The life and legacy of DMX

ABC News contributor Mike Muse reflects on the impact New York rapper DMX had on hip-hop and beyond.
6:42 | 04/10/21

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Transcript for The life and legacy of DMX
Well he was known for rap and rebellion at the most gritty and ground breaking levels hip pop icon DMX. Whereas his momma named and Earl Simmons. Passed away today at the age of fifty. The Yonkers, New York music legend known for what his family calls a vicious bark up the voice made no apologies. For who he was. Are wary came from. And was a masterful song writer who carried his intensity from the studio to the stage DMX dominated the late ninety's starting with his debut album. It's dark and hell is hot which became the first of four albums and are the charts at number one. DMX was admitted into a hospital in New York last week and according to a hospital statement. Died due to quote a catastrophic cardiac arrest. Turning now to discuss the legacy and impact of DA Max is ABC news contributor. And Sirius XM radio host and Mike me use my great to see tonight. Take care it is the use you as well. With an embarrassing consensus. I hear you and I've been reading a lot of the tweets that are out there and I Sar rapper biz marquis tweeted. That DMX suffered for all our sins and his own he was a lot lists the genius. It before we talk about what he did do for music Mike. Let's be real for a moment he battled he struggled. Any thought his demons daily demons that more than likely. Now cost him his life. He did it DMX of the myriad complex individual DMX and is. This is very duality about who he wise. On the outside into his lyrics it was really aggressive lyrics. He presented a hard exterior shell. But I really cigarette withdrew his Leary through his music he was very vulnerable. I know a lot of you wanna talk about so much about his style and in his delivery which was fantastic but what gets lost on people when his gift of storytelling. Anything that are disarmed scarves slipping do you really talks about this story about his life. It really how he began to make his life decisions the way that he did. The trouble sound hood. They're in and out of Foster care and abuse Holmes rank giving a did you announces some really currently not really having a structure he talked about that. Himself and those little listing the some of this decision that he's made by. I think he was always honest about that affront to his music. In a UE makes such a good point I mean clearly his addictions and abuse. The abuse that he suffered the run ins with the lie it all contributed. To his lyrical genius why do you think so many people identified. With that and love that transparency. Well this sure things that they care as you know on the market ever greater artist is. No more vulnerable they are the more connected they are where there aren't canceling their fan base. The more our and the more formal painter is with his paintings earning gains the more he connects with into the community are. And that is no different than what was happening the DM Max. Popped is a story of community. Jim Koch tells a story I'm people who have been marginalized. Tells the story of those remains forgotten. Tells the story of those who kinda act. To make it on their own ash and when you listen to the stories that they tell. It's very educational. Because this also construct of our system of failing K through twelve system that goes to how much are juvenile detention center really doesn't rehabilitate but actually makes it much more difficult and challenging for these used this argument are physicists and being rehabilitation and most of come out more hardened than what it is. And people fail to realize that when you grow weapons are structure. And then you get addicted. To drugs that can be characterized him we demonize in which we should it. It tells a story and you really can't understanding how. How much of our system has failed us how much hard and that it is banning it's it is a story of community and ask why so many people relate to it because also relatable and then we cross the drugs and before we criminalize drugs behavior but now that suburban and white girls and my boys are getting a digital one believes that's what we're growing and now in Vermont and Connecticut now as a public health and addiction and secure acceding really mindful and sends not paying attention has. How is a media gonna cover his drug abuse. How in the media coverage is addiction. What the media give him as much grace as they did others who have been addicted to what you awards or pure evil as the that's somewhere premiere today. Horrible day when they need to criminalize them in criminalize his behavior I think this is going to be a true test of where we are in society. And culture and diocese associated with drug addiction that was DMX story the duality of him. You know is it missing you talk about the buys sees the duality. I think one. Fascinating. Nugget that I found is you know he was a rapper who had two number one albums in just one year. Putting him in the same company as Led Zeppelin back today and 2 o'clock I mean should you talk about transformer they have bright. You know how do you think his story should be told considering. You know if you gotta find a balance right with the struggles and also the genius. You do rule anything. I storytelling that's who he was I mean even a reference saying there's another sign that he dedicates his grandmother's ago olds was grandmother who passed away and he says that. You know maybe she was so here's things will be different Abraham bring you forget what went right his right when you lose your northstar you're you're guide your guide closer guard rails right it hasn't happened with his grandmother probably means you have to -- he was very spiritual he was fit every religious practice targets spirituality a lot. Are we call on the most recent burst says I'm that they had. And win best new dog he gave her prayer here I couldn't tell if it was a rat tourism prayer but that. The duality of comes exists it's time to where it really was our prayer and he ended with an in Jesus name it's. Single powerless ruby toll is. But genius someone who and credible delivery someone who had complications and duality he's. Initial power system Billiton and how we can right the wrongs they next generation of individuals who are part of an assist them that has not been kind to them. Might news thanks so much for the conversation tonight.

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{"duration":"6:42","description":"ABC News contributor Mike Muse reflects on the impact New York rapper DMX had on hip-hop and beyond.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76984830","title":"The life and legacy of DMX ","url":"/US/video/life-legacy-dmx-76984830"}