Kidnap, Murder Suspect Wanted to Be a Hero

Kyle Dube told Maine authorities he kidnapped Nichole Cable in order to later rescue her.
2:41 | 05/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kidnap, Murder Suspect Wanted to Be a Hero
A kidnapping gone wrong -- -- be wanting to be a hero. -- Nicole cable to the edge -- -- -- home's driveway. Using fictitious FaceBook page. Details released in the police affidavit. Explain the stories twenty year old Kyle -- we're -- and to family and friends. Do -- brother told police Kyle said he wit to the home waiting in the woods with a ski mask and duct tape. He jumped out of the bushes and took Nicole. Duct taped her put Nicole in his father's pickup truck and we -- vehicle from the truck she was dead. Kyle told -- he -- Nicole's body in the woods near the -- starts gas station in old town. Nicole was covered in -- -- he discarded everything including clothing on his way back to his girlfriend's residence. Kyle intended to kidnap Nicole hide her and you would later find her and be the hero. Kyle's girlfriend Sarah Emerson -- telling police a similar story but it was a fake FaceBook page that vertical cable to her driveway. On May twelfth. According to the court document -- Brian Butterfield had communicated frequently with cable and after several requests to meet up. She agreed and planned to meet him to receive marijuana. She never made it home. Police interviewed a young man with the name Brian Butterfield. He told police that he did not -- Nicole for weeks he had a FaceBook account but then another was using his name. The affidavit reads he suspects -- -- -- of creating this fraudulent FaceBook account. He knew that Kyle wanted to have sex with Nicole but that she had refused his advances. And -- police traced the FaceBook account back to an IP address. The address was -- -- -- and the last four digits of -- cellphone number had been used to. The document reveals that other items such as the Hak -- and speaker were retrieved during searches near cables residents. In DNA tests show that both doobie and cables DNA or present on the -- -- body was found near Gilman falls in old town on May twentieth. The same day interviews with Kyle's girlfriend and brother. Took place the medical Examiner's office has ruled her death. As a homicide. However -- test results will reveal what caused her death. -- is being held without bail at the -- Scott county jail. An arraignment has not yet been --

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{"id":19287031,"title":"Kidnap, Murder Suspect Wanted to Be a Hero ","duration":"2:41","description":"Kyle Dube told Maine authorities he kidnapped Nichole Cable in order to later rescue her.","url":"/US/video/kidnap-murder-suspect-wanted-to-be-a-hero-19287031","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}