LAX Witness Was 'Facing Down the Barrel of a Gun'

Leon Saryan talks to David Muir about facing the alleged gunman at LAX.
7:29 | 11/01/13

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Transcript for LAX Witness Was 'Facing Down the Barrel of a Gun'
This is an ABC news. Good afternoon again everyone I'm David -- to ABC news headquarters in New York we told you we would come back on the -- and as we learn more about that incident unfolding -- LAX airport in Los Angeles and we have learned more at this hour. But we know it all began to unfold about 9:30 AM Pacific time course that's about 1230 here. In the east a shooting incident at terminal three at LEX we do know that the shooter himself. Has been taken into custody we are told. We also believe that a TSA officer was shot by that suspect wielding a long gone believed to be a rifle. At least three other people injured in addition to that TSA officer though the extent of their injuries. Unclear at this hour as you can see multiple law enforcement officials and swat team is responding to the scene at this hour. Moments ago I spoke with an eyewitness inside terminal three who who describes. A terrifying. Several moments after he made it through security. Picking up his belongings as so many of us do from those -- once you get through security. He was picking up his belt his shoes was going -- was going to huddled down underneath the -- there when he was told you've got to run. And here's where he picked up the story from there Leon Syria and eyewitness moments ago. Leon it's David Muir in New York thanks for joining us and first of all what did you see. What I eat what I -- -- played more what I heard I heard the gunshots I was going through security gate. And I was picking up might stop and I thought I saw people hit the ground and scurrying can't -- -- -- people who want towards the gates. -- -- -- -- -- -- I could and I ran down all the way that's so they were selling it to go and I got -- awake album all I can't stop. The TSA agent who was with me ran into a store. And I. With -- cowering in a corner when I was -- and a quarter but shooter came by the what is sure that I -- I don't know if there's more than -- He was carrying a rifle and he looked gap may -- -- -- -- stay with a question mark. And I -- supply -- and -- get bond bill. Looking down basically double barreled gun my life went right before my eyes. On this extraordinary Leon we're glad you're okay -- and so. From what you are telling us it would seem as though it would seem that the suspect was asking more or -- was targeting workers. With the TSA. I'd -- seems that people at a reasonable assumption. Bob there was -- TSA guy next to me. The one that ran into the store he was yet there was there was blood coming from him. But he didn't seem to be seriously injured. And Leon just can't help our viewers at home you had just gone through security you mentioned you're picking up your your belongings -- out of the bins. Right yeah exactly you have to pick your belt object big shoes off its part -- -- -- bell notions. And that that was the situation that I would -- so -- thought was just deep thought. But the TSA people wanted -- out of these security area. That was Leon -- an eyewitness who talked about. The gunmen he says once he got through security was told to run of the -- -- coming up to him and asking him according to this eyewitness. Do you work for the TSA. When he said no he said the gunman then continued walking he he also told me he did not see. And apprehend the suspects simply because he was trying to hide and went on to say that the one of the first things he did was to call his wife. And tell her he was okay he's just trying to get home to Milwaukee tonight and of course we wish him well in his travels -- until -- -- and by our chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross here on the desk and Brian. One of the things you now we're talking about is these checkpoints as we are so many of these passengers are congregated at once it's just -- can be terrifying scene. It's did most of informal place in the airport has long been known as that by authorities who checked the security. There are supposed to be TSA teams that look for people who might have weapons -- -- in this area but TSA officers as you know are not armed. They are really sitting ducks in a situation like this sometimes local police said there was back up -- the TS office TSA officers themselves are not armed. And this has long been a vulnerability considered the most dangerous place in the airport the bottleneck that occurred right at security before you go through security. Looking at live pictures -- of LAX airport an enormous presence there ABC's David Wright is also on the scene and I believe he's on the phone now perhaps David you -- describe. What you're seeing. David did did say incident has caused. Complete shut down. Of the area around the airport. Police have set up a perimeter about a half mile outside the airport. The cards that you may be able to hear in the background our -- there were presumably parked in the airport when this incident happened I've seen a steady stream of people coming out on hood. Carrying there -- lugging their roller bag. No one is able to get in except on foot and it's gonna cause a lot of delays for a lot of people. To be sure. David described the passengers leaving that terminal when their luggage. We do know from authorities on the scene that they were told to race from terminal three to get to another terminal to simply go outside I want to bring in ABC's David -- covers aviation in David. You were telling us of an astounding number just in the last week of what these TSA officers face. Right and it's it will it doesn't appear at this point that these stats have anything to do with what actually happened today but a lot of people show up. At these TSA checkpoints with weapons loaded weapons at that as well just last week. 39 weapons were confiscated at airports across the country. 32 of them loaded I think borrowing so far -- about this incident this seems to be very TSA centric from what you've heard from the eyewitnesses and others. The TSA officers for officer. May have been targeted by this shooter. This of course is David Wright is to show -- has really impacted operations. At LA -- flights some are being allowed to land. But even if you get on the ground as you can see from these live pictures -- the roadways around the airport are just completely clogged. Now terminal three where this happened has a number of domestic airlines and including -- blue. And jetBlue tells us that they had a crew they're ready to take off they were an allowance and evacuated. And are safe so operation still on us at LAX. After this incident at the TSA checkpoint David -- earlier thanks to you -- David mentioned the. Only flights that we're seeing at the airport -- the ones now landing at ground -- otherwise. You're looking there at a still photo and image from terminal three right now that's believed to be the long done. That was carried by that suspect we -- the suspect is in custody and as you heard that I would just tell -- moments ago. The gunman walking through the terminal reportedly asking people if they work for the TSA when this eyewitness -- no. He kept walking and just as we come up at 2 o'clock on the East Coast. TSA officer shot by a suspect at least three injured -- LEX we'll continue to follow this throughout the afternoon And I'll have. A complete report with the team on ABC world news -- and -- -- little later today today. This has been a special.

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{"id":20756301,"title":"LAX Witness Was 'Facing Down the Barrel of a Gun'","duration":"7:29","description":"Leon Saryan talks to David Muir about facing the alleged gunman at LAX.","url":"/US/video/lax-shooting-witness-stared-barrel-gun-20756301","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}