The Disappearance of Kathie Durst

The wife of Robert Durst was last seen alive on Jan. 31, 1982.
5:01 | 03/16/15

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Transcript for The Disappearance of Kathie Durst
This time the mystery begins at a train station. Night Robert durst said he watched as one quarter trained him CD. On that Sunday night in January 1982. Kathie durst 29 years old and a buck to graduate from medical school. Vanished without a Trace. But Cathy Stanley in close circle of friends have always felt Robert durst new. They say before she disappeared Kathy had been confiding in them about her husband's escalating violence. Khakis brother Jim McCormick she was afraid of him. Oh absolutely physically afraid of her husband here. Absolutely. No doubt in your mind and will. McCormick says things got horses Kathy started talking about divorce he didn't world we want to lose control. Three weeks before her disappearance sources say Kathie durst came to this hospital for injuries her friends say she blamed on her husband. In a sworn affidavit shortly after can't be banished Robert durst denied that he had ever threatened or assaulted her khakis friends say she told them. Otherwise. I felt something was wrong and it was only weeks before it kept he had expect estimate that if anything happens and it bobbitt's responsible. The last time I spoke to her she said if anything happens to me you've got to promise that you won't let him get away with it. Allen or if anything ever happens to me don't let Bobby get away with it. The last week and they were together Kathy and Bob were at their country house. But on Sunday afternoon Kathy paid an unexpected visit to her best friend of Gilbert and a Jamie. Let's go back to their last night that you saw your friend. Sentencing informing you are having dinner party that night yet she came to the house or was visibly upset. Things we're not going well that weekend she made long calls back and forth to Bob Bob would call the house I want you home now. She and why don't the last conversation that I had with Kathy. Was a very powerful conversation. And yes she was leaving my house she turned to me it's until birth. Promise me. If something happens to me you'll check it out I'm afraid of what Bobby might do if she left her house that night never read this correct. Something happened to Kathy and I am going to keep my promise. Precious and Jamie has spent much of the past twenty years trying to do chest that. Continually pointing to what she considers Bob durst odd behavior. For example it took durst five days to report his wife missing detective Michael struck talk to him that night. That would excite and the detective at that point why are you here if the five days but he went on to explain to me how she would. Very often go to. Think these clinical studies that at various hospitals and would remain in their dorms or wherever they stay. For days at a time. So it seemed reasonable to me at that point. Her friends would later tell detective struck other wives that Kathy regularly kept Bob informed of her whereabouts. But that first evening detective struck stuck to the standard questions how was the marriage to day fight. He said to me that their marriage and news. Pretty good. Within today is struck would discover from durst himself that wasn't true culprits who this date problem was me. Worried excited frantic. Com. Passes would be the word I think he was calm. And police sources say do or other problems with -- story like the phone call he says he made from the country house to Kathy in Manhattan later that night. And then of time and further questioning from the state police and Bob changed. His story that he didn't talk to her on the phone. From the south Salem house. He changed his story new suspect because it wasn't on his phone bill that's exactly he said he took the dog for a walk. And used a pay phone. But the nearest paved phone was a three mile walk on that rainy cold night. And according to police sources another part of durst story didn't check out. Durst told them he had a drink with neighbors after dropping Cathy at the train but the neighbors told the local police that wasn't true. Does that specialists trained. Sitting in today issue. Should. Other odd reports within days of her disappearance durst was throwing out khakis clothes and textbooks. To throw away textbooks as she's currently using her clothes. Which is her current closed I mean these are not seem like the accident grieving husband. Now now it's it's it sounds like it got its pissed off. Sounds like a guy who is fed up as well. You know I mean he he he just he could be throwing his hands up as well as in the good good riddance to you as well or what the guy I know she's not coming back should. Take effect.

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"The wife of Robert Durst was last seen alive on Jan. 31, 1982.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"29667061","title":"The Disappearance of Kathie Durst","url":"/US/video/kathie-durst-disappearance-29667061"}