'Major Incident' at LAX, Officials Say

Eyewitnesses say passengers were running after shots were heard at the airport.
5:00 | 11/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Major Incident' at LAX, Officials Say
-- and tougher New York with this ABC news digital special report the Los Angeles police department responding to an incident. At Los Angeles international airport guns drawn. There are reports of shots fired at the airport we did see earlier on a TSA officer bleeding on the ground getting medical treatment. We want to go now to KABC the local affiliate there providing coverage of this incident let's go to them. The LAX area. But certainly. Now it appears there are pulling out. Tarps or possibly a triage. An area with with the red in the green and the certainly an awful situation at LAX in terminal three right now we -- -- -- ambulances there. And they are getting this is abroad and who abroad undertaking right now. The red does TARP there for people who are severely injured -- -- and the green TARP. And then they're probably gonna lay out a yellow TARP but from. What we can tell we saw with our eyes. Two people wounded one person a TSA employee with a gunshot wound a second person who who was -- -- -- so appeared to be injured in some way we didn't see blood on that person. But both of those people hopefully. Are being taken away in an ambulance and getting treatment. We go on the telephone right now that -- one -- Kari Watson. Kari Watson you're on the line with -- Leslie Sykes ABC seven Eyewitness News jury LAX passenger tell me what you saw and what you heard. I last week I'm traveling with my career daughter and we were waiting and terminal three at the Virgin Atlantic a -- great. And all of a sudden we heard -- -- cocoa Kyle and I heard a couple of ops and the bike and fire I'd I'd go to outer Jill. The court and -- -- just running we left everything on the ground and teacher -- and straight. At how security and Alec DB. Eight HE just -- -- -- -- scared and hit I don't -- And they evacuated ever pretty good terminals I'm confident that we just landed in and -- is another item to street or. And my secret that I'm crabby terminal and they're all just sitting around patents we don't know anything else we're just waiting curb. -- -- -- -- can you tell me how many people were evacuated with TO. They're not about Turkey -- About 300 people evacuating you said you heard -- -- -- -- you saw a -- -- -- as a weekend watch the people right now being evacuated. But when you saw a group some smoke what did you say assault. Yeah I think I I adequate to opt believe and -- and and I and accurate smoke cannot -- -- I realized it was. You know I was expected to what he's saying it was period and we got that -- -- -- and are a lot of people that LK out in the people are running out repeat our people are calling -- scared and I actually on the stairs impact at a NATO funny Jack -- to building -- strategic and. How horrific -- that some people were trampling people trying to get out of there did you hear anyone say. That they saw the gunmen or who shot who. I did your people that are uncertain cheered the action and closer to the -- saying -- Everybody appeared to eat it plain clothes and he couldn't -- as they were plainclothes police officers -- that they -- plainclothes. Parents. So there were people that didn't see people holding guns and ironing them ever but he was -- and school closed initially had been entirely out of the terminal -- -- happen after act. -- -- let me ask you this. That you saw plainclothes people holding guns is that right. I act I did not. Specifically it and other people were -- can't buy seats and DDG security name or see anything about the gunman was there one -- -- did you hear that will more than one. It really counts now I really don't know. Oh man -- -- somebody. That this is sapna the gunfire you want -- think there was more than one gunman who you -- count out the discount now he can't count Ryan how much gunfire did you hear. I heard about at the airport -- other elements -- the terminal and then once I outside of the terminal. I don't know another agent and maybe. Okay. Kerry thank you so much of -- keep you with us real quick and be joined by my co anchor -- homer right now as we continue to watch from above terminal three at LAX. As firefighters and paramedics tried to help these victims we know that -- At least there -- multiple injuries at least one TSA employee has been shot also another person was injured.

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{"id":20755286,"title":"'Major Incident' at LAX, Officials Say","duration":"5:00","description":"Eyewitnesses say passengers were running after shots were heard at the airport.","url":"/US/video/lax-major-incident-officials-20755286","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}