Land Mine Victim Visits Supporters With New Face

Zimbabwean Blessing Makwera is volunteering at an Oregon school that helped pay for his surgery.
1:34 | 04/24/13

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Transcript for Land Mine Victim Visits Supporters With New Face
What's your school like Kleenex. It's the first time blessing -- era and -- -- have had a face to face conversation. Good morning thinking we can -- -- -- But the French -- started four years ago when Hayden reached out to help -- Jackson dance to raise money. For -- blessing was in his native Zimbabwe trying to recover from a horrible injury. He had found a small strange device with wires sticking out of -- and started playing with it. And -- and -- our. Think there anything looking only. He guards immune burning floors including clothes -- and -- doing these hooligans. Hayden knew someone involved with operation of hope a national group which was trying to get blessing reconstructive surgery. In the interim the dance she organized raised 11100 dollars I was so -- like my first chance I really got site being closely involved with something like this blessing eventually got his surgery two months ago in San Diego. But he never forgot what Hayden and the other Kaplan gable kids have done. I grew up poor in this clown movements the. He's now staying in Portland for two months volunteering at Kaplan gable as a teaching assistant. Picking or from -- -- -- and ensure there. The ignored decorated then things are moving toward their gleeful news. It wasn't just asking him is like like -- -- the full circle. And it's amazing that he's here now at school a part of something -- helped him four years ago. In southwest Portland Lincoln grades K to news.

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{"id":19031370,"title":"Land Mine Victim Visits Supporters With New Face","duration":"1:34","description":"Zimbabwean Blessing Makwera is volunteering at an Oregon school that helped pay for his surgery.","url":"/US/video/land-mine-victim-visits-supporters-with-new-face-19031370","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}