Kaepernick speaks out against Nike ad showing shoes with Betsy Ross flag

The brand pulled the Betsy Ross flag sneakers after Kaepernick voiced concerns over using the controversial design.
4:36 | 07/02/19

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Transcript for Kaepernick speaks out against Nike ad showing shoes with Betsy Ross flag
And as we move to some controversial news out of Nike the company is yanking a US eighth being sneaker. Featuring a Betsy Ross flag after Colin Capp Rene told the company it shouldn't sell issue. With a symbol that he and others find offensive since it's linked to racism now ninety. At stores returned issues and they're not available on Nike apps or web site so to discuss this. I had to bring in series extends my youth at. We're very glad to see you that I had initiated any minute Reagan down because isn't controversial one reason is because the suggestion is coming from tapper nick who is also a a controversial figure and has been after Neil Lane. At the NASA National Anthem and in so ports so tell me what you think about this. College applicants becomes that's eight brightening ride. Four Americans and becomes very polarizing for a lot of Americans but one thing you have to agree that he's not afraid to use his voice and he's not afraid to stand up for some thing. And he's not afraid to claw things out as he sees it. He saw this as a there's Betsy Ross flag that's Nicole Watson bile right NASA's movements. And as a way to kinda showed their disdain for this inclusion area that has become America. And for the fact Bernanke to use this flag as a way to celebrate fourth of July and Independence Day I find actually traveling. Because why would he use a flat at a so controversy O and that actually use a standard American flag that we had. As I think we're getting to a very slippery slope as a begin to define patriotism. As again define what is patriotism as again define what is patriotism even look like. To use that thirteen sports stars ever present their colonies that will be represented a troubled times where US history. They're really in blocks slavery at its core. Why would these cues to use that to celebrate American freedom why would he use that the signified this date with what's the all unified. As one and that patriotism right of what it means to be an American when you add this though that this four a lot of individuals from neither is Betsy Ross flag is the new confederate flag right disguised. With the stars and the stripes and colors. But kinda has the same context Hussein meeting that it had but the go further actually is. Did Betsy Ross even create this you know ash our governor dizzy from Arizona talking that tweet seriously they talk about learn you history who that you ultimately this. While they pretend to do his research who has because every scholar has said that there is no evidence that she actually created this whack if you wanna are Betsy Ross he should do it a different manner different way. But then to go further that she was well the US cold. The US flag code says that we should not sell. Any type of flak for merchandising so I'm always curious about how we redefining what is acceptable right. I want out nearly something because there have been a number of companies. Who've been in hot water because of tone deaf ads or if these you know controversial products. You know this is a situation where someone actually came forward and try to stop it so what would've happened if Kaplan X and nothing there was no one in the PR advertising meaning that they don't do this and they actually put the issue out and it was selling when you think would have happened. It would have been more typical in terms about. The and that that the level of conversation with a roles in America. Want this shooting games market on the shelves have been more a conundrum for Nike and aren't what they do in that moment debate pull officers off the south. Asked issues are part of it is circulation and they were to go from here but it goes your point which asking for a cool on the inside there's actually advocating we talk about diversity inclusion means our buy happiness in this table. We talked by having different voices representations and matter in order to prevent this from happening there should have been someone in that room and that marking room and that product design room that says wait. Why didn't use this flag that is so controversial why don't we did you the traditional American flag. But Nichols a quorum Nike's write in terms aware as Nike's position. In this in this in my own opinion but I really believe Nike probably had determined that made having amongst themselves are. Are we being viewed as too liberal or are we being used to progress. Do we need to lean and more the conservative side of it right instead of just being American and just using the American flag in so. As corpus responsibility was four under and a deep I have in my so tomorrow about the role of proposals responsibility they have to be mindful of their role and how they really do. Advocate discourse and conversation with an America I think it's a failure in Nike's part and even with even issue this have a flat to begin with. Mike news. Glad you're here pat pat pat pat it they should start again I think miles thank you we appreciate it courts.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"The brand pulled the Betsy Ross flag sneakers after Kaepernick voiced concerns over using the controversial design.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64089629","title":"Kaepernick speaks out against Nike ad showing shoes with Betsy Ross flag ","url":"/US/video/kaepernick-speaks-nike-ad-showing-shoes-betsy-ross-64089629"}