Live update on the deadly van attack in Toronto

Updates on French President Macron at the White House and the capture of the alleged Waffle House shooter.
3:00 | 04/24/18

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Transcript for Live update on the deadly van attack in Toronto
Welcome to ABC news why I'm cannot vote in New York where we are following the big story on this Tuesday on the rundown president tropic hosting its first state visit. For vice president a manual map crone the pomp and circumstance on or display on the South Lawn of the White House. On the north long wolf fine or if he's Karen Travers who is standing by for a live report. We also have new details about the takedown of the suspect and that deadly mass shooting near Nashville Tennessee our era Russia. Will join us for the latest. But we begin with that horrible incident in Toronto and people killed. More than that and injured when Albanian waved it to several pedestrians are ABC's chief national correspondent Tom on this joint with life. Tom with the latest. Kenneth good afternoon that bail hearing just wrapped up moments ago we saw Alec when asked him for the first time in court he was wearing a white jumpsuit she'll jump suit he appeared stone faced. And he simply said yes when the judge I should say the justice of the peace asked him. If you understood he was not supposed to contacted victims either directly or indirectly now it's out of court. I saw a man in the first row starting to cry at the end of the hearing we believe this is somewhat related to monastic because port officials escorted him out. And when he came out of court he made a crush of reporters not had a chance to stand next to match his walk it was car. I asked him if he had anything to say to the people of Canada he said sorry under ms. Brett. And I also asked him if there were any warning signs whatsoever he simply said no but the look on his face said much more than anything that came out of its mouth it was a mixture of tortured grief sadness and confusion now this may also spoke menaced skins attorneys after the court hearing so we believe he's some type of relative. Possibly the fault of a whistle trying to confirm that information. Now so for Vanessa has been charged with ten counts of murder in the force degree and thirteen counts of attempted murder at this hour there are still fifteen people injured. From that Bain attack in Toronto we understand some people are still fighting for their lives of the flying scenes here in Toronto is massive its more than a mile gulf long. On young street. This is essentially what are the busiest streets in the entire country in eyewitnesses say around 130 monastic and took that car rented. Wider band and distorted zigzagging from the street onto the sidewalk plowing into people hitting people left and right. We spoke to one woman earlier today who said she had she was literally pulled out of the way in for the band. By her friend and that she witnessed the band strike an elderly woman and that woman's head distorted the lead as soon as it hit the pavement. Now what are the other big story lines coming out of this horrific attack was that he year old police officer we have video of what exactly transpired because it is incredibly dramatic. Now monastic you can see him coming out of the van is for sure on cell phone video and you can see the police officer with his gun drawn. What completely calm as an SE and house of the in his hand believed to be possibly a cell phone. But poignant like a gun and also making dramatic moves like he's gonna fire upon the officer with the officer who had nerves of steel never ever. Fired his weapon he ended up taking down when asked him handcuffing him there on the pavement we've learned a little bit more about this officer today. Moments ago our porters at CTV give this some more information about him they tell us that he's a traffic up patrol officer he's been on the job for about twelve years. And he's not speaking right now but of course he's going to be awarded some medals of honor for what he did because it really was incredible he never fired his weapon he was able to get the suspect alive. And the other big story at a here right now connect is that people in Toronto. Tell us everywhere we go. How on orthodox how shocking this is that this kind of thing just doesn't happen in their country you know we've witnessed mass killings and an automobile attacks. Go on the rise in our country of course in Europe but they say he recanted those things kind of don't happenings it has to happen in this country. And at least one person telling Canada lost some of its innocence yesterday Justin Trudeau the prime minister in Canada has addressed the nation he said there's no national security threat right now. And one of the issues investigators are looking at. Was to Seidman asking and was possibly mentally ill Kenneth. Tom so many witnesses saw that thing play out you mentioned. May have been even jumped and to help the injured. Yeah that's right we heard this from other people live action from the woman I spoke to earlier she said what after happened a woman just held on Turkey's like can I just please hold onto because I'm so scared right now that we salt regular eyewitnesses bystanders jump into action. As an armada of ambulances. You can see from the video and our motto they blitzes came in. To to help Weber survive because I'd like we said there were fifteen people injured along the along with a ten people that were killed. And this warning. You know is nearly a day later this morning were still seen investigators. Two rested in medical Smart picking up evidence along this more than a mile stretch. In the middle bubble to Toronto's busiest sections which admits in the US Homeland Security secretary she's just happen to be in Toronto at the time of this incident. That's right with the US delegation there are here for some G-7 meetings and it turns out that everyone was okay nobody was injured. With the American delegation but deathly some scary moments for for members of our government. All right our thanks to Tom Yarmouth on the ground there Toronto again thank you Tom. Are so let's turn to Washington where president Tom in the middle his first state visit with French president Manuel macro and ABC's Eric Robert. Is there on the north lawn of the White House the president Karen. We rolled out the red carpet the military army banned all of it opera but beneath it but what did your call it a romance here. Certainly going to great plains to show off the White House different president and Kron they actually welcomed immigrants of the White House last night. For a very low key arrival ceremony they planted tree on the south lawn and then. The two couples took Marine One counts you George Washington's Mount Vernon road for private dinner now today it's all the pomp and circumstance in the morning. As you saw with that. Very elaborate arrival ceremony at 21 gun salutes military parades bands playing in remarks by the two presidents. But can it now they get down into the nitty gritty policy meetings just the two of them in the Oval Office and then with their larger staff senior aides. And then of course taking questions from reporters coming up in about ourselves. Karen so we know that top -- and they come together on a number of issues including the fight against prices on air strikes against Syria because that chemical weapons attack but there are some major policy difference from climate change. I'm also to the Iran nuclear deal. Yet and we are expecting that the French president was going to try me get sales pitch depressed and try to keep the United