him with five counts of first degree murder because in this data Colorado if you. Have a victim who is under the age of twelve. In this case both girls were then they can add another counts abouts whether or five. He is also charged with unlawful termination of a pregnancy that as a relatively new law here in Colorado. Because. Action in watts was fifteen weeks pregnant. When he allegedly murdered her. And then he is also charged with several counts of evidence tampering. If he is convicted of any or all of these charges the judge. Told watts in court yesterday in this courtroom right behind me here he said that watts could be facing anywhere from. Life in prison to possibly the death penalty but at this point the district attorney says it's. Still too early for them to make a decision on whether or not this is going to be a death penalty case. And of course the big question is not only why do you kill your spouse if that is what happened and also YA. Why anyone would kill the children involved in all of this what are friends saying about their relationship. Deference told us that that the relationship was definitely frayed. They had been married about eight years and one friend Paul Atkinson that we have spoken with extensively said that. She was very close question and an action and had confided in of that. Who recently with them last weeks and months Chris had become distant he was not as affectionate he was not as. Affectionate with the children. He was just acting kind of strangely. To the extent that Nicole session and even got a relationship help book. A couple of weekends ago and was reading it trying to figure out. What she needed to do next to try and fix her marriage she says Nicole tells us that she should man wanted to fixer marriage that she did not want to separate. From Chris but as we learn from the police affidavit a couple of days ago. Perhaps what started all of this Chris apparently telling police that he wanted to separate. From auction and and also that affidavit revealing that Chris was apparently having. A rather intense affair with a co workers so definitely the relationship was not in good shape. And it clean NL of their friends have been starting to speak out have we heard anything from either his family or her family. We haven't heard much her father frank re sack spoke out a few days ago at a press conference but I gotta tell you he said. Everything he needed to say yesterday in court just by his body language we were again on the third floor of this courthouse right behind us and frank were section ends father and her brother frank junior were both in the front row of the court. I was behind them in kind of in between where Chris watts was sitting. And it was heartbreaking. Or her dad sat forward he had his hands in his face he was crying. And at other times staring very intently at Chris watts really heavy emotion going on in that courtroom. So you know they kind of the kind of set at all right there and port and it just so much pain for that family are likely to send out there in Colorado forest thank you Clayton.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"Chris Watts, accused of strangling his family to death, appears in court.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57336068","title":"Judge denies bond for man accused of killing pregnant wife, daughters","url":"/US/video/judge-denies-bond-man-accused-killing-pregnant-wife-57336068"}