Kim Kardashian speaks out about Kanye West’s mental health

Pop culture and media commentator Jawn Murray and psychiatrist Dr. Damon Tweedy discuss Kanye West’s behavior and mental health.
9:48 | 07/23/20

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Transcript for Kim Kardashian speaks out about Kanye West’s mental health
So much we turned out to the growing concern for Kanye West. He's been making a run for president as you may have seen but after his campaign a bit over the weekend where west promised a million dollars to every American who has a baby. And was visibly distraught while speaking on a variety of topics he's since gone on. Twitter. And gave us what his classical rants and this one was were directed at his own family. And now the family speaking out about his mental health struggles his wife Kim Kardashian west took the social media with the statement where she addressed. Kanye is bipolar disorder publicly for the first. Time today as she said in part. And I quote. Those that understand mental illness or even compulsive behavior know that the family is powerless and less that number is a minor. People who are unaware or far removed from this experience can be judged middle and not understand the individual themselves have to engage in the process of getting help no matter how hard family and friends try. I understand Kanye is subject to criticism because he is a public figure and is action at times can call strong opinions and emotions. Living with bipolar disorder does not diminish or invalidate his dreams and his creative ideas no matter how big or on obtainable they may feel to some. That is part of his genius and as we have all witnessed many of his big dreams have come true. Want to bring in now to talk about Kanye his unique position we try to move this conversation or on mental health. Pop culture and media commentator John Burry as well as doctor Damon tweedy psychiatrist and author of a black man in a white coat but doctors reflection on race and medicine. Thank you both for joining us John let me start with you what was your reaction to. Kim Kardashian west's statement. She's I think that statement was needed and necessary today because the truth out Tomas funniest and witty lines on TV poking fun. US and Jim car dash and they're big personality so they're very easy targets all jokes aside. I'm really disappointed with the media coverage of Kanye last few days because we know in 2016. He had to go into health facility for treatment having a manic breakdown in public. We also of the 2018. Interview on TMZ where he had the erratic behavior and -- late then so brilliantly to challenge him about his mental health option and saw what is good for hit lines he's good for soundbites he's for clicks or why not putting his mental health and his well this affront of those stories is dis service to the audience it's a disservice to congregate and it lacks a level of sensitivity. And I'm glad Kim as saying please have some compassion for now because this is not business as usual this man who. Doesn't even know the condition that he's. What goes on we seem to elect you said an easy target but sometimes people are quick to just roll their eyes -- that's kind you being kind yea or you know he's a rich and he's an art is always a little list centric and dismiss it did she now with her statement. Change that narrative we're getting it from somebody else in a very compassionate way. Absolutely because there are people alive right now TJ this is all this is just a promotion for an album trouble they're just trying to drum up a new storyline were keeping the card actually it's a man who was on well should we have to take that seriously in if it doesn't get the treatment he needs and we keep gas lighting easy motions and thinking that he's just. How this could read the modern day story above Phyllis Hyman a Madonna half. The way a Whitney Houston or any White House. We have to make sure that this isn't just us using him or media attention or entertain our church that we have to be concerned about him as a human because this man clearly needs our help. That ducked a two week take us so little of mini med school here we hear bipolar disorder all the time we think maybe we understand what it is but give us that kind of little brief here about exactly what we're talking about and its impact on the body the brain. Here's a bipolar disorder is very serious. And old term for was manic depression. And make it easier for people but I listen to sort of understand think about in that way. We believe did mania and depression are states mood there really impact how we think how we feel and how we tracked depression is a little bit easier to trying to understand. It's where we know people so said it will hopeless. They may isolate themselves. It just did so is that Ross certainly be death or hurting themselves or those sort of the sense of depression and that's actually. More common among who have bipolar disorder is there much more likely have that sort of an episode or presentation. Will gets more attention of course when they have these many states is so demeaning is little talk but when someone in the would it would it simply means as its person has abnormally. Mood was generally LV this durable do vary from. Attractive they have these grand thoughts that are really out of character for that person might don't feel and think I'm their speech and their thought