Can our leaders cry?

ABC News' David Wright looks at leaders both past and present shedding a tear, something happening more amid the COVID-19 crisis.
5:27 | 05/29/20

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Transcript for Can our leaders cry?
There is no doubt that this pandemic is a global tragedy more than 300000 dead worldwide more than a 100000 right here in the US so. As we cope with this global catastrophe wouldn't wanna see from our leaders calm was all for is okay maybe even necessary to show little emotion. ABC's David Wright looks at our leaders. And when it's OK to cry. From the main Arab Los Angeles. We are proud to and we are worn down. We are grieving are dead. To the governor of Massachusetts. Obviously we can't thank you your dad. Heavily and out. Branson. The governor of Colorado and has a Jewish American who was found in the Holocaust seven offended and I. Any leaders in July and this isn't. We ask. Oh yeah saving lives beset else. Aunt most recently north Dakota's governor who got choked up over the issue of masks. They might be doing it because of got a five year old child who's who's been going through cancer treatment. Seem to remind him. Vulnerable adults in their life. Who were who were currently up cove in her fighting tears seem entirely appropriate to the ravages of covad nineteen. Not just in this country when Pope Francis held his solitary vigil for corona virus. Saint Peter's Square dripping and desolate. The whole world seemed to be weekly to defrag CB a civilian he we have realized that we are in the same boat Francis all of us fragile and disoriented. But at the same time important. The needed. All of us that you called to room together. Two years make us human they also have the power to focus attention. Remember this ad. The public service campaign called keep America beautiful and native American warrior paddles into a blighted landscape. Swirling with the carpet. Belching smokestack. Mother and waste. Some people have a deep abiding. Natural beauty. Some people. Yes we. Burned this message home one single. Year that. Got your attention to years among political leaders were rarer in those days just ask senator Ed musky fight. Asking me. It proved himself to this got just how. The democratic front runner gave an emotional speech in a driving snowstorm that cost him the New Hampshire primary may be the president's. Times have changed but not that in much in 2008 Hillary Clinton famously teared up in New Hampshire. That's show of emotion helped to humanize her but for yet less controversial to this don't want to see us fall backwards. So it. Clinton lost the nomination the man who breed her cried that his grandmother didn't live to see it. One of those quiet or euros that we have all across America. He cried again after the shooting at sandy hook elementary school in Newtown. Lest you think this a democratic affliction it's important to note that Republicans cried too. Senator Mitch McConnell got choked up after saying goodbye to one of his longest aids. Our watchdog never lost finished up. Former GOP speaker John Boehner could cry at the drop of a hat for the unveiling of a portrait. Or even an event celebrating a golf legends. They helped give birth to a superstar. But speaker Nancy Pelosi has never let us see her cry not wants. Not exert it must be said has president trump trump once told People Magazine the last time he cried was when he was a baby. To rotavirus. Has provided plenty of opportunities. From the death of a friend. It's averse to me it's a very sad thing to the distress of the neighborhood where he grew up. I've been watching them bring in trailer trucks beat the freezer trucks and freezer trucks. Because they can't handle the bodies. So many of. But trump hasn't broken down into them contrast that to the man running against him. Joseph Biden has cried many times info he even cried on the view. I think about. You know I hope he's proud of me. I hope he's proud politicians there is a delicate balance between the rich to show empathy. The need to appear in command. We are still as a culture a little defensive about years our political leaders especially so. But corona virus is putting that. The test. David Wright ABC news New York. Thanks to Danish and that.

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{"duration":"5:27","description":"ABC News' David Wright looks at leaders both past and present shedding a tear, something happening more amid the COVID-19 crisis. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70941753","title":"Can our leaders cry? ","url":"/US/video/leaders-cry-70941753"}