LIRR Commuter Train Derails in Brooklyn

A Long Island Rail Road commuter train derailed at the Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn, New York, this morning.
1:42 | 01/04/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for LIRR Commuter Train Derails in Brooklyn
This all happening at about 8:20 this morning it's an LI RR train coming into Atlantic terminal station in Brooklyn. Apparently did not stop it slowed down but did not come to a stop until it hit the and block. As and we heard from an eyewitness there is still a fished all we just spoke with a couple of moments ago she was one of the people with minor injuries. Anywhere from twelve to 36 we're told NJ says he sees two to three dozen people on the platform. With minor injuries is you could see in the video there are some people coming up quite shaken up. Stella fish fell describing pandemonium the scene there as pandemonium. Here's another leading describing her spirits who was also aboard the treatment and must let them covenants Elliott retirement face it we just part of big. Like I didn't know we're still all that help in the second clocking up my soul all the people how to think that we did get. Both actually got it that's not the don't want this with a big big I it was just Arab like to see people crying and get people's agreement and they've said it's not at mulled it. That might try to get on the train as best we can't we didn't help them walk with the like them. So I've just got the Trenton I'm just let him put him live the come. Look none of the injuries did you see it through and get angry I think it with a lot of make intervened this guy I hit it pay it with lead and not that inspired him a lot of good lab rabbit at their back they'll make the system with it was a bill. It was like it was unbelievable. How the club and look at it tell us that that was off.

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{"duration":"1:42","description":"A Long Island Rail Road commuter train derailed at the Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn, New York, this morning. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"44544687","title":"LIRR Commuter Train Derails in Brooklyn","url":"/US/video/lirr-commuter-train-derails-brooklyn-44544687"}