Jury selection for Derek Chauvin case is delayed

Plus, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo remains defiant as lawmakers call for his resignation.
5:54 | 03/08/21

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Transcript for Jury selection for Derek Chauvin case is delayed
And for more on what's ahead in that trial ABC's Aaron pictures key investigative reporter Daryn and good jurists here. Ultimately we'll have to decide whether the deaths of George Floyd was a murder or whether it was a terrible tragedy what evidence are they expected to be looking to make that decision to. Diana so it's important and to look at those images from behind Alex all the security all of the emotion of this. But that this case has broad and it all of the changes that of the of the protests over police brutality and everything about his statues coming down in sports teams name being changed. Now all this gets very clinical. And especially when the defense has a chance to go you're going to see attorneys really focus the jury that's eventually shows and on key moments in ultimately the deaths will lead George Floyd's. One of those moments will be that did the actions of children's. Coal officers who were on the scene before him the defense says that they couldn't. But didn't and it's sort of forced to Derek Sylvan to tune into a posture where she would have been having his knees. On and on George Floyd's neck are also going to be looking closely at the autopsy and that could be one of the more explosive moments of the trial. When the the autopsy concluded that yes the knee on the net contributed to the death but George Floyd also had drugs in his system and had he been at home. The in the Carter had said that he would have concluded that the George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose so what role did to children sneak truly play. In the deaths of of George Floyd and then those are going to be some of the very clinical questions the jury will be asked to consider. Bring it down to the evidence hey later on so Aaron. I want to shift gears we'll be Losman covering all the twists and turns in that sexual harassment allegations facing New York governor Andrew Cuomo. A Lilly and the democratic leader of the state senate. Joined the calls for Cuomo's resignation state assembly leader also questioned his ability even covered through this over how what's been his reaction. How do you look at is what's next. His reaction has been one of defiance and Cuomo has said repeatedly that he intends to stay in office and true to his word. We saw him out today Terry hatton being vaccination sites here in New York City pitching minority communities getting vaccinated surrounding himself. Would black clergy members who are his allies and I think she was. Really anxious to show that he is at work and and that she is not going to Sheen these calls. For his resignation he says he doesn't work for politicians he works for the people who elected him. And she said Terry to resign in the face of the mere allegations would actually be an anti democratic because he says. And our system is one of love for the due process and the allegations. Need to be investigated so she says he'll wait for the state attorney general's office who completed investigation. And go from there but that's not going to stop caught calls even today for his resignation and from Republicans in New York for his impeachment. And Aaron over the weekend two more women who previously worked for Cuomo came forward with allegations of inappropriate conduct. What are we know about them and their accusations one is is. Younger former aide who could talk a little bit about the the atmosphere in the office and in about taking a picture with Cuomo and him putting his arm around her. In a way that she found to be inappropriate. Another accusation dates from twenty years ago when Cuomo was the secretary of housing and urban development and and Karen Hinton who has a press aide for him. Says that he summoned her to a dark hotel room one night that this was you know against 21 years ago man and then. Kind of try to put a move on and when she resisted she pulled her close Governor Cuomo has said when asked specifically about this allegations. That although women have the right to come forward this. This encounter as described by Karen Hinton did not happen. Pension responded that that bully media issues are calling into question the accuser. It's a classic play book move someone who was trying to stay in power. Ironed out Cuomo's administration is facing another scandal. Accusations of covering up the number. Of deaths and nursing homes during this pandemic. First and tells loot about that and how does this impact the actual government work had that caller needs to leave to help New York to this pandemic he would carry increasingly this. Really does look like sanity project on the part of the governor at first they said well. We couldn't give out the numbers because there that says we're going to investigate and and we were fearful days. President trump and president trunk. Wood used the high number of nursing home deaths in New York against Cuomo and that would be the first time in -- career but he's ever been afraid of anything but. That was the excuse given and that of course triggered a federal investigation when you. Basically openly admitted that Europe trying to obstruct a federal investigation the FBI's going to take a look. Then it did it seems now that the the governor. Or June July timeframe had announced that he was writing a book on on leadership. And it's sad point is when we're told his aides started to tinker with the numbers ultimately the administration says. This is a tempest in a teapot. The eventual numbers came out there out now. And this souls they were delayed a couple of months no harm no foul but this really hurt so many in the state legislature because he she was withholding the numbers he was slow walking the release of the numbers. It seems to coincide with. With a book that he was writing and us. Military would these calls for drug that that he's become a distraction it makes things difficult but I talked to one lawmaker today who said we can't impeach him he can't resign because we have a state budget to work out. Still governor for now Karen can thirsty thanks very much thanks Terry.

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{"duration":"5:54","description":"Plus, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo remains defiant as lawmakers call for his resignation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76329300","title":"Jury selection for Derek Chauvin case is delayed","url":"/US/video/jury-selection-derek-chauvin-case-delayed-76329300"}