LAX Airport Shooting: LAPD Reports Suspect in Custody

Police say at least three people have been shot and wounded at Los Angeles International Airport.
5:28 | 11/01/13

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Transcript for LAX Airport Shooting: LAPD Reports Suspect in Custody
Want to bring in David -- in Washington DC. David I want to ask you about this because as the situation is still developing on this and we have reports from Los Angeles Police. That in fact several people have been shot that coming from the LAPD themselves but if you can address the issue though. Of ground traffic and as far as -- the operations it's going on at the airport right. Now by the FAA's just told us there is a ground stop which means no planes are leaving no planes are landing in LAX right now while this active situation. Takes place in terminal three. I don't know what you told the audience so far but this is on the north side of the airport if you've ever -- LA exits -- big view this is the beginning of the U terminal three mostly domestic carriers there guns at security checkpoints have been a problem for the TSA for -- time. Not suggesting we don't have enough information to say that. That this has anything to do with the situation but generally. There are a lot of people who actually show up at airports with loaded weapons and go to the security checkpoints in fact just last week. There -- 39 weapons found at security checkpoints at airports around this country by TSA officers and of those 39. 32 of them were loaded. This has been a continuing problem for TSA once again I'm not suggesting that this had anything to do with the shooting we don't know what the motive is or. How this actually went down but this is a continuing issue. But they're very concerned about David I apologize because those actions into my producer and I I missed it part of -- -- said that it was that that particular finding. Did that address LAX specifically. No that's in general across the country. 01 of the worst airports actually is Atlanta Hartsfield. TSA says on average one weapon a day is found in Atlanta so this is a nationwide problem. People showing up -- security checkpoints with their weapons. I think in there to go through and as I said. Last week 39 weapons 32 of them loaded the vast majority with ammunition inside the weapon at a security checkpoint once again in just want to make sure that we don't. Inflate these two right now it's too early to say whether this had anything to do with the shooting that -- -- -- LA acts of security at the airports of course always on the minds of any traveler almost had at any time of the year David thank you for that. I want to go to our Cecilia Vega who is standing by in Los Angeles as well and Cecilia what do we know because I know the situation is very active right now. Your right to an exceptionally fluid out here but I just I want to tell you about a report it's just coming in from my colleague Eric -- ski -- revealing of -- amazing eyewitness -- from the field out there are saying that and eyewitnesses telling him that. That a fairly young gunman. With some kind of rifle came down is as David Curley was saying. Outside of the security area. And that the TSA agent who was holding this eyewitness issues as he was going through security was one of the people who was shot he says that -- He heard the gunman asked are you TS -- -- It's unclear at this point if these were targeted shootings obviously we don't know that it's way too early but I can tell you what we have seen out here from our affiliate who has a helicopter flying overhead. Some pretty graphic images of -- TSA agent. Bleeding as he was running to safety to an ambulance. Being asked courted by armed Los Angeles Police officers wearing it right here. These officers had their guns out as they were escorting these these workers to safety we've seen at least two people in these at this aerial footage. In wheelchairs so we can presume that there are at least two people who are injured. We know from law enforcement sources that several people have been shot is as David said. Flights are delayed right now ahead grounded at LA acts this is a really fluid scene it just happened a couple of hours ago so we'll stay on and we'll bring you the latest and as we watch what's happening -- LA -- This -- they do we know at this point and I know it because it is so very preliminary that we're not trying to get ahead of ourselves on this. Police and obviously the FBI have also -- taken over the scene at this point. Has the airport been evacuated is -- on lockdown. You know we don't know at this point out my colleague David Wright is on his way to the -- -- -- look at the answer to that pretty quickly. What we do know is that it's being described as chaos right now we've heard from social media. That passengers were essentially -- an airport workers were on the tarmac. You know trying to get to safety. What what's unclear is where this is all happening. You know we've heard from some witnesses that it happened near security. But we know that there were multiple shots fired. Again don't know what kind of -- still really fluid and really early out here but -- -- get some of these answers were gonna get back to you with a stamp for short. And it's SA -- could forgive me I'm not terribly familiar with terminal three or Los Angeles airport and that particular part of it. How closely though it is eternal three as far as the security checkpoint and -- the main entrance to the airport is -- a short distance I know it's the northernmost terminal. In this. As much as we travel in our business that that's not what of the terminals that I travel regularly from but here's what I can tell you about -- LAX is one of the busiest airports in the country. And this terminal terminal three is the home of virgin -- the home of spirit among the number of other airlines I'm. Virgin is a hugely popular carrier in Los Angeles you can only imagine. That at this hour on Friday morning before a weekend it was probably very busy. And by the number of witnesses that Dorsey coming forward on on Twitter and other social media say it's clearly a lot of people saw what happened they're getting. Clearly an anonymous this situation is still very much in development back to Seattle as you get back to that because -- of its were still gathered information as. LAPD are reviewing some more as they are still on the scene obviously in a very active mode right there.

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{"id":20756123,"title":"LAX Airport Shooting: LAPD Reports Suspect in Custody","duration":"5:28","description":"Police say at least three people have been shot and wounded at Los Angeles International Airport.","url":"/US/video/lax-airport-shooting-lapd-reports-suspect-custody-20756123","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}