Kayak tours explore unknown Los Angeles

Exploring the LA River reveals a completely new side of the City of Angels.
2:13 | 09/20/19

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Transcript for Kayak tours explore unknown Los Angeles
And there agreements and modern reporting by U of New Orleans await now actually just on freedom of LA. Just about a mile and a half that we as Dodger Stadium past that if the famous Sally skyline. Three miles this way the Hollywood sign. Hot and I end up in this John. Enter the leader kayaks and place even if I'm an artist who is also deeply engaged with the Los Angeles river. Did Lee high act refused. Section. On. You really can't distinguish that experience from river outing so I love that contrast between being right next few sentences. Urban situation and in dropping down the river where were kind London theater this. Stage in the LA river it's quiet here nature sounds. The Los Angeles river is really that senator historically Los Angeles and it still is the senate he runs 52 miles through all kinds of neighborhoods. And he is really a tributary not only for water that tributary connection. We begin in the underbelly of the Los Angeles that we all know so well this cement sanctuary. LA freeway. Are you rapids. The help of a trusty guide you. Here is beautiful kind of place you can never imagine. Rank and the nose. Millions. This is our own their. This is the river of Los Angeles than needed people eat and use this river originally. And residents of Los Angeles it is their river so part of the reason we take people and Ellen river kite safari. Does it give them a first hand experience of their river so that as these parks grow in the public's face grows. They can contribute their ideas their thoughts in their experience.

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{"duration":"2:13","description":"Exploring the LA River reveals a completely new side of the City of Angels.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65735850","title":"Kayak tours explore unknown Los Angeles","url":"/US/video/kayak-tours-explore-unknown-los-angeles-65735850"}