Katie Beers' Captor Found Dead in NY Prison

John Esposito kidnapped Katie Beers in 1992 and held her captive for 17 days.
2:37 | 09/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Katie Beers' Captor Found Dead in NY Prison
It was -- news stories kidnapping case that rattled Long Island ten year old Katie Beers abducted and held captive for seventeen days. Today the man convicted in the case John at the Zito. Was found dead in his prison cell this afternoon Katie Beers yourself is responding eyewitnesses reporter Kimberly Richardson is joining us now with more compelling. Laurie Katie tells me when she received word her kidnap her was dead she was in different I spoke with her this morning and she says. Either way you look at this whatever happened to her this still is a loss of -- life. Quite remarkable women who was a child. Experienced the unthinkable. I've been a parent's -- I. For the past twenty years I'd been preparing for. Their pay vineyards can -- early -- -- ORC. Music matters dying at. -- pierced only by phone this morning she had mixed emotions when she got word Jon asks -- -- Had been found dead his jails album man who in a revolting way. Destroyed part of her childhood. It -- in the back airlines like what what at that time. -- -- that he's been Allen like let him out. I have to worry about -- Katie was just ten when asked the Zito who was a family acquaintance. Kidnapped turned left turn in this dark cold dungeon seven feet below his home in bay shore Long Island -- their first seventeen days. More potent -- smaller room without -- -- coffin sized rock. In 2011 -- -- -- told officials he planned to quote -- her as my own daughter the underground space he spent a year building he quote. Tried to make it as -- after a ball. -- disappearance made news around the world. January 13 1993. As -- admitted he was the one who kidnapped Katie. She would later write about her agonizing experience get married and have two kids now at the age of thirty Katie tells me with S busiest death. It's time to close another chapter in her life. -- not. Support. She inherits from from -- -- phenomenal. This -- -- was 64 years old the medical examiner will determine the exact cause of death but officials say it does not appear to be suspicious Katie tells me she is now working as a motivational and inspirational speaker. That she is thoroughly enjoying her job helping others to. Are like she is on the road to recovery.

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{"id":20167188,"title":"Katie Beers' Captor Found Dead in NY Prison","duration":"2:37","description":"John Esposito kidnapped Katie Beers in 1992 and held her captive for 17 days.","url":"/US/video/katie-beers-captor-found-dead-ny-prison-20167188","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}