R. Kelly returns to court

A Cook County Judge denies a motion to raise Kelly’s bond.
0:46 | 09/17/19

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Transcript for R. Kelly returns to court
In Chicago I'm Leah hope with ABC news. Cook County court currently he is being held on a one million dollar bond essentially the judge said. As Kelly is being held on no bond in federal cases the issue of increasing the bond is moot. So he is due back in court here in Cook County in December. However Kelly is facing other charges and other jurisdictions. Including in Minnesota as well as federal cases in new York and Illinois. That is the latest from Cook County I'm Leah hope in Chicago you're watching ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"0:46","description":"A Cook County Judge denies a motion to raise Kelly’s bond.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65675953","title":"R. Kelly returns to court","url":"/US/video/kelly-returns-court-65675953"}