Retired Racehorses Get a 2nd Chance

About 80 miles north of New York City, retired racehorses are given a second chance from an unexpected group of men.
3:48 | 06/05/15

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Transcript for Retired Racehorses Get a 2nd Chance
We have. Horses from all. Types of winning records have a couple of horses here that everyone lessons 300. And punitive one overhead for me. Ou. Land. Some horses are just not able to man. Be useful. People a lot of people. They're onto the next horse horses when they can. However much money they're looking for the great course and took a look at. Don't push me out here on trunks. And paid do me truthful views on this. The second chances program here or count. Give supposed to retired resource is a second chance. At life and the inmates is here huge change their personality. I've been in Paris vs February 2000 well it was convicted of sales of Coca and when I first come in here. I had a cocaine addiction had a ten or fifteen years I don't even think about my addictions who needs guys are my addiction. The guys can reach out here here for the horses I hesitate to use the word rehabilitated because most have never been debilitated to start with. They've always been extremely selfish they have lifetime of taking from people a game so horses help them. To see another side of life. That is. My horse chants back on a mile plus he follows me for the most part all of he keeps everybody has made. He's doubtful the on the field I see a lot of Meehan has. The race horses have unique. Paralleled some of these guys' lives relief being used game basically music they've been putting confined situation. And dean recently identified with that. Find that being locked up. I threw can I feel this strong strung power they really have. Special way of they conversant field I was surprised that they can be solved section. It is so big and blue intimidation. Lived on skid and began I was scared. Most of our inmates are coming right literacy and they've never been around another animal. Are we learn how to brush him. We learned how to Victor he. We learn how to person's name your tail. And then have to learn how to ask divorce from day one and it's it's a big change rely these guys they used to pushing them around eastern. Taking what they want it mobile. It's only patience and now a look at things differently. More calm I think things through to kiss him patrols in order for that man to get what he wants from the horse. He's gonna have to learn how to control his body language. How to control his attitude control if he has temper issues which mirrors. How do you make presents us. So man wants cooperation he's gonna have to learn had quietly experts Owen never pictured being incarcerated and being on a bomb or cohost. I won't give this up another.

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"About 80 miles north of New York City, retired racehorses are given a second chance from an unexpected group of men.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"31566608","title":"Retired Racehorses Get a 2nd Chance","url":"/US/video/life-off-tracks-retired-racehorses-2nd-chance-31566608"}