patterns are really hard and difficult following times and they meet become very impulsive and wrist as he postings together in or sustained period certainly cause a lot of harm to the person and and the family members. We'll end it docked on those difficult to diagnose from a distance but from what we are seeing from him publicly it have seen from him at times over the years. Does he fit that bill. Well you know so certainly as it as it gets attacked I don't pursing know him and I certainly you know can't make their diagnosis. Myself from afar. Certainly some of the things that are there we are receiving pumped into this descriptions that I can't just describe for you BO Dick there are there are always other factors to consider this a few Dominica valuation personally would have to do medical assessment and can assess all sorts of listings come but sterling some those symptoms unto overlaid with what we think of his own. Since as a Papon to sort. And then John we hear plenty bright as soon as he talked about the presidency publicity stunt and an upcoming album. Alms and he had no real path to the presidency sure. But was there any thing that he could have or could still contribute to the public Diallo. You know TJ if you have millions of dollars you can run for president of the United States I mean how many billionaires had failed attempts at the presidency this time around and you don't have to take a mental competency test the beloved EC. They were to run for president you know some would say looking at the climate and our country mental wellness you know you want to the White House and and be capable but I will say this. It'll Conde. This whole presidential situation. I think maybe it's gonna serve regretting it may be its own but a conversation about mental well is because that is what we're seeing in this moment you know you could consume his shoes and his close you can love his music. But this isn't so much about the political landscape this is. A message and a moment. That people can learn about mental health and fight to help a man save his life. And it duck it's witty in her statement. Tim Carter and west mentioned that he has the pressures of being a celebrity also pressures of being a black man. Column that part being a black man how does it that impact diagnosis and also treatment in the black community. Disagree corsets so it could amendment a number of ways will want to sit there historically has been a stigma. Others that societal stigma and we've been talking about their tours and an unhealthy conditions with. It's always has been more is situated at American Media for many good reasons lot of fear and mistrust about the help your sister what they might. I'm do so one of the things it often happens in practices that a black people who present with symptoms of of -- neo about those who remain most may be what he misdiagnosed. As in but they have a substance use problems or to they have schizophrenia which is a bomb -- more severe attack milk or soy is often difficult to navigate the space of diagnosis and in even imports into the treatment release its findings on that you can trust. To provide their. No that a sort of resources and ground that you need to. The managed the condition. Sulfur content in this more computing public inept American for sure. And it last couple things here one question to each of you. John first and this is not the priority now of course but still this famous and successful as he is and has been. All what impact does this have on him going forward as an artist. Well listen we know that Condit has a minute he's off his minutes and he doesn't like to take his men's because he feels like deep impact. Pax is creative process at what he recently put out of Jesus king gospel album that was very well received and we know that he didn't. You know people who battled illness can also function beat. Very creative and and you do great insult. I think if he is you know mentally regulated and he gets into a healthy place he can function conceded the great art is you know what. Passion and all the other things that he does but he is wellness and his ability to live a healthy life society constituted. And ducked between less thing to you against him question with said in her statement that the individual has to engage on their own to get help. Do you find it that absolutely is the case and we're talking bipolar disorder and oftentimes mental illness. And how does one go about getting help or helping themselves. So we you know so in the short term sometimes. Achieving can be sort of forced upon someone come connecting to Tutu and law enforcement things like that but in the long run in for Sony really to two on his peppers and does hating gays themselves he can't force someone tipped to take the medication. Or to engage in the types of but he was a need to be healthy arms so yeah it's it's the individual has to be an access that is truly important to have the that was support which sounds like in this case is a first step that's extremely important. Tell brown a person has import it in the after Dennis. A trust sitcom provider protester who really help them navigate their space as well. All right doctor David sweetie John Murray gentlemen thank you both for being here an important discussion yes Kanye West. Could possibly can help us move this conversation forward thanks evil. You.

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