Kevin McCarthy delivers remarks on Capitol breach

“The violence, destruction and chaos we saw earlier was unacceptable, undemocratic and un-American,” said the House minority leader.
8:04 | 01/07/21

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Transcript for Kevin McCarthy delivers remarks on Capitol breach
Kevin McCarthy. House Republican leaders speaking on the house floor let's listen. He recognition. Terrorized for the point of personal privilege address the house of five minutes they had to extend the general means that recognize the patent. They even if not minutes. I rise to address. What happened in this chamber today. And where do we go from here. The violence. Destruction. In KR us we saw earlier was unacceptable. Undemocratic. And un American. It was the saddest day I have ever had is serving as a member of this institution. The capital was in chaos. Police officers were attacked. Guns were drawn on this very floor. The woman tragically lost her life. No one wins when this building and what it stands for are destroyed. America in this institution. Is better than us. We saw the worst of America this afternoon. Yet in the midst. Of violence and fear. We also saw the best of America. It starts with all law enforcement. The capitol police. The National Guard. The FBI the Secret Service to face the most difficult challenges. The did their duty with confidence and strength. Many of them are injured right now. And it also extends its chamber. We're both Democrats. And Republicans. Shoot courage com. And resolve. I'd like to recognize the members now who helped to hold the line. Mark way Moline. Tony Gonzales. Jason Crowe. Pat Fallon. And truly nails. Working with the capitol police the ensured the floor of this chamber was never breached. These are the heroes among us. Thank you for. Looking back on the past few hours. It is clear. This congress will not be the same after today. And I hope. He will be the better. I hope not just this institution but I hope every American. Pauses for that moment. And thanks among themselves. We can disagree with one another. But not dislike each we can respect the voices of others. There's many times we debate on this body and we should. There's many times we can get heated. I still considered Steny Hoyer a very good friend. There's times I get upset a palm and home to express. With things that may not see fair. Our jobs. But that's the way we should handle things. The majority leader is right we are all Americans first. We should we also think for a moment. What we put on social media. What are we conveyed to one another. Just because you have a personal opinion different than mine. You have a right to say it but nobody has a right to become a mop. And we all should stand united. And condemning them all together. We solve problems before our nation not through destruction. It through debate. That is the heart this democracy. I know what we debate today is tough. But it's just it's right. This isn't the first side of the aisle. It's ever debated this issue. I thought what madame speaker said back in 2005. This is democracy at its best. When they talked about a presidential election in Ohio. These are the moments. We should raise the issue about integrity and accountability. And accuracy in our elections. But you know what we should do good next different. Not just raised the issue but work together to solve the problems. Now is the moment. Now is the moment to show America. We can work best to get. I will tell you. The size of the majority is slim. So it gives us the opportunity. To make that happen. The only thing that could hold us back is the will of one another to do it. The side of the I'll always believes. In working with anybody wants to move with full. That does not mean that we're gonna agree a 100% of the time that does not mean her voice cannot be heard. That does not mean we cannot be treated fairly we should be. That may mean on the size of committees the means at our ability to offer an amendment. The means and our ability to have our voice but the end of the day it helps us come to a better conclusion. By returning. Here to complete the work we are sent to do we are proving that our democracy cannot be disrupted by criminal behavior. We will not falter we will not bend and we will not shrink from our duty. Let me be very clear mobs don't rule America. Malls rule America. It was true in our cities were burning this summer and it's true now. When America. Americans go to bed tonight their lasting memories should not be a congress overrun by rioters. In must be a resident congress conducting healthy debate. We may not disagree on a lot in America but tonight we must show the world. The we will respectfully but thoroughly carry out the most basic duties the democracy. We'll continue with the task that we have been sent here to do. We will fall the constitution and the law on the profits for hearing valid concerns about election integrity. We'll do it with respect. We will respect your opinion. Respect what you say. And were willing to listen to it. I think the nation will be better for it and both sides of the aisle. Let's show the country. The mob did not win we have a job to do it let's do it with pride. Must be better when the sun rises tomorrow with that I yield Beckman speaker.

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{"duration":"8:04","description":"“The violence, destruction and chaos we saw earlier was unacceptable, undemocratic and un-American,” said the House minority leader. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75102105","title":"Kevin McCarthy delivers remarks on Capitol breach","url":"/US/video/kevin-mccarthy-delivers-remarks-capitol-breach-75102105"}