Jury Hearing Closing Arguments in Boston Marathon Bombing Trial

Prosecutors and the defense for Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev began making their closing arguments today, after which the jury will be sent to deliberate Tsarnaev's guilt or innocence in a case that could carry the death penalty.
8:27 | 04/06/15

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Transcript for Jury Hearing Closing Arguments in Boston Marathon Bombing Trial
Twelve jurors notes into closing arguments in a Boston Marathon bombing trial the prosecution. Making a dramatic final plea to jurors and now the defense. Believe the jury with its final words. When I'm down Cutler in new York and joining us from Boston is ABC's Martha Gonzales. With the latest on pets Marcy. Height and yet the prosecution just wrapped its closing argument. Calling on the jury to hold start and I am accountable for what they called a cold. Calculated terrorist attack. Victims and family members silently made their way into court this morning for the start of closing arguments. Two years after the Boston Marathon bombing. The prosecution recapping the horrors of that today. Going over parts of the heartbreaking testimony that lets them jurors here. As well as the graphic evidence prosecutors say troops Joseph cars and I as role in the deadly attacks I think he's got to. The defense nets aren't I it was involved. But as work to convince the mostly female jury that the now 21 year old defendant was influenced by his older brother Cameron and paid to the deceased sibling as the mastermind. The defense. Shows that picture a lot Joseph are following Amylin through those pictures showing that he was just fall. The defense team led by attorney Judy Clarke who successfully fought to keep past clients including unabomber Ted Kaczynski off death row. Now fighting to spares our ninth life. With seventeen out of the thirty charges he faces carrying the possibility of the death penalty. And the jury could start deliberating as soon as today it is our and I am is found guilty on any of those counts. The trial would then just move to the sentencing phase which we're told. Could last several weeks down. All right ABC's Marissa Gonzales in Boston Marcy thank you for that. And following that trial forests from outside the courthouse in Boston is in these characters joining us now Aaron those closing arguments that are underway right now. The prosecution. Is done what was the focus of their final book. The prosecution. Made jurors relive it every moment as hard as some of those moments Fort Worth of these fears but. Outside regarding the prosecutor took him through the most gruesome photographs of blood in this. Dealing Leon's the pool pretty images that brought some of the jury to tears during trial came on the screen yet again. As he tried to remind the jury just how brutal and awful the marathon attacks where. And he ended with a bit of theatrics music blared through a speaker at echoed around the courtroom scene kind of she Hadi music as prosecutors called essential parts and I have. Took comforted and put on a CD to drive around in this car wit and as that music echoed. This is how sorry knives off things and and and the prosecutors said that people could inspire magazine he looked at the chaos and he was. Proud of what he had done he thought that he was just and right because he was on on a on the zealous mission. And then he said this is the reality and he talked about bloodthirsty. Plot that caused extensive cars but caused so much. Injury and death. And he reminded the jury about the deceased officers on collier was shot six times. Please include crystal Campbell whose bodies were mutilated and he ended. By reminding the jury about eight year old Martin Richard. Quoted pitcher's father and said somewhat. Understated Lee. They would establish. And I think he tried to bring the emotional power. The little boy being fueled by a bomb that shall hearts our nightly review its feet. As he wrapped up his case. Rafter is the prosecution. Now on defense and what do we expect. That team focus specifically on while addressing here. That this. Have been the lead defense attorney Judy Clarke is likely to come back to the point that she made at at the beginning and that is keep your heart in your mind open. All along the way the defense and they were limited in what they could say you're. The defense tried to show that self. Sudden I have was not the lead actor that he was just wrong and why was she following his brother. A later on in the trial and in the penalty phase assuming he's found guilty they're going to say that. Is grades were doing well his parents had left for Russia his brother was the self radicalized one and he followed the path. That was set by ambulance nine. That the problem is is that it's not going to see. What if it ends in the judge instructed the jury already. On on the federal law which says that you don't have to find approved until heart's our nightly a particular role. Only that he played a willing role in knowingly participated. In a conspiracy with his brother and so it's a tall order for the defense but they want the jury thinking ahead of that penalty phase when they'll ask them to spare his life. Air and what what these charges seventeen in fact carry the death penalty as a possible punishment right. Seventeen of the of the thirty counts carried a possible. Death sentence and and those counts include the use of a weapon of mass destruction. Among other things and and prosecutors have broken them down to make sure the jury understands that. There were a number of weapons of mass destruction use not only the pressure cookers at the marathon finish line but also the pipe bombs in Watertown the pressure cooker bomb in. Indeed in. In Watertown that was thrown at police to believe by so hearts and lives. That toss to Michael foot shot as opposed to throwing like a baseball like his older brother preferred. And all of that taken together the prosecutors are going to suggest it means that Joseph hearts and I have not only. Committed these crimes but did so in such a way that the death penalty is the only appropriate punishment. Who was then in the courthouse today. There were more victims than usual that arrived here date they come by bus in the use of separate entrance to keep them out of a parade and more of them were here and they packed the courtroom in and an overflow room especially for victims to bear witness to the closing statements. They know that this at least this phase of the trial is nearing an end there were also a number of police officers including some of them the main actors of the public here remember. Than Boston police commissioner. Ed Davis. It beats commander of the state police here in Massachusetts but ultimately Alvin. Of the Watertown police chief at Devoe. Led his. And then into the street fights of my Brothers he's been here for for much of this but but all of these people. Have been impacted I think serve to remind the mere presence serves to remind the jury about the enormity of what it happened how many resource is its vote to bring peace and I have. Down and and just be the extent. Of the casualties in the prosecutor said as much and closing arguments reminding the jury of four people were killed seventeen when needed more than 240 were wounded. And the timing of this coming. Rather and usual time of the schedules right. It wasn't intentional but the anniversary of the attacks is April 15 so we're coming up on the anniversary of the marathon attacks and then on April 20 of this year. The next running of the Boston Marathon. When the jury could well be into to the today and and that can't be lost on the jury all come from this this half of the State's eastern Massachusetts can't be lost on. The prosecutors the defense attorneys certainly the people to Boston. Who have been following every moment of this trial. It is it's everywhere on the news in the papers it's inescapable fear and the running of the marathon. Is already. Becoming that the seminal event wall in this particular quarter of the city. The jury may be well under way to determining whether to hearts and I've lives or dies. Scare tersely with the latest on the case Aaron thank you for that. And ABC's Tommy ominous will have a full recount. Of the story tonight and ABC's world news tonight with David nor on U locally BC station. You can keep up with the story real time anytime download of the ABC news happens star in the story for updates on the go. I'm damn craftsmen in New York.

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{"id":30122332,"title":"Jury Hearing Closing Arguments in Boston Marathon Bombing Trial","duration":"8:27","description":"Prosecutors and the defense for Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev began making their closing arguments today, after which the jury will be sent to deliberate Tsarnaev's guilt or innocence in a case that could carry the death penalty.","url":"/US/video/jury-hearing-closing-arguments-boston-marathon-bombing-trial-30122332","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}