R. Kelly's lawyer pleads not guilty on his behalf

The R&B singer faces 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse.
5:36 | 02/25/19

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Transcript for R. Kelly's lawyer pleads not guilty on his behalf
Over the weekend he is charged with ten counts of aggravated sexual assault Lindsey Davis was actually in the courtroom this morning and she joins us now from Chicago. With the latest on that Lindsay knows the feeling like in court this morning. Hey good morning to Diane quite a difference. This morning from what we saw over the weekend so we'll start with what just happened here today so primarily the point of today's hearing which was sparsely attended it is heard somebody. Shouting over here he didn't do it but the sparsely attended basically this was to assign a judge so that happen in one courtroom. And so that happened so it's a sign judge flood that we went to a different courtroom and then at that point his in his lawyer Steven Greenberg. Of not guilty on all of the charges against him and then that was an. With an orange jump suit today had his hands behind his back responded to land the judge only asked him you know what's his name. He said Robert Kelly and at that point he said was he understanding the conditions. If he's able to come up with a 100000 dollars to get out of jail essentially that he does not have any contact with any of these witnesses or alleged victims in this case. And also that he's not have any contact with anyone under the age of eighteen years old his lawyer also said that he turned in. And then that was it and so now we're we're waiting to see if he's going to be able to make that 100000 dollars in order to get out of jail. On Saturday though for the bond hearing it was quite a different season it was packed in the courtroom. Standing room only in fact. And that's where the prosecutor's office went through. DTL by detailed the alleged accounts of the four alleged victims one was his hairdresser one they said. Met. Was one of the fans who was standing on the steps outside of this courthouse during his trial in 2008 and then the fourth victim interestingly was at the heart of that. 2008 case allegedly was at the heart of that 2008 case in his allegedly who appears. On this new sexting or recently reviewed the sex tape that has been presented by Michael have an idea although it's said to be. Nearly two decades old man. And Lindsay you know one of the things that has attracted a lot of attention is the fact that. He's number on the whole weekend and has not been able to present this 100000 dollars that he needs in order to post bail. Is there any more information on his finances this is a three time Grammy winner you would think he would be able to come up with that kind of money. It. I and that's what has been very interesting to live to many of the people here as he set up in this is somebody that billboard this described as a few years ago. As the most prolific R&B artist in the past point five years he sold more than sixty million. Albums it's so. You would think that he has access to a lot of money but there has been a lot also sent in recent years in fact that we've heard that he's. In excess of a 160000. Dollars. In arrears with back child support and that's another issue here that comes into play. Because we're told according to court documents. That if he doesn't make that payment of a 161000. Dollars by march 6 but go back to jail that's if he's there has managed to come up with a 100000 dollars to bond out. At this point but hey he's had two homes in Atlanta that he was renting that he was evicted because of back brand he lost his home here in Chicago area a few years ago. In foreclosure. He's been dogged by financial trouble for years and at this point you know what that his lawyer told a judge on Saturday was his finances are quote. A mess and basically said look he's not able to because of these allegations because of that explosive. Hud dot his series on lifetime surviving. He have any income basically is not getting money from royalties and he's not able to two. Quite a fall in the were also noticing a lot lot of cameras behind your let action going on. What is everybody waiting for. So at this point I think the cameras are just kind of stage deceit. What is cooler they might see come out of court and perhaps there's going to be a press conference. From the attorney Michael have an idea or from. Michael have a ninety at least tweeted this morning that he had handed a second tape. Over two. The state attorney's office and so there are a lot of questions about that again and alleged sex tape. Reportedly. According on the naughty that includes. But what we know is that the multiple agencies are investigating Robert Kelly including. But not limited to the FBI the IRS Homeland Security investigations and these are allegations. Including. Child exploitation and possible sexual trafficking and that has to do with. Several people who allegedly were minors that he moved across state lines. To various homes and so that's why Homeland Security investigations as it is a part of it but they're. Submit questions about. You know money and payments and hush money and all of that and so. Even if he's able to surround the legal challenges that he faces here in Chicago. It seems that other cases are potentially looming against him right Lindsey Davis from Chicago and feeling appreciated thanks.

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{"duration":"5:36","description":"The R&B singer faces 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61301244","title":"R. Kelly's lawyer pleads not guilty on his behalf","url":"/US/video/kellys-lawyer-pleads-guilty-behalf-61301244"}