States. In the Iran nuclear deal now in photo up just a few moments ago in the white in the Oval Office the president said that it would be discussing the Iran nuclear deal but can it isn't the words used to described that deal. He called it insane and ridiculous and should never have been me and he said that Iran would regret if they started up their nuclear program again so. While gas the president suggesting he's willing to talk about this with president crone. Certainly sounds like when it comes to the ill he hasn't changed his mind at all about what he thinks. That under the want to leave the US empty handed cared so I'm Karen and I turned it 20 fashion guru force acting here. I value of these Dave from policy to fashion that in and out of Buckley this worry about firstly people on its front. Trop and Donald at accessory that she had on. That was quite a light at that the First Lady was wearing for the arrival ceremony this morning. She had on a gleaming white suit and notably Sony and this is not clones is stepped out of her vehicle that was their first thought the rang the same thing but she did have on hat like that. Eyes Twitter tells me that it was eight Michael Coors ensemble and Kenneth of course now the big thing that we're all waiting here tonight is. Cool mrs. trump be wearing Lonnie its front. Could make a very big political statement with her drafts for tonight's state dinners she could just make a personal statement with a designer that she likes. It certainly has quite an eye for fashion. And well yes there's a lot of policy talk today starting around 6:37 o'clock having everybody talking about. Who's coming to the dinner what are they eating and what is the First Lady wearing. You mentioned Twitter on they're also preparing that pat we can take one more look there. Also compare that hat so you want beyoncé is hat in the formation video. Olivea pope's wife pat from scandal may be out got to got to so the cats here the president tried to go in there and sometimes you get that big ramp on the hot there. Look which way. Let's play together. OK but he got in there OK it. After a little bit I think ticket and her all right at its credit the forecast is calling for rain. You know knowing arena without but. On relatives. All right ABC's White House correspondent fashion guru Karen Travers and Bates you care and all right what's yours now finally on a community outside a Nashville Tennessee is breathing a sigh of relief today. After the capture of the suspect and that debt league match you Waffle House near Nashville Tennessee. Our agencies here Russia is on the ground there Antioch Tennessee with the latest good morning aerial. Good morning to you and it's authorities over the last few days I didn't warning that that suspect may be armed. And dangerous and it turns out they were right they found one of the four guns that they knew that Travis ranking owned on him when he was arrested he was caught. Just about a mile from here even less than a mile from here of course were standing in front of the Waffle House the scene. Of that deadly Rampage he was caught in that backyard in a wooded area. Of his apartment complex you know he had gone back to his apartment complex allegedly after this Rampage. And then. And it up he was caught there is well and that's where there he was swarmed by police he was caught. And and surrendered immediately we're told he just got on the ground and there was nothing eventful there. But he was of course taken to jail right after that taken to the hospital first checked out and taken to jail. He is now charged with four counts. Murder and now we are also we also saw him on a video arraignment yesterday. So we're really getting the first glimpses at Travis ranking and of course he's accused of killing four people at this Waffle House. Those victims being mourned today of course we also learned about those victims that they were all under thirty years old among them. There was an aspiring rap artists among them college student who wanted to be its social worker. Also a worker here at this lawful house had been an employee of Waffle House. For five years family and friends of another victim telling us they are shattered and they're asking for prayers today. But we're we're learning some really disturbing details about. This suspect's path is. Run ins with a lot his history of mental health issues and so many questioning this morning. Can it why he was able to slip through the cracks of several different layers of lawn reports. Well a lot of questions and in fact. Investigators and I heard you asking during that news conference at city aerial that about the suspect's father and investigators are looking into him as well. They are looking into his father because in 2017. Rankings. Weapons were seized by federal authorities because he was arrested. By the Secret Service those weapons then allegedly were turned over to his father including B a in that Rampage here on Sunday now we're told that his father may have given those weapons back to his sign at some point that still. Subject of an investigation but right now federal authorities say. It is illegal to transfer guns to anyone who is knowingly prohibited from owning them and so if his father did that federal authorities now looking into that accident and we're gonna see what what that might healed yet. The other big piece of this story. Obviously the capture when it comes to the community on high alert really join into the effort to help law enforcement you spoke to the woman. Who make that crucial step. Well we talked for the woman who made it hit on that Sunday he was the only person to see Travis ranking. Since that Rampage until he was caught. She saw him running back in the back area of there apartment complex not far from where he was eventually apprehended 24 hours later more than point four hours later. So we ended up speaking to her as we work kind of watching all of this unfold. Watching that captured take place we saw her standing there saying I can't believe it was 24 hours ago. That I and I called in at ten. Elect offers there's nowhere the sky wise and that he ended up being caught not far from where I called and I tip. Now another sit and someone who is a worker working on power lines with actually the one who spotted Travis ranking. Yesterday and headed up alerting authorities closed in on him in that heavily wooded area behind his apartment complex and that's where he was actually taken into custody pretty remarkable. The woman we spoke to an election out she was holding her brand new baby and she said for 24 hours she had been paralyzed. Year after spotting and she recognized that a potential murder suspect that murder was. Running around him roaming around in the back area witness to the heavily wooded area. And it's so you know there could have been multiple places where he might have been hiding but he was caught right there in her backyard in his own back yard. He was caught our. Prayers are definitely with the victims and that community aerial thank you for your incredible reporting on this incredibly. Typical story our thanks again to her arrest apt for the latest on that story and all the ones that we're following here at ABC news please go to And our ABC news app. For more. I'm gonna vote for ABC news life have a great day.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Updates on French President Macron at the White House and the capture of the alleged Waffle House shooter. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"54693312","title":"Live update on the deadly van attack in Toronto","url":"/US/video/live-update-deadly-van-attack-toronto-54693312"}