Kennedy Cousin Michael Skakel Granted Bond

Connecticut judge sets bond at $1.2 million and requires Skakel to wear a GPS device.
3:38 | 11/21/13

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Transcript for Kennedy Cousin Michael Skakel Granted Bond
I'm -- Hernandez in New York with -- ABC news digital special report convicted of murder but. Out on bail Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel walked into court just a few moments ago where his lawyers have asked the judge to release him from prison. He was convicted of killing his neighbor fifteen year old Martha Moxley nearly forty years ago but that conviction was vacated by judge last month and we have a ruling. On that bond hearing in BC's Martha Gonzales has been following the story she's outside the courthouse in Stamford Marcy what's the verdict. Well -- the judge just agreed to release skakel and one point two million dollars bail. There also is in terms for his release he'll have to Wear a GPS monitor he will have to live in Connecticut -- order not to have any contact with the Moxley family but this -- -- day that skakel's famous family has been fighting for for more than a decade -- Michael Skakel -- Connecticut courtroom today fighting once again for his freedom. The nephew -- Bobby Kennedy's widow Ethel convicted in 2002 of murdering his fifteen year old neighbor Martha Moxley in Greenwich Connecticut back in 1975. Could be released on bail his chance at freedom coming after a judge overturned skakel's conviction last month. Ruling that his former attorney Mickey Sherman did not provide a constitutionally. Adequate defense. Leading his new attorney to ask again today for staples release from prison where he's then for the past -- years. If the defendant received an unconstitutional. Trial he should not be required to spend one more day in -- But the prosecution has argued that they have a good chance of getting the court's ruling overturned by a higher court. Asking that while the appeal is ongoing that Steagall be kept behind bars. The legislature has -- made a judgment that those convicted of murder should not be admitted to bail -- -- now 53 years old has always maintained his innocence. What I do every day -- prayed to god. You to Martha. That whoever did this crime is brought to justice. His family in the courtroom today supporting him. While Martha Moxley's mother and brother are here living through another painful chapter in this 38 year long saga. It's a death of a thousand cuts every time you do something like this. It definitely takes you hours -- days opulent. And -- will not have to return to prison his attorney says they are ready to post -- bond now. So once they do we will see him walk from this courthouse. A free man once again. For now. Time. And -- what's next in the case. Well -- state is still appealing to have his conviction reinstated. But if -- unsuccessful it's still unclear if still bring him to trial once again. -- and the judge. Initially did not think that -- that it adequate defense. The first time around is that correct that is why he'll receive an update -- he really was vacated. Right that that's why they conviction was overturned because he just didn't think that that his defense attorney had done an adequate -- -- now a -- has hired. A new attorney who is representing him and who was here in court with him today. OK -- Marcy -- -- outside the courthouse in Stamford. Connecticut thank you so much for joining us Marcy this has been an ABC news digital special report -- -- -- Kennedy cousin. Convicted. Murder has been released on bond -- convictions vacated.

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{"id":20966836,"title":"Kennedy Cousin Michael Skakel Granted Bond","duration":"3:38","description":"Connecticut judge sets bond at $1.2 million and requires Skakel to wear a GPS device.","url":"/US/video/kennedy-cousin-michael-skakel-granted-bond-20966836","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}