Katie Beers on Recovery After Abuse

The 30-year-old has written about her 1993 kidnapping and sexual abuse in new book.
2:17 | 01/15/13

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Transcript for Katie Beers on Recovery After Abuse
If it wasn't for necessarily they kidnapped thing. I went -- men and brought to the life that I now land. -- now thirty years old two decades removed from the underground nightmare that haunt -- little girl and captivated a nation. Believe it -- not Katie Beers is the anger the bitterness the resent. Well I would never say you're a 100% recovered because there are little things back to get to -- -- there. But definitely writing buried memories has helped sell much and finalizing. The final step up my recovery. The married mother of three year old Logan and seventeen month old Hayley has written a book about. Her ordeal the kidnapping by family friend John Esposito and the sexual assault she endured while hidden in an underground cell for seventeen days in early 1993. But she also details earlier abused by her god mothers husbands Al -- Leary who went to prison for molesting Beers when she was just a toddler. My -- upbringing -- the abuse emotional physical sexual -- ball. All prepared me for the adoption most remarkable. Is that she's. Been successful. In achieving intimacy. And knowing that she's lovable. And that she can love. Beers lives in central Pennsylvania now far away from the horrors of twenty years ago. How will she handle the renewed interest now that her story is back in the public spotlight. I think I'm prepared I think that my community is of the cell. Lobbying and -- they're gonna come at me with open arms and embrace me. And when will she tell her children about what happened. Happened to her. Really would depend upon what I thought that they worm a -- said he handle what I am going to throw out. As -- future Katie told us because of what she endured she is now ready. Willing and able to serve as a counselor a tear catcher if you will. The next victim that you -- -- never as one put someone to whom she will be uniquely qualified to say. I know what you're going through I've been there live in -- tonight I'm Joseph -- channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":18224393,"title":"Katie Beers on Recovery After Abuse","duration":"2:17","description":"The 30-year-old has written about her 1993 kidnapping and sexual abuse in new book.","url":"/US/video/katie-beers-recovery-after-abuse-18224393","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}