Kennedy assassination remembered by ABC News anchor

Ed Silverman on the struggle that came with reporting the news out of Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963.
5:03 | 11/18/13

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Transcript for Kennedy assassination remembered by ABC News anchor
November 22 1963. Were worry and what did she do when you heard the president had been shot. Well evidently AB CTV news room. And was alone lit with a copy boy in his late lunch or never -- -- out. Quiet getaway day if you will Friday. Bulletin came and the capital and ripped it off and gave me the company looked at it this. Some related. But in those days -- was no. Broadcast capability in the news -- there were no announces around. And I have had to get this on there -- new -- fish. Out of -- -- all of it took this little makeshift. But now it's those -- -- -- -- from laws if you will. And we managed to get work through the magic controlling venables and slide -- And proceeded to. Do the first -- listen what did you think when you saw that first wire reports. -- shocked. Unbelievable. This may. Let it it. But the question. Reaction was. Let's get this on the air but let's be careful that we don't overplay his or make assumptions. But it is Jane and -- -- today exes and the second most in the Cayman there's this that this story was solid Eagles. Mrs. Kennedy and this is Conley had. Escaped uninjured they are safe. There are no further details as yet on the condition of the president -- the governor. And he has to -- has left the -- from all the detective with the sheriff on the possibility. Of the capture of the assailants. You were credited back then for remaining sober and sticking with the information. And not jumping to conclusions until -- got the information. The -- It centers -- because in light of. The Internet today in the blogs and let's get this story -- first. That concept that we -- -- wind farms and used it to lessen those amendment. And we were trained. Make sure you get the story right what Houston to -- today. Because engraved in stone that when people go to the videotape horses -- clips have to library. What you say becomes history and Europeans who long -- it becomes fact vote -- right the first time. What was that moment like for you you went to high school in Dallas you knew. All the buildings in and territory that was in place. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On commerce -- just a few blocks away from the -- book depository. Still I knew that building well everyone could be considered that the ugly Isabel thing in Dallas and has turned out to be. Literally. My mother and had a little boutique ladies or anywhere shop. In oak cliff just a few doors away from the Texas -- Where Oswald was apprehended. So loved it see if it was very real and. -- -- -- Physicals and what moment touched you most during that time accurately. -- -- our morning. And the court -- who -- proceeded to to Arlington cemetery for the interment. I. Was it was treating go to the airport you wouldn't go to Dallas. We're follow coverage. While -- was -- They can't. I began to think about. All of this happened that day that also will always burned his diet ahead -- The in this. My career with JFK's. But it was a -- moment that was very session. There was a newspaper in the car in the unit in the newspaper. It was a picture of JFK. On the -- at -- Hyannis Port that it was taken from the rear and he's walking down the beach and he's holding hands with Caroline. And I had a little. Girl about the same age. And when I solid picture that I dispersed cry daily news it was a L fluent -- little girl picture. It all came crashing down at the moment when you're covering his story. You try to suppressed emotions because that. You need to come and involve the have a responsibility. You -- repeated maintaining composure and. But after his over these pent up feelings and -- look at. And and I cried on a -- and.

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{"id":20926278,"title":"Kennedy assassination remembered by ABC News anchor","duration":"5:03","description":"Ed Silverman on the struggle that came with reporting the news out of Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963.","url":"/US/video/kennedy-assassination-remembered-abc-news-anchor-20926278","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}