Kerry Kennedy on Trial

Daughter of Robert F. Kennedy facing drugged-driving charges.
3:00 | 02/24/14

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Transcript for Kerry Kennedy on Trial
This is a special room. -- in New York what this ABC news digital special report. From Camelot to a real courtroom -- Kennedy on trial. Kerry Kennedy daughter of Robert F Kennedy in the ex wife of New York governor Andrew Cuomo. Walked into a New York courtroom today facing drug drugged driving charges the 54 year old. The tractor trailer back in November of 2012 and then drove to the next exit before stopping police say she failed a sobriety test. And later blood test revealed she had taken a sleeping -- Kennedy made a public apologies and said she took the wrong pill by accident instead of her thyroid medication. The prosecutors will try to prove otherwise their trial that they ABC's Josh Haskell is outside the courtroom in white plains new York and joins us now from war. Josh what will the jury be looking at today what -- they here. Well Michelle the defense says that Kerry Kennedy was wearing gym clothes. Which shows even more proof that this was an accidental -- that she took of ambient. That she did not intend to take the -- she actually thought she was taking thyroid magic medication instead she accidentally took. The -- She was on her way to the gym they say why would she take Ambien she was going to the -- so they're really looking at whether this was an accident. The prosecution on the other side says. Well she was really got out of it because of this medication why didn't she just pull over white and she just stopped driving instead she continued on. And because she kept driving that's really what they're looking at today in this misdemeanor. Charge doesn't matter whether or not it's accident all can she still face misdemeanor charges if it. Is proven just to be accidental. Yes because after the accident she kept driving. And 11 and an officer pulled her over she had an issue with one of -- tires on her caller she had a flat tire and then she took. -- a test and that's when they found that she had traces of -- insider for so because she continued on. And didn't stop when the accident happened she could face charges. Josh -- video of Kerry Kennedy walking into court just moments ago are there any other Kennedys in the courtroom with her to show their support. Yes about ten minutes. Before she arrived Ethel Kennedy her mother was here she walked in with some other family members. And -- there were also obviously her legal team was here actually as Kerry Kennedy arrived for a lawyer said you know what were happy to talk with -- you guys later referring to the media we do you have funny it's funny to say but. We are hopeful that we will of successful outcome here there were some rumors that there might have even been a plea deal. Because Kerry Kennedy didn't want to travel restrictions that would be imposed -- misdemeanor charge. But -- her lawyers last night told ABC news that that's in fact not truth so the trial is under way behind me in the courthouse here in White Plains. And -- give us an idea it is in White Plains in the new York State Supreme Court it's sort of unusual for a misdemeanor charge to be held there. Why the change to that courtroom. Yes the original hearing was actually -- hormone which is a pretty small town. And the courthouse they are just could not accommodate the media. The lawyers and everyone who was really following this case they had to move into bigger. State Supreme Court here and obviously for a misdemeanor charge it's very rare but we are dealing with the Kennedy a high profile. Person who's been charged -- lawyers are very high profile. And of course the case is interesting because. And -- in. The drug is. Under a lot of studies now by the FDA and the dose mail vs female is being looked -- in fact the defense is actually gonna call. Someone who testified on behalf of the FDA when the drug was approved -- kind of talk a little bit about the harmful causes that -- can do -- what it can really do to a person. Then again Kerry Kennedy coming out earlier saying that she had accidentally took that -- of course prosecutors will try to prove otherwise. Kerry Kennedy's also known as you mention for her humans rights works will her defense attorney present. This aspect in court and have they been all along the way. Yes I've heard it's already been mentioned this morning. Her defense attorney also talked about the fact that carries a mother of three. Has a long relationship with. Being raised in public schools and in here in this part in New York State so I think that. Obviously her work outside of -- just being a Kennedy is going to be a major focus of this but actually. I I was told that this morning during opening statements. The judge said can we just stick to the evidence so he's clearly much more interest it. And getting this trial moving forward -- and less about really what -- Kennedy does. Outside of this. And -- jury selection took place last week. Will that hurt her case at all not being able to show up last week of course -- asked the court if she could miss that. Now it will not murder case at -- judge Robert theory. Knew that she was in. -- overseas doing humanitarian work and -- that she actually recently met with secretary of state John Kerry -- this is a fairy. Very active. Person who travels a lot oversee. Doing work as you can tell it's a little windy here. One of the gates just -- over but -- that will not affected at all she's here today the first day of the trial that we expect possibly go five days but. We should have a better idea as the day goes on. I was just going to ask you how long the trial is supposed to last to -- about a week so we'll look forward to hearing more. Of -- reports along the way Josh Haskell thank you so much for joining us. From White Plains -- new York and you can get of course the complete recap right here on For now I'm Michelle France and -- New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":22649514,"title":"Kerry Kennedy on Trial","duration":"3:00","description":"Daughter of Robert F. Kennedy facing drugged-driving charges.","url":"/US/video/kerry-kennedy-daughter-robert-kennedy-trial-drugged-driving-22649514","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}