Key witness in Amber Guyger trial killed

Joshua Brown was found shot dead at an apartment complex a few miles away from where Botham Jean was murdered last year.
3:53 | 10/07/19

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Transcript for Key witness in Amber Guyger trial killed
And we're moving to another. Incredibly heartbreaking update regarding the amber Geiger trial on one of the key witnesses Joshua brown you see him rank there. Was fatally shot several times Friday night his death comes just two days after amber Geiger was sentenced to ten years in prison. For the murder of 26 year old both them John and his own apartment so I'm joined by. Civil rights attorney on leave Marriott who represented the John Finley is now representing. The brown family. Lee I don't even know. Where to start there's not really any words to say but you were you wrote recently on Twitter that. You said figuring out what happened to Joshua brown will take something we just haven't mastered yet and that unity what do you mean by that. And V and dagger true also the finale. The final moment. Eight image all little brother Brent. And asking the court to give in regard her. The vast majority of the BB commentary about that route the importance wrote in our community was about that incident whether or not. He should have forgiven her whether or not that was great thing to do. And now the other part of the commentary was whether or not the judge she looked stepped down to give her by war or. A personal moment. And it all of those discusses I believe. Outs away from what he releases people on what exit in the stroke to see a police officer convicted for murder. An unarmed black man whose DQB. That grim yet. Similarly. If we are going to lose two to grow what happened to just brown. I think with the same level flow this unity it is to seal on topics talk about evidence. Talk about. You believe the actual threats to woman whether or not city. I had a role in keeping him say it for that work. Yes so this is incredibly tragic and I want to ask you what do we know so far do you think that this was a random act of violence or do you think it was associated with this trial in anyway. I don't people's random act of violence whoever wanted to just brown met Jimenez Paul Smith and in the parking lot. Without. A dispute or messiah and several times in the flip Aziz that is an assassination in my book. Now whether or not it's related to this trial I know from speaking with a brown mr. Brown's family that he had a great deal of apprehension about this coroner this drama about the amount of explosives they're pretty. I'm not inclined nor is clearly evidenced that law enforcement officers murder involved in this murder at all. However it. They should be investigated all each youthful early this this this will require thorough. Transparent investigation motor who's trusted community. Yen before we go on Li you know you had said that this one this fills kind of personal. I feel like I imagine it have to be difficult to go from. They Geiger trial two now investigating this. It is difficult in the first call a gut. When this is Yemen brick was from both mother and she says she felt like her son had been taken away all over here and I and experiments into the good bit. A problem you wouldn't you want to celebrity. Some modicum of justice is our case we needed legal too low some of the young black life. And I and the Bucs miss route and it's so it is typical growth and more importantly it's an incredibly difficult moment then new drugs brown is up. Tourists or local beauty. While yes so are we are sending love to that family and I appreciate you joining us today thank you so much. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"Joshua Brown was found shot dead at an apartment complex a few miles away from where Botham Jean was murdered last year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66114994","title":"Key witness in Amber Guyger trial killed","url":"/US/video/key-witness-amber-guyger-trial-killed-66114994"}