LAX 'Lone Shooter' Suspect in Custody

Officials say that multiple people are being treated for injuries.
4:14 | 11/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for LAX 'Lone Shooter' Suspect in Custody
9:20 this morning. When an individual can end here in terminal three. This -- All -- assault rifle. Out of the bag. And began to open fire. In the terminal. He proceeded -- into the screening area. Where TSA screeners -- thank continued shooting and went past the screeners. Back into being airport itself. Personnel officers from airport police Los Angeles airport police. Responded immediately to -- to the calls. -- traffic and individual through the airport. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And were able to do it successfully take -- entered into custody we had an officer involved shooting that that took place. As you can imagine it's a large amount of chaos took place during this entire entire incident. We believe. At this point that there was a lone shooter. That he acted. At least right now. But the only person that was armed and that's. The tremendous amount of investigative -- that we need to be done and I don't turn that over to the FBI just a second and then a little -- But nonetheless. We have done security sweeps through the entire entire airport. We felt confident that this particular incident is tied two terminal 38 at terminal three at all like. Hand that's all we have right now there's a tremendous amount of investigative work that we'll need to be it to be accomplished. We have multiple victims that have been been shot. And have been transported. And that we've had some other injuries as well in addition to the suspect himself. This time the LA county has treated seven patients transported six to area hospitals. Yeah trust -- 100 firefighters and it's this incident as she can't insanity this isn't usually started somewhere around 920. 928 personally if -- resources on scene. Terms of a more heightened awareness and coordinated effort citywide the city's emergency operations center has activated at level one. It has been for well over two hours now. So the city is standing tall lean forward to deal with the associated. Issues that happen outside -- the actual -- problem. Very briefly I wanted to and -- men and women of all of -- that response in this incident. We have created a unified command. Not -- love -- Los Angeles police department. TSA it's the FBI. So and other agencies. We will treat this. Incidents. With the unified command. Many maybe he doesn't your interest and we'll not be given out at this point. I speak about the nature of injuries -- ask -- about I think the suspect. Investigation is being handled whether the FBI. With the robberies in Los Angeles. Again you know tremendous unified response. I know that this region raised about its airport because of the conflict issues involved with -- various jurisdictions. -- handled very well. About it. We'll guys. Working hand in hand car -- here in Los Angeles police department the LA airport police. Respect to this investigation. This investigation is ongoing -- again very little facts today very few facts. They're working with the US attorney's office as well as our partners and I gonna talk about the victims today. We still have we have to -- in contact with the -- time. We are going to bring our resources to -- in conjunction with our partners -- -- -- -- -- our evidence response team in any other necessary resource. Why did you not -- any business. Friends here in here.

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{"id":20758270,"title":"LAX 'Lone Shooter' Suspect in Custody","duration":"4:14","description":"Officials say that multiple people are being treated for injuries.","url":"/US/video/lax-shooting-lone-shooter-suspect-custody-20758270","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}