'It’s Not Too Late' with Ginger Zee: Climate change experts demand action

ABC's Ginger Zee breaks down the science behind climate change and why experts are calling for the climate change debate to move beyond settled science and focus on action.
7:46 | 10/23/20

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Transcript for 'It’s Not Too Late' with Ginger Zee: Climate change experts demand action
What happens in the next four years could be critical in terms of the long term impact on climate change but. It's a step back if we're gonna solve what is described by some as the greatest crisis facing our planet the agreement and the pandemic. First we need to understand what we're dealing what it's expected that climate change will once again come up in the debate and if it does jitters he is helping us understand. What it actually means. Yeah. Try I'm didn't dizzy then it's not too late OK let's talk kind of changed it was brought up symbol debates so far and it is said of the topic for the final debate. This is what it usually sounds like. Only about adding that each human. Pollution and gas of greenhouse gas emissions contributes to the global warming up as they. Do you believe the group as a scientific community has concluded. That manmade climate change has made wild fires triggered the most hotter. And more deadly than a minute maid hurricane sweater slower than in marsh. Bush do you believe in science that is concluded. Well 68% of voters do and they think that climate change is very or somewhat important in their vote this yet. Do you believe that climate change is happening and it's threatening. I'm the air we breathe and the water we turn. I'm you have asked me series of questions like. That are completely uncontroversial life whether it's currently nineteen is in fact says. Whether smoking causes cancer and then trying to announce that soliciting an opinion from me minutes on a very contentious matter of public debate. The science behind climate change itself really a contentious matter of public debate. Or is it fact. Polling shows that political party plays a role in whether voters say that they do seen human activity is the main driver of changes in our climate. We'll get passed any of that controversy. And all the parties today show streamed into the we wanted to know what we do now and what we don't know when and where crime is facing the next four years and he asked I think it's him. Clinton and point out the hardcore committed to. Climate skeptics admires what everyone a column bench to very small proportion of the population. 1987%. Of working climate scientists say that the trans can not be explained. By any natural causes. So the fact acts I intends unanimously agree that human and met Ed greenhouse gases like our parents. Are responsible for climate change. Scientists and Leon that is if you really. And it's really sums. So that was one NASA scientists but let's get another one Gavin Schmidt he works to understand the past present and future climate for NASA. And he says that if people just look at this science it's impossible to did not. We have evidence coming out about is. That the climate system is changing. And we know that guy's having impacts we know that it's having impacts on things like sea level and coastal flooding we know that is having impacts on track coach and soil moisture we know this having impacts on intense precipitation. They have the science has concluded that humans have increased the rate of change of warming of our planet. It's not the Earth's orbit and you not the sun not volcanoes not deforestation. Not ozone. Not air assaults. Greenhouse gasses pets what did it. Salute from what we see and rocks and many other. Source of information we can go back 300 community leaders. For more. Since we're pretty good Cecil what's happened on this climate that's why we make a conclusion in the national climate assessment. That there are known natural cycles it can explain this wrong. So we got that there are known natural cycles that can explain. And for as long as humans and then on this planet and the need big difference the big change from the carbon that was admitted unnaturally and came on he had had this. In this stream. And cars and trucks. And planes. And then of course is super important one that's missed quite often. Large scale Monaco care for farming and the latest here. See all of those things create unnatural amounts of carbon dioxide and methane among other gasses. Those are released then those gases accumulate in the atmosphere. They help to track that she from the sun. It's like hidden unnatural Lincoln knew that a late hit prevents the heat that would normally radiate back up his face from escaping. So instead and they he is absorbed by Thailand our hair and most importantly our oceans. That heating has caused massive die offs of coral weeks and that's called bleaching. It's extended droughts or we think it makes it more severe wildfires and no cause more extreme heat events and. We have three basic solutions we can mitigate weaken us. Adapt or we can suffer and right now during all three Intel uses scientists I think it's in if asked to be near the top of marvelous spokesman's of Ruth should be worrying about. All that said this is science so there are some kind of change we do not understand. One of the things that we have decade. May evolving understanding how this the role of loan and right now the evidence is starting to accumulate. We don't exactly what they're going to do what we do note that there are not to get out of GL pretty hard. We know backs nature is not going to see if I. I struck this changed a lot of things that we don't know about climate change its terror on the idea of earth is an incredibly dynamic contracts us. And we don't. Exactly know how to respond it's been used if there's. We've never shot a six plush but they are certain climate change is all ready a threat and it's gonna get worse. I think a lot of times when people hear uncertainty. They say god about cards and they think I'm maybe there's a small chance climate change could very bad new there's a small chance and it could be very good. It's basically Kennedy and I wanna be really clear even though there's uncertainty in the system we use ruled out. Climate change is not going to be a good thing her and that. So now the real question. That is up for debate local elected officials and candidates here how should this information be applied. And what if anything should change. Why he is happening and whiny he is a purely scientific description. The political thaw is what we do about that in some. And that is actually separate news scientists like Schmidt say that no matter how it happens in the world needs to be on the carbon. I think. Key thing to me is to. What line is this idea that that we have to be reducing emissions on the sustainable basis. Not just a one 202 not just the two. Two decades and for decades past that the next four years won't make our climate. But it certainly seems possible it could help break it went in about pretentious it's not a Christian. X. It's over besides I'm enough to fight it got us a cattle hard Airgas a turnaround and I'm back. And in Jersey and as a scientist I agree with these bright minds if the debate can move past belief. And in focus on action and solutions. It's not too late.

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{"duration":"7:46","description":"ABC's Ginger Zee breaks down the science behind climate change and why experts are calling for the climate change debate to move beyond settled science and focus on action.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73773449","title":"'It’s Not Too Late' with Ginger Zee: Climate change experts demand action ","url":"/US/video/late-ginger-zee-climate-change-experts-demand-action-73773449"}