R. Kelly docuseries prompts investigation

The Cook County State's Attorney is examining new claims against the singer.
2:55 | 01/10/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for R. Kelly docuseries prompts investigation
And now to the latest in the joining us from Chicago is ABC's sept new watch Stephanie was the latest. Byron investigators are continuing to look into allegations against. On Tuesday Cook County state attorney Kim fox how the presser and she called for witnesses and possible. Victims of with different cases and they are looking into those cases. What they need though is corroborating evidence from some of these alleged incidents that have occurred so they're looking for dates and times from some of these victims. And witnesses to these incidents so they'll continue to look into that in Kim fox also saw this yesterday that she has spoken. Due to families that alleged that they're there daughters are being held by. We spoke to one of those fathers yesterday Angela savage this is what he had to say. Hold it is document re definitely brings my dorm. What would IO. Update what. On the same level. Is nobody else's child. Boy. Or girl. Young teenager or young. Young adult to never had a few. Feel like almost ahead more Powell. In the rest of the work. Because this is this is sets. Because everybody Terry if she guess what I'm a victim of that. Because apple but not the world about looking as men as they have any conversation with. Help with my dual. And it's not just investigators in Illinois are and that are looking into some of these claims. We do know that in Georgia Fulton County investigators have spoken to some of those families which they've relayed to ABC news. And Stephanie and. You know Lady Gaga latest star to condemn. Arc. They've also been protests in Chicago on talk of boycotts what are people there demand. So we sot crowds of people outside a Chicago. Outside of to stop playing his music they also want to see him prosecuted for these alleged sexual assault crimes. So those crowds you know continued to show up outside of the studio. We do know that there are Chicago radio stations at have said they will stop playing his music altogether. And of course a powerful editorial. Written by the Chicago sun times yesterday saying that he should receive another dime for his music. Our Stephanie washed in Chicago simply thank you so very much.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"The Cook County State's Attorney is examining new claims against the singer. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60289365","title":"R. Kelly docuseries prompts investigation ","url":"/US/video/kelly-docuseries-prompts-investigation-60289365"}